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  1. LoveStruck

    Annual Sale is Coming Soon!

    Whew. I kept thinking I have to be in the wrong thread & missing it. This is always a ton of work for you Mara. Thank you❤️
  2. LoveStruck

    Kingmaker w/ Charisma

    I think you’ll be really happy with Kingmaker - it’s in my top 3 of the men’s LPs. Classic.
  3. I just saw, since our interests are all bright and out there on every post, 1111 as one of yours. The numbers that perpetually surround me when I'm on the right track are all variants of 222, and I have 11/11 tattooed on my left wrist on a fancy locket. When I'm on the right track, every time I see a clock I've never seen before, it's always 22 or 44 after the hour, and this has been happening since 1988. It's been going on so long that it never surprises me when it comes up, like if the only flight available to get where I need to go on the day I want to go is flight #222. Just wanted to say hello, and I hope life is treating you with extra glitter and kindness.

    1. LoveStruck


      Hello & thank you! Here I am stumbling across this at 12:22p. I need to get back on the forum badly... it was such a “home” for me and I love Mara and LPMP dearly.  My world came crashing down March 2016 when my husband of 22 years (yes.. 22!) died suddenly.  It’s been a tough road for my sons & I, but I’m slowly trying to find my joy and power again. I’ve never “left” LP, just didn’t post. Mainly just purchased & stayed in touch with Heather, Mara & John. 

      My short term goal is to reinventory all my LPs and post the ones for sale that need a better home (like some of the sexy-pheros that obviously aren’t practical for me now)


      I still see combos of numbers all the time, mostly identical and repetitive. In fact when I DON’T see them I start go wonder if the Angels have given up on me! I’ve studied numerology, Angel numbers & Soul Contract numerology for several years now... I always get something from it,  even though I get in my own way much of the time (still trying to figure out what my life is supposed to look like now) 


      thank you you for reaching out - I can’t believe I just stumbled on this today.... but I don’t think it’s an accident.  I’m sure we’ll have a chance to chat more. I hope so. ? you obviously share in the same magic that I’m still trying to decipher, and I’d love to know more about it! Thank you again for reaching out across the “ethers”??



    2. Eastwood22


      Oh, wow, I think you replied a while ago and I'm just seeing this now! I can relate to what you mean about getting worried regarding NOT seeing the numbers, but I don't notice that they're missing until they came back. It's like I get off track and then when I'm back going on the right direction, they come out in droves. I've never studied much about it, I just know what it's meant in my life.


      I'm very sorry about your husband, I cannot imagine how painful that would be.


      I understand wanting to get rid of some of the sexier pheros, but scent memories are powerful so don't get rid of any sentimental ones or ones that make you smile. 


      I hope you've participated in the sale? It's been a lot of fun for me. My gigantic order should be here in two days and I'm really excited.


      Thank you for getting back to me. I think I'd normally have more to say but I'm laying on living room floor next to the sofa, where my man is confined, thanks to some buldging discs. I'm much more burnt out today but I'm keeping an eye out for you on here. ❤️

  4. LoveStruck

    Private Editions for SEPTEMBER 2016

    Thanks PM. I'm almost out of my Lace spray so that sounds like a plan.
  5. LoveStruck

    Private Editions for SEPTEMBER 2016

    I'd like a bottle of Victoria's Masked Woman, please Mara what would be good phero combos with this? Not necessarily in your face sexy (like BI, Bang or Sexpionage - you know I'm not back 'there' yet, if ever) but intriguing nonetheless?
  6. LoveStruck

    Love Potion: Fraise Citron

    This is one of those that I didn't like from the first smell...I looked back on my notes from the sampler and I said it was really "tart" smelling. But I think it's aged beautifully. And you never know my dear. Chances are you'll get to smell it again ?
  7. Awesome. Thank you.❤️
  8. Mara does the effectiveness of certain pheros diminish with age? I don't know how that could ever be accurately tested or verified, but I'm curious. (P.S. I love how my spellcheck wants me to Walk Like an Egyptian and turn pheros into pharaohs. Yes that Bangles song is screaming in my head as I type
  9. LoveStruck

    Love Potion: Fraise Citron

    This will go down in my book of all time fav LPs. I remember how much I loved Luna's description, and The LP Echo Chernik labels are some I absolutely love to admire again and again. Halo turned me on to a body butter called Pink Lemonade Poundcake, it reminds me a lot of Fraise Citron and makes a great base for slathering and really boosted the throw and longevity. FC is bright, sweet and sexy without screaming any ONE note at me. They all blend together magically and it has aged beautifully... FC was my husband's absolute fav LP, yet he could not ID any of the notes, LOL ...but it sure was one heck of a huffable scent to him. About 2 weeks before he passed - around Valentines Day - he admitted to me that sometimes he goes into my closet and pulls out Fraise Citron and LP Original to sniff when he's missing me. So now FC has taken on a whole new level of magic for me ... And I pull out my bottles of Top Dog and Dark Desires when I miss HIM Mara's men's blends were the ONLY other scent he would ever wear besides his "true to the 80s" Polo Green!
  10. LoveStruck

    New Releases for DECEMBER 2015! Happy Holidays!

    I bet they look great! Woody tiles... hmmmm.
  11. LoveStruck

    New Releases for DECEMBER 2015! Happy Holidays!

    OMG you bad boy. But yes, I guess it is a selfie (or gettin there, anyway) I suppose a psych would have a great time explaining to me how I was subconsciously drawn to that photo... Did you get the bonus, much larger, stocking stuffer gift for Mrs. QG?
  12. LoveStruck

    New Releases for DECEMBER 2015! Happy Holidays!

    SJM I only logged on for a minute and saw this (been out of the loop for about 5 days) LOVE your avi. Those minions obviously get around. Those must be the "interns"... I chose mine for their intimidating horns (softened with the addition of Santa/Elf hats) I'm so glad the LP decision maker has a wicked sense of humor (and limitless levity to boot). I REALLY wanted to hang glass balls and candy canes from their horn-age but I just didn't have the time to keep on "tweakin" the stuff. In this case though, less is more and certainly befits Le Wiz's name for the fragrance.
  13. LoveStruck

    New Releases for DECEMBER 2015! Happy Holidays!

    Good eyes Maililyan - that's an official LP marshmallow. Love your avi too!
  14. LoveStruck

    New Releases for DECEMBER 2015! Happy Holidays!

    Mara I was shocked to see these up! Talk about flying by the seat of my pants on this one, lol. Seeing them all together... I just realized how much RED & GREEN I (unintentionally) incorporated in all. Must be a subliminal holiday default in the creative center of my brain... I really prefer to steer away from the "typical" holiday stereotype stuff (she says as there's a BIG ol Santa stuck on Cocoa Snuggle) but "we" were pressed for time . At least LeWiz' "Minions" allowed me some room for entertaining more of my bizzar-o creative ideas. And Dolly how FITTING that you would notice my little LP tattoo addition to MERRY... There's another tiny "surprise" LP on one other label... Anyone with good eyes (or particularly good at "Where's Waldo") found it yet? Finally, QG... Really??? I know Mrs. QG isn't a big scent person but maybe a little LP sampler stocking stuffer could bring her over to the dark side just for the sake of holiday spirit! Especially if it's presented with a BONUS gift of a second (much larger) stocking stuffer. Thanks all for compliments & especially thanks to Mara for allowing me to join in the magick here... Big XOXO
  15. LoveStruck

    Private Editions for November 2015

    Oh wow Mara - I just noticed you had some bottles of my PE listed. I need to start a review thread for it I suppose! I love it alone, but it is awesome layered with other scents as well - - kind of like adding a "sugared" or "fairy cake" to really make something wonderful. My husband loves it on me (haven't told him I am the "Lovestruck" of this particular legend, however. A girl needs SOME privacy!) It's so NOT smutty honey (which is hit or miss for me) but it is still very sexy. I can tell he notices it immediately, even if I layer it. I know I asked you about what pheros I could boost it with (I originally was thinking Gotcha or EoW) but now I think (for me) it would be great layered with Cuddle Bunny because that's where he immediatelly goes with it. (Like a moth to a flame) I could see using it with G2 and Perfect Match as well. You really made it a versatile blend that I can enjoy MANY ways.