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  1. Jeez, how did you know I was looking for a suitable reward for keeping to my New Year's Resolutions?
  2. You can read my other posts...H&S is the ONLY thing that stopped my ex's rages.
  3. Good to see you again! I am really liking the spell collection...to me, the effects seem really clear. I don't know if you've tried the new MegaWatt phero, but it's pretty spectacular. It's in Determination Potion in the Spell Collection. I'm also looking forward to reading some reviews!!
  4. If it's jobs you want...if it's an in-person interview, I'd say MM. The intent is great, and it's got the Swimming With Sharks phero, too! SWS seems to make folks let their guards down enough to LISTEN. I know I'm great all by myself, but I credit the SWS I wore during my interview days with giving me the edge that got the offer. Recently I have been wearing Road Opener or Money Multiplier (or Mean Business, which also has SWS) in group meetings, and Determination Potion or UNMegawatt when I'm in my office. Pendulum Potion for tough decisions, Liquid Mercury for touchy communications... I could not have had better results.
  5. Well, for those who have been following my continuing saga...I got a job!! I had 2 in-person interviews (flying out there to interview), and 1 resulted in a job offer, which I took. The other one I am waiting to hear about, but they only interviewed 3 people, so even getting to that stage means Top 3. SWIMMING WITH SHARKS all the way, and some Topper for meals or car rides...got everyone cheery and talkative. I wore it on the backs of my hands and in my hair. I had Mean Business, Lap of Luxury, and a couple of others I had 50% boosted. It made people relax and listen sympathetically to my answers. In one case people commented that they had never seen one of the committee members so mellow, that usually she was very confrontational. Of course all was congruent...clothes, grooming, attitude...and of course I was invited to visit based on my résumé and phone interviews...but I absolutely give credit to the pheros for that extra nudge that tipped the scales, and I'll never go to work without them!! I relaxed and felt confident, too. It's like, all else being equal, who do you choose? The person who feels good to be around! I have read some comments that, "I hesitate to use SWS, because I don't want to come off as too strong"...um, no, that's not what it did. It gives off a "trustworthy and worth listening to" vibe. Thank you, LP!!
  6. Please add in my vote for a "Rebrew Month" (or, really, just Re-Release Month, maybe 24 scents that are "in danger" of running out?). And I am really hoping for a "spell potion" month. Don't know if I can afford the whole set, but Mean Business and Ashes to Dust have been a revelation. I even ordered Mean Business for my friend in Japan who was asking for something "not so girly" to wear at all-male meetings. Thosr guys aren't gonna know what hit 'em!
  7. Update: I took SWS, Pop potion, and Topper. For the first night's dinner with the Dean I wore Lap of Luxury (SWS) + Topper. For the next entire freakin' day of interviews with a bunch of different groups, Mean Business (SWS). Bingo! Supportive questions from them, solid answers from me. Added some Topper for the lunch meeting, and everyone got happy. The pheros weren't the problem...I had made some dynamite presentations on prezi.com, but it would NOT let me log in. I wasn't logged in on any other device or anything. No one, including the IT guys, could figure out why it wasn't working. Finally did a lame-o workaround with an iPad and a doc cam. Grrrr....my brother helped me with my presentation, and I didn't have the heart to tell the whole sad story, so just told him it went great... It actually didn't go THAT badly...it was clear that, presentation software or no, I knew what I was talking about. And someone said that, and others agreed, and they asked questions that showed they'd been paying attention. A little Pop Potion on my hair for the trip back to the airport, and the guy who was driving me was gushing about how much they enjoyed it. I still think the main guy was iffy about me...something going on there that wasn't the pheros or the presentation. He didn't say a word at dinner, with 3 friendly women trying to draw him out, so maybe he's got a scared-of-females thing. No idea. Sometimes that means they already have another candidate in mind. Or maybe he's just shy. He was OK with me one-on-one. But everyone else was great...and just being there means I was 1 of 3. So, even more positive vibes, please!! Moral of the story...even the best pheros can't solve tech issues.
  8. Well, yay, me! I got invited to travel to an on-campus interview!! The people seem really nice...but the stakes are kind of high for them, and I think there's a fair amount of angst about choosing the right person. The schedule is like this: I fly in at 5 pm, someone picks me up at the airport and takes me to the hotel, I probably have dinner with the committee, and the next day someone takes me to the campus and I have 5 or 6 hours worth of meetings and interviews with various types of people (hiring committee, upper administrators, faculty, students, future colleagues in related departments). I love SWS, so was plannig on using that. I was thinking maybe with Topper for the first evening's dinner? Any other, better ideas? I have SWS in Spanish Gold, Lap of Luxury, and the wonderful new Mean Business. Is it better to use the same scent the whole time, or different ones on the 2 days in case someone doesn't like one of them? I know that there are some perfumes (hello, Giorgio Beverly Hills!) that give me an instant dislike for the person wearing them. All 3 scents are fresh and office-friendly, however.
  9. Well, Speed Dating was canceled at the last minute. Apparently not enough women signed up (!) and feedback was that lots of people had office Christmas parties conflicting with the schedule. So we get to choose another session, in January. Assuming I am still single, LOL. I am now leaning towards Gotcha! I don't know why I didn't think of it before...i've only ever had positive results with it. Seems to get people to let down their guard a bit.
  10. Not to talk this one to death, but what about Gotcha? I've got a whole bottle of UN spray, plus Exotica in oil. This sounds like it might be a good situation for it. It's got that "drop o' cops" thing going on, like Cougar, too.
  11. I often need a fair amount of things, but 2 sprays seems best with this. Still some effect with 1.
  12. My Narcissistic Personality-Disordered husband had a very bad reaction to Empathy Potion. Someone suggested that since the disorder is characterized by a lack of empathy, it might be something that he finds very threatening and uncomfortable. That's the reaction I got. Tried Heart & Soul, and it was like night and day. And it even calmed him down mid-rage, something that usually can't be done. So I changed to Heart & Soul with him. I use Empathy Potion for shopping, doctor and dentist appointments, and haircuts. It has a great effect...even during the Black Friday rush. People come closer, talk more, and give me free stuff!! So just try something else; you'll find another good use for the Empathy Potion!
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