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Celrynnya's Big Fat Tabby Cat


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I don't think Cel ever got around to reviewing this one; although it may be that katz and I were the only ones to get bottles of it.


But I really love it as a comfort/bedtime scent, primarily because in the drydown (and I'm talking hours later) this is like a gourmand version of one of my PEs, BUNNY LUV: it's that same fuzzy white amber which lends such a wonderful soft fluffy evocation, just like putting your nose in fur, I swear. I love that quality so much.


When I first received it, it wore rather soft on me to where I wasn't really sure what I was smelling, but with a few months aging the chocolate and vanilla have emerged quite nicely, it reminds me of what used to be called "Checkerboard" ice cream, with the combination of the two blending together. Creamy and rich and oh so YUM!


This was a great idea, Cel! :)

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This is my Big Fat Tabby Cat, Cinder!


I was bad and forgot to review this :P


It is a fluffy, fuzzy kind of a scent, full of sweet and dusty notes. It really is like burying your face into a soft kitty belly and taking a deep huff. The chocolate note is very similar to something in "Skye Loves Chocolate", and it has a sweet muskiness that reminds me of TMI. It's a very happy-inducing perfume :)

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Great kitty label! Wet, this smells like boozy chocolate, like with a shot of Kahlua or vodka in it. As it dries down, the chocolate becomes softer. From the beginning there is another note or accord with the chocolate but I can't nail it down, it just smells good! Comforting. This would be great boosted, if there were any more.

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