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  1. A bottle of Oshun and Ogun And a min set if available- thank you
  2. I'm also heading toward menopause and find sexology great for selfies it increases my libido and makes everything more intense- I love it - partner isn't crazy about the scent but I think the scent is part of the selfies I get- but I'm going to try mixing some unscent with a scent he likes - when I wore compromising positions it was crazy good (haven't had the energy to try it again yet ;-) LFM always gets me attention from men but cougar is a much more friendly flirting kind of attention- and I have been wearing flying potion a lot for self effects of mood elevation- I notice a distinct difference with my SO when I wear cops.
  3. I haven't tried LFN yet but I love LFM (still mad I didn't get a FB of LFM/rouge) I always feel super confident and sexy and all ways get attention from men- even if it's just a double take look- I keep trying gotcha but really not sure if I'm getting any effects from it - maybe a little more openness form people.- I also get great results from cougar
  4. Thanks everyone for the information. I checked the ingredients of my favorites and I think Bellumed you may be right I think It could be the patchouli most of them have that in common. I love the incensey and honey smells that's all I have in fb, but I have a lot of samples I passed over so I'm going dig them out. I'm just not a flower kinda a girl -plus they don't last on me like the others scents do- but hearing the I way I smell reminds him of his Grandma was not what I was going for- I used to wear a non lp Nag Champa that I always got complimented on and he loved it which makes no sense to me - thanks again everyone
  5. This are the scents I love exotica, honey love potion, dance of passion, Lp rouge sexology but I'm always getting told a smell like insence or a old lady - and my guy just doesn't like them - he just told me this last night after a year of wearing them- thinking back the only time he has purpose fully smelled me was when I was wearing Secret sweetness or cougar and with the secret sweetness he just was all over smelling and kissing my neck so now I'm at a loss what to order - to put with unscented gotcha and sexology - any suggestions are welcome as i'm terrible at identifing notes -thanks
  6. This has been a very helpful thread especially with the sale coming up-I think I'm ready to experiment with some unsented pheromones again. Im afraid I must have a wonky nose because I never smell the cops coming through anything or at least I don't think I do.. I haven't tried Eow yet but even sexponige doesn't smell bad to me in the bottle and on my skin it smells a little bad but just until its dry literally-
  7. So glad to see the addition to the permanent collection-
  8. The party was great I'm so glad I went everyone was so nice and welcoming and the October sents are all wonderful I think this is my favorite collection yet- I went way over my perfume budget( yes I now have a perfum budget lol) I was able to get some sents I really wanted but had missed during the sale - it is so awesome to be able to read a descriptionand then smell a sample right there in the story - I'm finally figuring out what the common smells I like on me are - can't wait to go back -
  9. not sure where to post this- My daughter and I had the chance to visit the store last month and it was wonderful Mara was so nice- letting me smell and try all kinds of things- I went kind of crazy buying samples- she has so many pretty things- she was so welcoming She even gave my daughter a special baby gift -
  10. I'm about 1hr away - I can hardly wait to go - hopefully next week -
  11. was so excited and half asleep and I messed up my order - ordered a sampler and put Penniefeet where I should of put may-sent off a panic email but now I'm worried they'll be gone before they look at their email- I'm thinking I should just order again but as much as I'd love it I don't want to end up with two sets and someone else not get one- what to do what to do-- also I can't figure out how to "so I somehow stole someone's post when I ment to quote it-
  12. Sorry to post this here but I can't find anywhere when the store opens- so excited I live close
  13. I need another job. Maybe 2 more jobs. I don't care. I'm going to start panhandling.
  14. I wore this in la femme rouge to a company function and my boss who never I mean never compliments me on my appearance past me in the hall he literally did a double take and said something to himself and when I said excuse me I didn't hear you He gave me a shocked look like he did realize he'd said anything out loud - then he said you look really good tonight - it was like he was dumbfounded.. The following Monday he can up and hugged me and said he wanted to tell me how much I reminded him of Stevie Nicks when I was dancing- I said I'll take that as a compliment and he said that's how he ment it- the crazy thing is I look nothing like Stevie Nicks but that's the kinda "vibe" I was feeling- and he went out of his way to talk to me all week.. Full bottle next order for sure ?
  15. Thought is share an update on this experience, well I went to get it out to give another try and it wasn't opend I was like what the heck then I realized I used sexpionge and I used a lot about 3 dropers full so this was obviously not a fair review of sexology- or sexpionge considering I used way To much- I've since tired sexology and it was a great time-
  16. Im enjoying the softness of this sent but like most florals it tends to fade rather quickly on my skin havent has the chance to test out the phero yet -
  17. Help can't find your etsy shop..:(

  18. There beautiful- I would love to reserve the one with the red stone - thank you
  19. What can I possibly add to those wonderful reviews - now I'm intrigued by LV sweet pussy- I bought this to put up for my daughter but I'm debating on keeping it for myself I love the way the vanilla and the ylang ylang melt together with the pineapple peeking through the art on the bottle in beautiful -
  20. I love love love this- it's everything I love about lp pink and beautiful dreamer rolled into one- it's soft and sweet and feminine and wears close to the skin. I can't stop smelling myself- I can't wait to layer this with lace and also cuddle bunny. Wish I wolud of order two..
  21. Do you think gotch would go well with LP red?
  22. It went fairly well- thanks you guys - she listened ordered X-rays and gave me some meds( I hurt my back and I'm leaving on vacation.. She was very through and I was surprised she gave me meds for the pain- they usally won't if their not your primary doc.
  23. I love this sent - can anyone tell me if they have added phros to it and if so what- if not what would you recommend -
  24. That was part of what contributed to my experience as well- which I think contributed to the irritability- don't think going to risk trying it again till we're back to seeming each other regularly - he was much more cuddly though and softer- no pun intended lol
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