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Pheros & Attitude......Magnetic combination!

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Have you notice that the better self effects you get it work's sooner and better in others I don't get much self effects from Perfect Match or Cougar but after half an hour I can see how they impact on others, I'm not a very smiley person and Ive beeen working on my body language and my attitude in general towards other people but I ve seen that the potions that make me feel beautiful or powerful affect my attitude and this has a bigger impact in other people.

Godess of the Blue Moon I love this one it's one of my fovorites, blue lotus smell is very similar to Tiaré the national flower of Tahití and the Cook islands it's such an exquisite smell and the potion makes me feel wonderful, like a mistycal godess or something also I saw people respond very well to it and I think is not just to the fragance or the pheros but the attitude I have when I wear it I think that it's important too. WIth the perfect phero potion for you and the right attitude you become almost irresistible. Don't you think?

004.gifZion :bday1029:


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Totally agree.I have also worn Goddess of the Blue Moon and people just respond to me in a way that makes me feel Fabulous............

They just see me as a filmstar!

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With this one I ve added Mithyka from L' Bel Paris, the scents are very similar and work like magic together and also Shelly Bs Bodacius Bomb give it that extra magnetic but chic effect I so love this! LOL

Zion :bday1029:

una-linda-mujer-elegante-8713-300x187.jpgMakes me feel just like this!!!! She 's very chic don't she?

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