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  1. Please add in my vote for a "Rebrew Month" (or, really, just Re-Release Month, maybe 24 scents that are "in danger" of running out?). And I am really hoping for a "spell potion" month. Don't know if I can afford the whole set, but Mean Business and Ashes to Dust have been a revelation. I even ordered Mean Business for my friend in Japan who was asking for something "not so girly" to wear at all-male meetings. Thosr guys aren't gonna know what hit 'em!
  2. I often need a fair amount of things, but 2 sprays seems best with this. Still some effect with 1.
  3. I woke up in the middle of the night and put on some MegaWatt. Why? Do we need a reason? It seemed like a good idea at the time. Slept like the dead, but also had tons of dreams, some of which were very helpful. Felt a lot clearer and lighter today. The heavy, depression-barely-at-bay feeling was gone. And I thought, " wow, it feels good not to feel bad". I like it.
  4. What Patchjulie said...that's what I meant when I said that the white noise went up, like when I meditate (I am the world's worst meditator, because I've got mental chatter commenting on the mental chatter...). The feeling of being more directly plugged into an energy field without so much being filtered through all the commentary and self-talk. Which is a good thing. Relaxed focus, more open to possibilities. That zen thing.
  5. Irish Eyes, good reminders of how to get through rough times!! I do have a hobby: I collect perfume.
  6. Sounds like jobs I've had that needed moving on from!! To those who harp on productivity, I always think, "of course you're "productive"...you haven't got a bitchy, annoying co-worker to deal with". Hang in there...but only until you ditch the place for something better!! Got a whole slew of job applications done, yay, me! Remember...you only need ONE job, if it's the right one. I am thinking about a Private Edition scent intended to lend a little get-up-and-go...or if anyone has a recommendation? Like cutie.pie said, a Spell Potion would be fab!
  7. I am a tough nut to crack...bipolar, with the sometimes severe lack of motivation and focus that can entail, plus I have Crohn's, with fatigue as my main symptom, also going through all kinds of super-stressy life stuff, like divorce and job hunting. Oh, and I tend towards S.A.D. anyway, plus living in clammy grey (but beautiful) Seattle. Let's just say I don't exactly bounce out of bed and greet the day sometimes. This is not a magic elixir, but, really, what woild be?? The sharper vision is noticeable, even hours later. The "white noise" in my head increases...my brain buzzes, like
  8. Best wishes, you guys!! Just got my package, with a full-bottle Mega Watt spray, 60% alcohol, 40% oil. 3 sprays to chest and things got noticeably glittery and sharper, and I felt more focused. Now I just need to shift my focus from screwing around to job applications. More than an hour later, and things still look sharp, like when I get new contacts. My preliminary conclusion would be: with a tiny bit of a push in the right direction, I bet this stuff is great. Will report back.
  9. I got a free sample of this very early on, and I love this scent so much, that when I saw a bottle on Artfire, I scraped my pennies together and ordered it. It's just as lovely as I'd remembered. Crap, I keep forgetting about the phero and smelling myself. I put some on thinking to get a couple of family members to open up a tad, and ended up being the one spilling all kinds of things...you know, the kind of stuff that maybe would be better unspoken, or that maybe is better out in the open....and you're not really sure which? Anyway, so now it's out there, we'll see how that al
  10. I wore Lumina, with Bridezilla, on my last day of vacation, and the desk clerk offered me a ride to the airport, and the guy sitting next to me on the plane bought me a beer and asked for my number. I think I used kind of a lot...5 or 6 sprays. Or 7. In my hair and on my arms/ hands. But it was 50% strength. I wasn't expecting such a "let me give you stuff" reaction.
  11. Glad I'm not the only overuser. Seriously, with the Heart & Soul, I'd expected that sometimes it would work , othertimes not, but no: it always works,; if it doesn't work immediately, means I need a couple more sprays. For me, it's the Levitation Potion that I fog. A little doesn't seem to work at all with that one.
  12. Tyvey, is that a lot? I always find it tough to know how much...and I know "less is more"...but in my day-to-day experience with the personality-disordered soon-to-be ex, Heart & Soul" will stop him mid-rage...but when I try 1-3 sprays, it's risky whether it's going to affect him at all. This weekend we went out for lunch, he started getting nasty, and I thought, "crap, I didn't put enough on". As soon asI got home I added 3 sprays to the original 3, and he calmed down. But of course different people react differently...he might just have a high tolerance. And, although I tried
  13. Well, I have a report on the phero effects...went to meet an online friend in person. We are working on a project together, talk up a storm by email, and I'm pretty sure he has a crush on me (as who wouldn't?), but he's so shellshocked from a scary relationship, the whole human race is suspect, the female gender in particular. So someone I already know pretty well, but easily spooked. My worry was that we'd meet for coffee and it'd be so freakin' awkward we'd both end up wishing we hadn't bothered. But at the same time, I knew if I could get past that barrier, we'd both be happy
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