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Sugared Grapefruit


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I’m thinking I might be only person on forum who doesn’t get enough grapefruit out of Sugared Grapefruit! Maybe because mine’s a spray? I dunno. I think it’s me. I love grapefruit so much, I want to get punched in the face with grapefruit power. Pow! Give me more!
  :Dancing_Grapefruit: 👊🏼 :beggingpleasesmiley:

I wore it under Tangy Tart today, though, and this is perfect. Just what I needed.

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On 1/30/2019 at 2:14 AM, swissblondie said:

Yeah! I would say it's the best scent from sugar layerables but it does not last long in me.  So I had to reapply every hour and a bottle was gone after week.But the scent is a true paradise. Cougar lasts longer.

Well yeah, Cougar is a musk-based scent so it will cling for sure.

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