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Sugared Frankincense & Myrrh


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Sugared Frankincense and Myrrh

* One of our perennial customer faves, soft, velvety and "skin-like", a gentle resin blend softened further with white and powdered sugars.


Soothes and Inspires Peacefulness & Meditation.

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Siiiiiiiigh, I'm having a hard time choosing this or the sugared dragon's blood as my current faves. This one lasts on me...12 hours plus, the dragon's blood maybe 4. ( I added some sugared cream to each). After the first 6 hours, I get just a very dry, lovely wood scent, like stepping into it a secret cave and finding centuries old wood that was lovingly oiled and then preserved. I have researched both ingredients tonight, and frankincense is showing potential as a psychoactive drug that relieves depression and anxiety, at least in mice. These are both mentioned in the bible and the Talmud, as I'm sure many of you know. But it surprised me to find out that it was even used in Egypt.


This is one of those fragrances I can't wait to use during meditation. I'm at the end of my cycle and not craving foodie scents or social blends at ALL. I want something dark, quiet, uncomplicated. This fits the bill perfectly.

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I want something dark, quiet, uncomplicated. This fits the bill perfectly.


I agree!

It took forever for me to give this a try and when I finally did I was NOT disappointed. I guess I was thinking, "Hmm, resins and sugars???" But this is an absolutely gorgeous scent.


I had always burned the 2 together in a coal incense burner, (they look like little rocks but melt over the coal and smell fantastic), I don't know why I ever thought a sugared version could be bad...


That's interesting about frankincense and that study. It's always had medicinal value - it's just science catching up with history and tradition - again :D


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I love this one. I had a hard time deciding between buying this versus only the Sugared Frank. But the combination with Myrrh won me over (but I am still wondering about the Sugared Frank though :). Frankiscence is one of my all time favorite essential oils, so I had no doubt this would be a good choice. I expected something little bit more forward and medicinal. Although it is sugary and light, I can still feel the grounding power of these two essential oils. I love it and I am grateful it is a permanent scent.

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After thinking of getting this scent for probably a year now, I finally ordered it and got it in the mail today :) I concur with @androstenol the centuries old wood, lovingly oiled is a good description. It's soft and woodsy and sweet but not too sweet. And it's delicious too, without being gourmand. I think I'll love wearing this on its own and also layering it. I had a tester of Sugared Rose added in my package and I think it would compliment it nicely!

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