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  1. See, I thought that I was losing my mind because my pherotine of UN Cougar smells really good & sweet to me, & I was like, what ??
  2. Yes, I slathered Super Happy Funtime on like MAD a couple of weeks back, & had the same experience. I got a migraine, yikes. I love Levitation, but I definitely learned that I can only handle small amounts of it. Hope you feel better soon !
  3. Ooooooh, surprise LPMP !! That must have been like Christmas morning !
  4. I am really digging my DHEAS pherotine ! I was feeling grumpy today ( gotta love insomnia ) & put about 5 drops on, & the difference in my mood is amazing ! I wore it before a couple of times, when I was already in a pretty good mood & it definitely enhanced that, but it's great to know that it can help to pull me out of the grumps, lol. I'm going to be needing this in a spray at some point, just not sure if I'll want straight DHEAS, or Topper, which sounds even better to me. Decisions, decisions...
  5. Mine seems to have morphed to where my skin pretty much amps the currant, too, so you're not alone in that, lol. At first, it's still all chocolate cherry, but after about 20 minutes, it's currant, & something in it almost smells musky ? Which is odd, since there is no musk. I dig it, though, it's kinda sexy !
  6. This is soooo yummy ! I put a bit on the other day, to test. At first, the licorice note is very dominant on my skin, but after a bit, it mellows & becomes very vanilla - forward, with a bit of the licorice in the background. To me, the vanillas in this are the star of the show. Like I said before, the main thing that I love about LPMP are the vanillas....and this is no exception. This is luscious, sweet, creamy vanilla & I am here for it ! I slathered myself in this just a bit ago, with some OCCO White, which I think is the perfect companion for White Licorice, because I find the vanillas very much alike in these two scents. I would like to order a fb of this, if I can get to it in time, since my next FB priority will probably be Drive By Fruiting, lol. But this is luscious 🥰
  7. Has anyone else's turned into a completely different scent ?? I chalk it up to travel shock, but OMG, I slathered myself in this today. It morphed into a rich honey - vanilla, with just enough cinnamon, after awhile. I may need a backup bottle, or two. Or three, lol. ETA : I know that I said that I would let it sit for a week, but who was I kidding ? 😂
  8. This was beautiful, at first...a great coconut scent, & the aquatic note reminded me of summer rain. I got none of the other notes, just Coconut + the aquatic note. If it stayed that way, it would have been FB worthy for sure....but, it morphed into straight floral on me, & that just isn’t my thing.
  9. I had almost the same experience. Almost straight apricot from the bottle, which tbh, really bummed me out. Just a teensy bit of cinnamon. Definitely no honey. On my skin though, the cinnamon actually comes out more after about 30 minutes or so. I think that I’ll let this one sit for another week or so & try again.
  10. So, just got out of a bubble bath ( so my dabs of like 4 of my scents from my order today are off 😂 ) & decided that today, I would test drive my trial of this, since I never tried Audacious. This one reminds me of Drive By Fruiting...it smells nothing like it, but what I mean is, it’s super fruity & the phero has me feeling really content & happy 😃 I don’t get any creaminess yet, but to be fair, it’s only been on for maybe 5, 10 minutes at the most. Also like Drive By Fruiting, I cannot pinpoint any specific fruit or note. It’s just happy, fruity, & has a very sparkly vibe to it. Would be super fun for summer outings, I think !
  11. That almost stopped me too, but honestly ? This is absolutely beautiful ! The nutty notes are not in your face at all. This is just gorgeous, creamy, & smells very high end, at least to me. This is so pretty & delicious, I may need to order a FB in the near future.
  12. AHHHHHH !!! Okay, I just got my pherotine orders ( BEST order yet, btw ) & this was the main one I was looking forward to, so I put a bit on already. I wanted to slather, lol but I will be working out soon, so that would be a waste, just to shower it off. Anyway, smelling it from the bottle, it smells almost identical to Wild Cherry, at least to me. Now that it’s drying down a bit, it’s basically a sweet, even blend of chocolate cherry, with a non - descript sexiness in the background ( I assume it’s the currant / amber ) It is absolutely delicious, & I’m so happy that I decided to get a fb of this one !
  13. Exactly !! Priorities ! 😂
  14. I know what you mean, LPMP has me loving notes that I thought I hated, lol...musk, patchouli, etc. Never thought that I would enjoy wearing those...
  15. I did notice that the tracking is off most of the time, & it’s just being really weird in general....normally, it would have been here Saturday morning, going by past orders, now I don’t know what’s going on. Figured that they would pull this with my LPMP, like I could wait on my necklace I ordered from Etsy, but damn, not my Pherotines ! That’s just cold, USPS !
  16. That sounds sooooo good ! I ordered a trial of it that should have been in today, but USPS keeps changing my delivery date. Licorice is not my thing usually, but I was so intrigued by the notes, & it sounds even better than I thought
  17. So, I am expecting this in my order tomorrow, & I was just curious, does anyone know about the amount of copulins in this ? I’m asking because I don’t want to be slathering this on the back of my neck ( one of my fave perfume spots ) or anywhere that isn’t good for heavy cops !
  18. I am so sad that I missed out on Lick of Cream. I see it talked about a lot on here & it sounds heavenly ! Anyway, I get my trial of this tomorrow & it definitely sounds interesting !
  19. Lol aw, damn ! Well. At least you can rule that combo out for the future ! I would order an OCCO sometime, if you don’t have one already. Those are some serious stuff !
  20. I use white more than anything ! I usually do inner elbows & cleavage, then I put my pheros in other places, like neck, wrists, etc...
  21. Oh, I meant in the form of OCCO’s. I’m sorry for the confusion. I should have been more clear about that... I’m way too chicken to try them unscented, lol.
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