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  1. For me, LFM tends to make men more helpful and solicitous and make them want to do things for me. LFN tends to make women more deferential and treat me like the queen bee.
  2. Glad it could amuse! My skin chemistry does some very strange things, indeed. I thought my neighbors were cooking at first, until I realized it was me! As a long time vegetarian, smelling like bacon isn't exactly what I'm looking for, unfortunately.
  3. I ordered several of the Sugared Layerables, the Cimaruta sampler set, a sampler of 02.20, and a bottle of Toujours Belle because it is aging beautifully and was almost gone. A Valentine's present to myself!
  4. The first notes are floral and an almost bitter chocolate. I don't smell smoke, but it reminds me of smoke. Like a crackling fire in the background of a romantic evening. It has a lot of throw and is more of a fall or winter scent. This is a mature, serious fragrance and I mean that in the best way. After about thirty minutes, the notes seem to almost separate. They become more distinct, while both remaining present. Instead of creating one scent, they weave in and out of each other, dancing together like the name. And, then, just as the orchid dies, the honey comes out, beginning a new dance, all its own.
  5. This is one of those where I'm reluctant to leave a review because I feel like I am having an entirely different experience than everyone else. Where my skin chemistry and my nose combine to not just put me in left field, but on an entirely different planet. Where I'm reading the reviews and nodding along while all the while internally going, "Soooooooooooo.......no one else is getting bacon, then?" Because, somehow, I'm getting bacon. I think it is something about the smoke, and maybe how it is interacting with the other ingredients. I've tried it twice, now, to be sure, and both times it was the same. Forest cologne scented bacon. Smoked meat lying on a pile of evergreens, like some sort of medieval yule feast. I felt rather like the ghost of Christmas present wearing it. Once the pastrami scent died down after a couple of hours, though, it was mostly a masculine pine. I'll wear a lot of men's scents, but this one was unfortunately a little too masculine for me. (Plus, y'know, the whole bacon thing.) I really wanted what everyone else got, but, alas, it was not to be. 😒
  6. This is a fresh carnation, very floral. It's more of a traditional perfume, without being perfumey. Has a lot of throw. As it begins to dry down, it gets more spicy, which is an interesting contrast with the freshness of the floral. There are a lot of things going on at once, but they work together. The result is an intriguing, well blended scent. I imagine this as the scent of a person with a high powered job. You take them seriously. Despite that, it is still a very feminine and romantic scent. The person who wears this has confidence and doesn't need to conform to your rules or expectations because they know their own power. You don't know what to expect from them as they always catch you off guard.
  7. Same. I have a tendency to not wear the things I really love. The more I love something, the more reluctant I am to wear it. When I finally get stern with myself and put it on, I am so happy, though. I'm practically giddy with the prospect of wearing Bang regularly again.
  8. Lumina is the phero I get the most consistent effects from. It's practically clockwork. I get reactions from two very different, but very distinct groups. The first group is women in their fifties. You may ask, "How do you know they're in their fifties?" Because they tell me. In fact, they tell me everything. It's like I'm their best friend/confidant/therapist/religious counselor/diary all in one. It doesn't matter if I'm in line at the grocery store, in a waiting room, getting take-out, I will hear their life story. I have heard all kinds of details about divorces, kids, dating, careers, traumas, etc. Just immediate and complete soul baring and telling me their innermost secrets. If a woman in her fifties ever commits a crime and you need a confession, just slap some Lumina on me and stick me in the room, because I will get it! Oddly, it's not women in their forties, or women in their sixties. It's really specifically women in their fifties. The other group that I get consistent reactions from are teenage boys. They, thankfully, are not telling me their deepest, darkest thoughts. πŸ˜‚ They just kind of stand near me. Generally while looking really confused, like they know they need to stand near me, but aren't sure why. It's like a jump scare in a movie. I'll be out running errands, minding my own business, when I turn around and suddenly there's a teenage boy there. They never try to interact, they just...hover. Like little unsure ducklings. What's really funny is when there's a family with a woman in her fifties AND a teenage boy. They will straight up follow me around. It has happened more than once. It's especially funny when the other family members trail along looking really confused. Last time it happened was at a festival. I managed to lose them at the food trucks. While these reactions are extremely consistent, they're not ones I'm particularly aiming for. (Not bad, just not useful.) Despite this, I wear Lumina anyway because I like the self effects. When I wear it, I feel very calm and collected. It makes me feel good about myself. It's a subtle confidence. It's not powerful like with Dominance or strutting like with Audacious. More like it makes me feel good about myself without realizing it. It's a worry reducer. I can do things with less anxiety, like make phone calls or talk to people. It makes me more comfortable, with both myself and others.
  9. I am glad the new location is working out so well! Oh my goodness. I did not think Pherotine could get any better, but it just did! I am so pumped!!! Old favorites, but with new formulations, so it will include all the fun of trying them out all over again. :DDD I am curious to see if there will be any differences in reactions. I swear I get as much, if not more, fun testing pheros as using them. And a replacement for Bang, I could weep with joy. It really is my desert isle phero. Looking forward to all the new fragrances to go with them, too. It is going to be well worth the wait. Now, I just have to get to work finalizing what to get this month.
  10. Cherry Divinity or something along those lines. Was wearing Sugared Cherries recently and it really made me crave more non-chocolate cherry scents. Mmm.
  11. Will there be a Pherotine collection this year? I've been thinking about placing an order, but the prospect of Pherotine goodies may shift some of my priorities. Also don't want to make y'all pay for shipping twice in a short time span.
  12. Ah, that would make sense. The way skin chemistry affects things is so interesting.
  13. Forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere. Does the inclusion of organic material, such as the juniper berries, flax seeds, or ginger root affect the shelf life of the perfume? I guess I'm worried about them degrading and breaking down over time. I mean, I know it's been said that it is best to use the perfumes within a few years to guarantee they're at their best, but some of the ones I have have aged beautifully. I was wondering if I needed to be sure to use these extra fast. Does the oil preserve the organic material? What happens when a bottle is mostly used and the inclusion is more exposed to air? Sorry for all the questions, I am just completely lacking in knowledge in this area and don't want to carelessly ruin a bottle. (Though with my Thanksgiving sale purchase, I'll probably have to wait until the new year before I can even think about this collection. πŸ˜ͺ )
  14. Cotton Candy Peach is very "It does what it says on the tin." It's cotton candy and it's peach. (I love peach. So much! If I had to pick one favorite scent it would probably be peach. And, somehow, LPMP has gotten me to love cotton candy, too. Their cotton candies are sweet without being cloying.) I love this scent, it lets me roll around in peachy goodness. It starts to round out a little more about 10-15 minutes in as the vanilla begins to come out and it gets creamier, but it never really gets more complex. I actually think that's a good thing for this one as it allows it to stay a nice, happy fragrance without changing its mood. Often with raspberry, I'll get a slight whiff of a play-doh type scent. I don't see raspberry listed, but I'm still getting that slight note. I'm not sure what's causing it. Storax, maybe? I don't really know what storax smells like. It's not a bad thing, and it doesn't detract from the scent. (It really is very slight, and a my-skin-chemistry thing.) In fact, it adds a touch of depth more than anything else. I just have no idea where I'm getting that from. Oh, well. It reminds me of childhood and is just another aspect of this perfume that makes me feel care-free and happy. It really is fantastic. Peach bliss.
  15. Having compared this to the 2017 Cloven Sand, this one is still not that strong, but I can definitely smell it more than the previous version. It's predominately sandalwood, with some cool spiciness from the clove. Spices can often seem warm, but I think the other notes, along with the nature of clove, are keeping it more cool feeling. As with the other one, it is unisex, but would work particularly well on a guy. It has a nonchalance about it. A not trying to hard, because you don't have to, that I think sort of fits in with what Tyvey was saying. I think for me, that has something to do with how little throw it has. Sort of an "I smell good, but I don't have to let the world know it. You only get it if you come to me."
  16. I tried this Cloven Sand when it first came out, and then again to compare it to the more recent one. It stayed pretty true to how it first was. I'm not sure why, but this one has absolutely no throw on me. I thought I hadn't applied enough, so tried adding more, but that help, either. What I can smell is a slightly dusty clove scent. If I hold my wrist/elbow up to my nose, I can get the sandalwood. As others have said, it is unisex and would smell good on a guy. As it dries down more, the patchouli takes over, though I still can't smell anything unless I'm within 3-4 inches of the application point.
  17. Oh, I really like those labels, especially the whisker wishes. And that is cool about the font.
  18. I don't usually review a perfume on the first day I test it, but I guess we've all got to go wild every once in a while. 😜 My impressions line up with what everyone else is saying. (Woohoo for my skin chemistry being normal for once!) Wet, this is a gorgeous fresh honey. As it dries down it becomes more pumpkin. It's a very nice, fleshy, pumpkin-y pumpkin, not a spicy one. I get bits of allspice occasionally wafting around, but it's never the dominant note. The best way I can describe it is that it's the autumnal version of a spring time perfume. It has a lightness that's unexpected for the notes. It's not heavy at all. In fact, it's rather floaty. It's as innocent as honey can be. I think someone who doesn't wear autumn or winter scents because they find them too heavy or deep could easily wear this. It has enough substance to not vanish in a flash, but isn't loud at all. Even the amber, which sometimes does not work at all with my skin, is staying in check. I quite like this one. I'm happy to have a pumpkin that isn't really spicy and also doesn't have patch.
  19. The name for this is spot on as it does feel sort of dry and papery. I'd say it's unisex, but leaning a bit towards masculine. I think the sweetness of the vanilla helps to keep in still in unisex category, though. The vanilla itself is like the kind of vanilla in vanilla ice cream, at least on me. The myrrh adds another layer and is, I think, what gives it that impression of oldness. Overall, though, I mostly get sandalwood and vanilla. I think the TMI goes well with it as there is something about the idea of old tomes holding hidden truths. ETA: And re-reading, I realize my description is basically exactly the same as bruiseviolet's above me. πŸ˜‚
  20. No probs. Y'all are so great, I'm happy to help any way I can.
  21. I'm on a computer. PC not Mac, and it's running Windows 10. It says my version of Chrome is Version -------- I'll work on getting that to you. It'll be just a bit. ETA: OK, sent it. (Or at least tried to.)
  22. Wow, the new new site looks so great! And the features are fantastic. And I find the font a lot easier to read than on the previous new site. It was really pretty, just a little hard to parse. I love, love, LOVE the sorting feature, especially with so many options!!! Often, I'll want to look for a specific fragrance and this makes it so much easier. I can do it by name, or focus on older or newer ones. Just great. And the sorting by type of fragrance will be really beneficial to newcomers and those who aren't quite as obsessive about trying new releases as some of us 🀭. (My inner goth is loving the 'goth scents' option.) Two questions. 1. Is there a way to see how many bottles of each is left? That's something I really appreciate, and it helps me make decisions about what I need to get now, now, now or what I can let slide until I have more money. 2. On the FAQ page, am I supposed to be seeing the little boxes that say LSep? I'm looking at it on Chrome, if that makes a difference. Also, I love the about page. Both reading the history and the descriptions of everyone. ETA: Oh, you just answered question one while I was writing.
  23. Subir is invigorating and clean smelling. It's really fresh. I especially love how it starts out. I was afraid it was going to be too heavy, but it's really well balanced between the strong notes and the lighter, more airy green ones. It's so well blended that it's hard for me to pick out the notes. I definitely get fresh sweetness from the cucumber. The mint isn't noticeable as such, but it's doing that thing it can do in low doses where it adds crispness. Subir is so good I can't stop sniffing it. You know when a scent makes your eyes roll back into your head because it smells so good? That's this. Unisex, but definitely feminine enough for a woman. I find cucumber tends to make things really flexible, reading freshly masculine on men and feminine on women, but maybe that's just me. On the long, long dry down it gets a bit more traditional perfumey, but a perfume or cologne I would wear, as opposed to something that smells commercial.
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