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  1. MeriendaTime

    Aja - Nature's Copulins

    Old post, but I've been MIA and just barely saw this. I've ordered AJA in spray and much prefer it to the oil. Hits are more obvious and blatant and I don't have to get up close and personal with the BF to illicit a response.
  2. MeriendaTime

    B2 is Sold Out!

    Is the person who blended B2 also the one who made G2? Does that mean the formula for G2 will change eventually too? Assuming it does well enough to keep around
  3. MeriendaTime

    Aja - Nature's Copulins

    I remember reading a few people saying they noticed this, though I never did until last night. Not even sure if it was Aja as I had layered two perfumes over Aja.
  4. MeriendaTime

    Aja - Nature's Copulins

    Okay, Aja definitely illicits copulin like responses. Last night the BF was very tired, stressed and overwhelmed. This usually means no sexy time. Especially because he and I fought. I sprayed Aja into my hair (which I would never do with cops) under another perfume and got into bed with him. He snuggled up behind me anddddd...well, let's just say he didn't seem tired anymore. ETA: In between the initial spray and dry down i noticed a slight vinegary smell some people have noticed. Not as vinegary as cops of course, but there was a hint! I love that I can wear this in my hair.
  5. MeriendaTime

    Aja - Nature's Copulins

    Have you tried it in an intimate setting? i'm going to give it a go one more time to make sure it wasn't just a fluke.
  6. MeriendaTime

    Aja - Nature's Copulins

    ^ YES! It sweetened up the base notes of whatever perfume I wore. I absolutely LOVED it! When a musky vanilla is the final scent of whatever I'm wearing, Aja makes it smells like a floral something dipped in warm honey and vanilla. Nom nom nom.
  7. MeriendaTime

    Aja - Nature's Copulins

    I wasn't a fan of Aja during the initial spray. It smelled like coppy vegetation. After an hour or two however the smell is quite pleasant. It smelled like raunchy floral-y honey. My sister can usually detect cops under perfume. I sprayed Aja underneath my daily perfume and she asked me if I was wearing pheros. The S.O. goes nuts over AJA. He thought my daily perfume "smells good" but never raved about it. When I wore Aja underneath he sought out my application points and breathed in deeply. "OMG. What ARE you wearing? It smells so good." And of course as he breathed in longer...he..erm...also grew longer. So, I can vouch for its copulin like effects!
  8. MeriendaTime


    Has anyone wore this in high amounts and experienced an OD? If so, what were the effects on others? Had a blah Mother's Day with this, but I'm not sure how much of it was me. Experienced hostility from women and irritation from the BF.
  9. My sister does not care of the scent, she always complains about it giving her a headache. The BF doesn't care for it either. But he does like the smell next day. Kept taking deep breaths of it. That night he also kept asking me why I was so pretty :eyeroll: ..."Jeeze why are you so pretty?" I wasn't wearing any make up aside from my standard tinted lip balm. He also said, "You have like...a glowing aura." He's gushed a strange amount about how pretty I was, I was ALMOST...(not quite) sick of it. I thought It might have been because I've been recently aggressively peeling my face with retin a...which does indeed make my skin glow but I don't think freshly peeled and scaly red skin is pretty....different strokes for different folks I suppose?
  10. MeriendaTime

    What did I just get myself into?

    Welcome back!
  11. MeriendaTime

    Treasured Hearts

    I just started testing this one out. I've had the bottle sitting in a box for months! I think this might be the only "bonding" type phero that the man tolerates
  12. MeriendaTime

    Olive and Apricot cream with copulins

    Okay. I'm definitely definitely DEFINITELY (yes, three definitelys) going to get more than one jar for my next order. I'm so glad the man loves it! I can apply it right before playtime without having to wait for it to sink in. The man has been exhausted the past couple days so nookie has been lacking. When he got close was when it hit him. He started huffing my skin and telling me I smelled good. That the lotion went great with my "smell" (I suspect he can detect the cops even when covered) he kept telling me how hot I was and that was it. He was done for. Thank you apricot and olive lotion....for ending my dry spell.
  13. MeriendaTime

    Balm Bomb, Unscented

    Has anyone ever used this on a male have a stressful day? Would it have the same effects. I know this has made pretty spacey and my thoughts blank. Wonder if it would achieve the same for the opposite sex.
  14. MeriendaTime

    Olive and Apricot cream with copulins

    OMG. I'm so glad I checked this thread on a whim. MINE MINE MINE. I'm stocking up!!! Sorry Honeycake! I totally forgot that I said I was gonna apply it around the new man. Definitely gonna take a swim in this lotion TONIGHT. Especially now that I know there are more in stock!!
  15. MeriendaTime

    La Femme Noire

    test! test! and report