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Question about gotcha ?

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From what I've understood - and here is the link to the phero wiki - beta-androstenol is a good phero for creating a bond, and a feeling of intimacy.


Gotcha is one of the best pheros for me, it really helps to bring my b/f and me together, I've used it with great success with him. Have you checked out the Gotcha review thread?

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I don't know if I'm gettimg the beta-Anol and Enol mixed up but isn't the Enol what is in tmi? If you look at gotcha it list beta-anol as the first ingredint and then the beta-Anol a few ingredients later.. Hence my confusion and I'm making the asumption that like food label the ingredients are listed I'm order of amount highest to lowest,. Thanks for your post-

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Yes. beta-androstEnol is what is in TMI.....and yes, beta-androstAnol and beta-androstEnol are both in Gotcha. beta-Anol encourages a relaxed happiness vibe and beta-Enol helps promote bonding.


Just because a particular phero is typically used in "male" or "unisex" phero blends, doesn't mean it cannot be in a women's blend. Most pheros are produced by both sexes anyway, with a few exceptions of course. For instance, Est is one of the exceptions, as it is secreted by pregnant women, so I would not put Est on a man (It is too early in the morning for me to think of all of them). Cops are only produced by women, but sometimes a smidge is used in male blends to give off the vibe that the guy is a bad boy who has been laid recently.


But anyway, a men's blend would most definitely not have Est in it. Gotcha has Est and Cops, thus taking it in a female direction.


In most cases, the difference is in the ratios as to whether a particular blend is intended for women or for men. For instance, Androstenone, a "typically" male phero, is in Dominance, a women's blend. That is because women also produce it naturally, but in much smaller amounts than men.


You really can't go by order in an ingredients list with pheros.....some molecules may only need a minute amount to produce an effect, while others may need a larger amount. I leave all of that to the scientists. My suggestion is to try the blends and see if they work for you. If they don't, then don't use them. And as Bella said, the phero wiki is a very good resource, and everyone should take advantage of it.

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I know another company that has est in one of its best selling unisex products. Pretty funny right?


Really? WOW.

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