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  1. I am going to say this - I think you should wait beyond 2-3 conversations. I am not saying be dishonest or untruthful, just wait for a while longer. My reasoning 1 - the economy is good, you could find something soon, then no need to say anything. 2- do you give people you really don't know your financial report? - no - why is this any different - after all you could get a new situation in a few weeks. 3- in time if things are getting more friendly - NOT SEX - but moving closer then you can discuss this but don't be surprised if he wants to look at your resume and fix it all up. 4 men who have been "burned" financially in connection with romance can be super antsy and sometimes keep a running tab in their minds 5- just because he he feeling a high from the novelty doesn't mean it will keep on going- brains can only handle so much dopamine before they need a break - then well Reality 6.- wait for the sex see if there is real intimacy on his part - make sure he is decided that he is connected to you not trying to put a damper on anything .... i just have seen a similar situation from a far everything seemed like it was going good she was super gorgeous had a fantastic job, was funny and good and smart but he just could not make the real connection and she wound up heart broken But I do know someone in another situation - and that one is a fairy tale, when they 1st meet she thought I am just going to get to know him and he can get to know me... he made THE most important connection of his with her and is happier than he was when he was a young guy..... now well it's better than Cinderella!! go slowly one step at a time
  2. - my opinion is that for this type of man feeling out of control is way beyond what they are used to. they the cappy alpha with leo moon is very serious and practical, and the emotional stuff makes them uncomfortable - why would he like a woman he hardly knows?? Maybe he has not had any kind of feeling like he was experiencing with you in a very long time. BUT at the same time their own feelings are strong - and in their everyday life they control themselves and their environments - "contained' is a good descriptive word I wonder if this man is private too- not secretive just private. the texting - well when he's ready to text it's all go - but if he's busy it's almost like he never even heard of you - i find that confusing BUT i think a lot of men are the same way.... be warm and kind, be open to finding out about him - what is he all about? Do you like what is all about in a few months when you know him better, will you still like him? and don't assume on his part - ask him for definitions go slow one step at a time - and stay on top of your own life, don't neglect yourself - got my fingers crossed for ya
  3. oh my stars - that is like a hallmark story... fabulous!! - I do not think you over did it - I know a Cap with Leo moon - alpha - avoidance behaviors ....... so i'm really interested in how things go
  4. will there be wax melts again ? something fresh scented/ professional ?
  5. no cherry - only cheese why do some of them do this?
  6. loved this - wet i could just smell a little cheese - dry it was raspberry no cheese at all - a few hours later it was very bourbon vanilla I could not stop huffing my arm i could wear this confidently without offending
  7. Just opened my Mystery box. I cried. I was just so very happy! Everything is special Thank you so much Mystical Mara ❤️ I want the photo to be my thumbnail. I tried to add the picture but it says it's too big. I will have to look in the internet on changing the size for an upload This is a fabulous idea - a must do again!
  8. I use this sometimes during therapy, it has brought forth many break through's and I have made lots of progress. I think also the Dr says some really hard stuff to me that maybe he might do in small doses but is just letting it out. I have used this when meeting people I haven't seen in years- which made everything run very smooth. I did not know about LPMP when I was doing some legal stuff but I did use commercially available 'mones- which I believe helped me. I have used this in business meetings where people can get "picky" - but seem to be very receptive to my reports and suggestions and ideas. Funny I had a leaky Empathy bottle too .... the stuff was everywhere but I didn''t realize it kept leaking - ( john sent a new rollerball) I don't find myself being an emotional mess when I wear it
  9. I feel for you I had a spill this morning too!! Bunch of my tine of Cougar on my jeans and comforter - OMG I was beside myself !!! must be mars moving into virgo
  10. I didn't know this before - Last year I kept my little bag you send in the super baking console box of my car .... i used to keep other scents in there too - but now I just make sure I have one in my bag - just like I make sure I have on clothes I like carrying a TV sometimes two not a whole bottle - I mean if i need a whole bottle - for business or something unexpected well whole bottle it is
  11. Is the sale is going until the 14th ??
  12. Song of the desert 12.00 * is the right name??
  13. I thought the exact same thing - was just imagining Bridal Dress sales with women pushing and shoving and claiming territory or Walmart Black Friday. Plus I snagged some TV's of Ivory Cats Silken Glow - I felt so lucky !!! Yes, I agree the Potion Master is amazing !!!!!
  14. OH NO !!!!! I found the sale exhausting..... I wonder how the potion master does it !!!
  15. well i'm on the edge of my seat and i'm going to be away from my computer for about 2 hours soon - uggghh
  16. after reading the thread and all the advice I am going to try this as a TV set
  17. Dear Mara, I would like to ask for a $25.00 mystery box that attracts love, money/wealth/success, Good Luck and protects from harm. I am so excited I also sent an email to the cataluna address
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