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  1. Thanks for the info, Dolly! I guess I need to read up more on the differences between pheros and cops. I've always considered myself lucky because I don't look anything close to my age. Most people are quite shocked when I tell them, because they usually never guess that I'm much over 40. But a little boost never hurts, so I am very excited to learn about this.
  2. I just received my order of Super Sexy and can't wait to try it out! I also received the bottle of Super for Women and the Phero Girl: Cuddle Bunny sample that I ordered. I am so excited to enter the world of pheromones- never really knew anything about this before reading everything here on the forum. Should I apply the Super Sexy over or under my other scents? I really want to get the hang of this. Dolly, you said our natural production decreases with age- I am 53, but I had to have an emergency total hysterectomy 4 years ago and go on hormone replacement therapy. Does that m
  3. OK, this won't be much of a review yet, but I just received my order (yippee!!) and the first try of Super for Women on my skin is a very nice vanilla-honey scent. I wasn't expecting my order so soon (it arrived super fast!) and I was already wearing perfume, but I just couldn't wait to try this out, so I applied over what I was already wearing. It seems to blend well enough with the other scent, since I tend to stick to scents in the spicy/vanilla/resin family. I also received the sample I requested of PG:Cuddle Bunny, so I just had to try it in a couple of places too. I smell good!
  4. I see that I commented in this thread after receiving my sample last fall. I did end up ordering a bottle, and wore it so much that I worried about running out, so then I ordered a backup bottle, too. This is such a wonderful scent and not just for the autumn season. It turned rainy and chilly last week so I wore it again for the first time in several weeks, and the smoky note has definitely strengthened with time. It's a very wearable sweet smokiness, though, and not at all overpowering.
  5. In my first order from LP, I included a sample of Sugared Nag Champa, and after trying it, I just knew that eventually I had to have a full bottle. I finally got around to ordering a bottle, mostly to wear during those nostalgic moments when I thought it would be fun to smell like a hippie. As the description says, this is a very wearable version of Nag Champa. It is sweeter, but unmistakeably Nag Champa. I always apply a dab of perfume on my wrists just before going to bed, usually something that will help me sleep if I sniff my wrist during the night- my personal aromatherapy method
  6. I've been away for a while, working too hard and then got sick, and also been too broke to order. But today I finally decided to check back in to see what I've missed, and wow! The March scents sound so wonderful! I'd love to try Honeyed Seductions and 976-Girl, in particular. But then I saw the special for the forum, and decided instead to finally order that bottle of Autumnal Equinox that I've been longing for. I added a bottle of Sugared Bonfire to my order, and asked for Sugared Nag Champa for the free bottle. If I can swing it, next month I will order the two March scents I already
  7. Poenari


    May, Thanks for the info! I have a sample of Sabra's Secret, so I need to go try it again and refresh my memory. I prefer darker, heavier resinous scents, so it sounds like I might have to reconsider Vain and go in another direction.
  8. Poenari


    Vain A Vanity Potion? Well, not quite, let’s call it a potion of self-love. A potion for getting what you want because you deserve it. Because you love yourself enough to expect the very best, and expect success. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magickal Meanings of Ingredients: DRAGON’S BLOOD ~ Entices errant lovers to return, increases power of other ingredients, love, protection, exorcism, potency. EGYPTIAN MUSK ~ Self-confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal. INDIAN CHAI SPICES ~ Lust, love, invigoration. BENZOIN ~ Purification
  9. Poenari

    Top Five

    Great topic! Here are my current top five: 1. Sugared Bonfire 2. LP: Autumnal Equinox 2007 3. Sugared Patchouli 4. LP: Black 5. Sugared Nag Champa but I reserve the right to change my mind as I try new scents!
  10. I wore my sample of Autumn Equinox today and received two compliments this morning! I had the day off today, and first thing this morning I had an appointment with my chiropractor. His practice includes a holistic wellness center and is not just a traditional chiropractor's office. The office manager usually has incense or perfume oils scenting the waiting room. While I was waiting for my turn, another patient came in and said "it smells like sugar cookies in here" and asked the office manager what oil she was burning. She hadn't started any yet- it was me! They both loved the scent, so
  11. I have nothing to add, because whiskerswhispers has described this so perfectly. This is a beautiful scent, perfect alone or for layering under so many of my fall scents, and I will definitlely order a bottle (or two if my finances permit ).
  12. Poenari


    This is a lovely autumn scent, much milder than I'd expected. It's very well-blended, and no particular note predominates on my skin. I get a hint of caramel, a mild apple cider, some sweetness and a little warmth. My skin eats this scent, however, because it melts right in and fades fast on me. It will be a good daytime/work scent, though.
  13. I have this in the solid perfume, and can only repeat what the others already said...brown sugar, sexed up buttercreme, warm vanilla... this is a sexy dark fragrance, but not at all harsh or overpowering. I really like this one at bedtime... it makes me feel warm and cozy, and the fragrance lasts and lasts! When I wake up during the night (I'm never able to sleep all night without waking a few times) I will sniff my wrist and it soothes me back to sleep.
  14. I just placed an order for a bottle of Hallowtide and now I can't wait to get it. This update sounds so wonderful.... I hope that I get a chance to try some of the others before they are gone. I needed to replenish my supply of LP:Black, so the bottle of Sugared Bonfire will have to wait for another payday. Will post a review of Hallowtide as soon as it arrives. The labels are always so beautiful on your bottles!
  15. Hi, everyone! I joined the Board in May and have only lurked since then... don't know why. I'm another BPAL addict who discovered these perfumes and forum from the BPAL forum. I've always loved fragrance and body products, but it was only in the last couple of years that I discovered perfume oils. Since that time, I have really stopped wearing all of my commercial fragrances, because they smell so overwhelmingly of alcohol to me now. I prefer spicy, dark, incense, and resin scents, and love to wear those stinky-hippy scents of patchouli and nag champa. I guess it's because I was a ch
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