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Beccah's Boy Bait


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I apologise if there is already a thread for this but I just couldn't find it. Please merge with existing thread if need be.


This is an absolutely divine scent. It is one of those potions I just sniff and I know I like it, without having any idea what is in it! I suppose I was expecting something similar to Carolyn's Man Nip, and it does have the same kind of vibe to it, or maybe that is just my imagination. I get a bit of a softly spicy fruit from this, I see there is no spice in it but perhaps it is the lemon. To me it's a very warm, cuddly fruit smell, there is something comforting about it. I'm beginning to see a trend with me loving these peach scents!

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It was a different Becca - not our Beccah. This was for a Canadian Becca, if I recall correctly.


Yup, sometimes there are different brewers but with familiar names in that PE area.


Oh, my apologies! Please feel free to merge thread :)

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This was a gift in my 1st order and at first I thought, eh. But then went back to it later (because I figured my nose needed a break because I was going bonkers over the order lol!) and it seems sweet and nice. With the name boy bait I guess I was thinking, hmm, not sure, but not something so- nice?lol

I quite like it. I may not order a bottle but I won't waste the sample! Thank you LP!

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