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  1. Here I go again 🙄 never say “done” assuming I'm not too late... 1 large Sugared Coconut 1 small Sugared Almonds 1 trial River & Rain and I will email additional order stuff THANK YOU for another generous year PM... this is SO much work for you - yet you still do this for us as if LPMP was just starting out! I noticed SO many of your comment time stamps... 3am, 4am... amazing dedication (and energy that I certainly DO NOT POSSESS any longer!) I hope you take at least a little respite!💕
  2. This is a really sexy scent - I’m not a Honey Aficionado like so many on the forum, but to me this is so much more complex than I imagined a “Creamed Honey” would be. Wet I definitely get the “Eggnog-y” warm spice (probably the amber that Luna mentioned) but it smooths out rather quickly. I don’t think I would boost this with anything but leave it to layer with an occasion appropriate UN. I layered it with LFN for a dinner with GF and not only did she think I smelled divine, I came out of the ladies room and a man told me my perfume was amazing... he was at the bar with friends when I first walked by and WAITED for me to emerge from the restroom hallway to tell me. Said he’d love to get it for his GF 🙄🤷‍♀️ But it was a nice scent ‘hit’ nonetheless!
  3. PM apologies if this has been posted already but LPMP still sells the DIY spray and Roller Ball (decant) bottles right? I’ve noticed there are SO many coveted scents still available in trial sizes AS FREEBIES 😮. So theoretically I could easily add some DIY ready-to-go decant bottles to my total store order(s), then pick up those trial size freebies & make up my own FB, spray or RB right?
  4. I’m amazed that there is any of this left... I have had six bottles. SIX BOTTLES. It still goes on bright and fresh then mellows into the softest patch (I’m not a patch peep) with creamy tart poundcake. ❤️
  5. Please add one bottle of Chakra: Third Eye.... and.... we're done! Email with order coming. Thank you PM for your amazing patience once again. Another stellar sale for lucky us!
  6. Please reserve a bottle of Trina's Summer Skies PE for me if there is one left. Thank you.
  7. Hi PM... I’d like to reserve 2 bottles Heart Chakra and 1 FB Baby Boo. And I’m working on order to email hopefully tonight. ♥️ Thank you
  8. Hi BC!!! Me too! I think we’re putting the band back together! 🤘🏼😎
  9. Here we go 🤷‍♀️... I am requesting a $100 magical mystery box of mojo. My “theme” (although I defer ALL creative control to my two favorite people in the PacNW... Potion Master and Le Wiz) is probably no surprise- my fav movie “Practical Magic”🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️👯‍♀️. I will send you an email with my (longer) version of why and you create what I need from that point on. ♥️♥️♥️
  10. Potion Master I would really like to sleep at least a wee bit tonight 😴... but I’ve seen you in action for a few years now and I know I have to take my chances 🙄 because - amazingly - you’ve pulled plenty of all-nighters. Nobody works harder and is more dedicated than you; it seems no matter how big and busy LPMP gets it is always YOUR baby and you are at the helm day and night. I know the SALE is a huge undertaking for you and the entire crew but you CONTINUE to do it for us year after year. ♥️ Thank you and 🍾🥂 sale time 👍🏼 See you on the other side (and then we’re all getting amped for WEENIES 🧙🏻‍♀️🦹🏼‍♀️🧟‍♀️🎃👻🤡). 😘LS/J🤘🏼🎸
  11. @Evethank you for saying that - means a lot more than you probably realize. If it makes you feel any better, I AMP patch big time. And when I started wearing LPO I’d second guess myself, but it always mellowed on me into something I just adore - like a familiar scent memory that I can’t quite remember. It’s not my “go to” scent every day, but it is a forever love (you really can’t be a signature scent gal AND a LPMP lover simultaneously because Mara creates too much to love)
  12. After a looonng forum absence (but still a huge LP devotee and constant user) I was trying to figure out where to jump back in on the reviews. I know I’ve written on LPO before but here I am nearly 6 years later STILL never without a bottle of it on my vanity. I have my latest spray boosted with LFM and I ALWAYS get noticed and told how great my perfume is. LPO holds lots of scent memories for me so it will always be my “safe place” - both comforting and empowering. If you are new at all to LPMP, you need to experience the one that started it all♥️
  13. @Potion MasterDVDs? LOL The store does have everything! I already know my *first* LP Oracle box I’m requesting ♥️
  14. So PM are we talking about ideas to narrow it down to a few theme boxes to choose from, or could it be a Hocus Pocus Hodge Podge where I would purchase the size box, give you an idea of the kinds of stuff I’d love (which would include just about anything) so I get a *personalized random* mystery box (*oxymoron?) My own LPMP Oracle.🌚🔮🌝I think of it as the way you approach PEs, with scent notes and intent, but you procure the magical end result. HOWEVER (you knew there had to be a however) I imagine that does make a lot more work for you.
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