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I went to get a haircut today. I use an online discount system (similar to LivingSocial or Groupon) to make such appointments: easier than phoning for an appointment with my ultra-basic French, i get a discount, plus I can read reviews ahead of time.


The place today had a whopping huge discount, was nearby, and reviewers said the haircuts and coloring were good. Also said that the people were a bit testy and it could take 3 or 4 hours for a 2- hour cut-and-highlights.


I sprayed a bunch of Empathy Potion on the back of my neck. What a good idea that was! The worker was alone when I arrived, and seemed kind of nervous and snappish...but after combing through my hair once, she started saying that she knew just what would look great, that she was going to do lots of thin highlights because even though it would take her longer, it would look better and more natural, and she started joking around with me! Her boss came later, very stressed-looking, and told the worker to leave me sitting for a while and deal with the other customers...but after she came by my chair, she asked if I wanted a cup of coffee (just me), and then asked the person she was working on to wait while she stopped everything to cut and dry my hair! And said "I will make a beautiful cut for you"! And it is!! I tried to be friendly and patient, and I gave a nice tip, but I always do that, and every other haircut I've has in France has been HORRIBLE (counterintuitive, I know...but, no lie, the 2 worst haircuts of my life have been here. 6 months apart, because it took that long to start growing back). And this is very nice.


So I will give the Salon a good review, but I think a little Empathy Potion didn't hurt.

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