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  1. this is an excellent point Eastwood i have to agree with you i think with groups that expect marriage in the community, (especially closed groups) often issues of lifestyle are similar - compatibility is highest on the list and that is really important for you too!! are you a matched set? the cup & saucer,. and is he worthy of you?? could you live day to day with him??
  2. great post - OCCO save it for later - Church: I recommend LFM and/or OW and/or treasured Hearts. - and yes to attendance!!!!! go to anything and everything offered - even if the old ladies just see you at a meeting they may know of some connection that would be good for guys to approach they need a signal that is - "" I will not laugh in your face , rip your heart out, humiliate you, and force you to never speak again"" a once read a man would rather take a swing at the biggest guy at a bar than to face rejection from a woman - don't know if that is true but..... say hello to everyone and smile - everyone from the wizened old folks to the smallest 3 yr old gets easier with practice
  3. Manda Panda is perfect for summer 2020. It is orange-iee without being a glass of juice It's light , it's not sweet, it's very fresh and clean Mega watt makes it perfect for :pick -me -ups, start of the day and adding to Jucy Lucy.......
  4. this post came up at the perfect time -i wanted to try a new scrub and i was getting some manda panda too!!
  5. i use both - I use LFM so people will treat me better LFN: it's for sex!
  6. i'm waiting for the closing date on the card!! then Manda panda - just a few more days!!
  7. i wore this the other night and it stirred up old feelings/memories BUT I couldn't connect anything - no place, no time, no people - just something - it was a really old feeling maybe something not quite a complete memory .... i just spent hours trying to make the connection - not frightening or frustrating just something I couldn't put my finger on
  8. i'm not really sure - but i do use the different scents - i like opening my bottles and sniffing - the fruit scents are good for me hope you wind up feeling better
  9. ooohhh yeah!!! - wow - fantastic - we are all going to love it - perfect for summer cant wait for my package!!!!!
  10. got all three TV sets - and 1 FB of Goddess of the full moon and i can't decide about tine's and un's - the problem is need some and I want some - and something will have to wait until later
  11. i was like a kid - i had to get the TV sets i couldn't wait i have to make a second order I am so excited
  12. oh I was hoping for something like this - plus during the may1 live stream one of the guys said they would be attracted by this type of scent
  13. is it going to be in a ladies and mens set?
  14. The labels remind me of landscapes and weather - like them very much !!!
  15. I thought i saw "waist" - which i thought was super weird - wrist is bad enough - but i thought wow she must be super slim if a dog can get his mouth around her waist!!! very interesting was the dog a puppy ? Puppies often over use their mouths.
  16. i am really looking forward to this and I am thinking ahead to summer sale!! my sister thinks I am overboard on LPMP - but i enjoy them so much i usually wear 2 or 3 scents per day . I know they have helped me in just about every situation
  17. yes love that - very clean and i believe that has helped me get work
  18. I have these : Phero Charged Money Potion 2018, Sharp Dressed huMan, Rainforest Musk, oleander, plus the Cimaruta and I got a bottle of Auntie Em's just want all the bases covered
  19. yes i have both of them - and a another one it has SWS - feel like i need another.....
  20. will there be a special money/job attracting scent?
  21. this will be fabtanfiawoulus !!! - just made that combo word up
  22. would you be able to do something in tangerine, orange, citrus - but not sweet?
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