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  1. Question to revive this thread- are you all wearing BANG! in Odalisque in oil, or would you say it's okay to ever use this blend in a spray? it has cops, so is it a bad idea to use it in spray?
  2. So LFM is hands down my favorite HG hero. Its just my go-to when I definitely want to feel confident and it nets me admiration from those around me - though I must say I'm guilty of often pairing it … I often to the LFM/Gotcha pairing that someone in another thread discovered a few years ago, and I've never had a negative response that stood out to me. Sometimes I (and when I type this out it sounds dumb and incongruent, oops) add Open Windows to another part of my body further away, but so far it hasn't seemed to ruin things. So that all to say that LFM for me is always great, always successful, gets people to fawn over you, and hasn't given me a bad OD. SS4W I haven't worn in a long time but it always used to give me a sexy flirty, but not sexual, vibe, and make me seem fun for those around me. Cougar often gets me the man drool - my only complaint is the scent of scented Cougar seems so strong (grapefruit etc) to me that if I spray more than twice people seem to react as if I am bathed in perfume, went overboard with the spritzer. Pop potion used to net me positive effects when I wore it, but nothing notable so I put it down. I just got some Star Power, so I will go back into the world and test and then report back!
  3. Wait, you wear all three together??! H&S+LFM+SS4W? Or you do two at a time, pairing H&S with either just LFM/N or just SS4W? I'm curious to know how those pairings tweeks the aura of heart & soul, please shar!
  4. Hi Loves, I'm hoping you can help me concoct a blend effect for a specific situation! I'm essentially trying to foster an upbeat, socially magnetic and sexy glow vibe (think SS4W) within an air of deeper romantically bonding & attached attraction (think Perfect Match). BUT....is the combo of wearing SS4W + PM too complex to layer at one time? If so, I was thinking maybe adding BAM + SS4W, but not sure if the cops in bam take super sexy's sexuality too far.. I also have in arsenal: BAM, Lace, La femme mystere, Blatant Invitation, H&S, and TH. I've considered: - sS4W + BAM - LACE + PM, with a smidge of cops - LFM + SS4W - LFM + Lace -LFM + PM. I feel like adding Topper to my perfect match sounds like what I need, but i don't have that blend :/. If you have insight I would love to hear it! I do enjoy adding cops to my PM, but I feel like doing that just adds the sexpot to it, not the magnetic fun sexy to it. Alas, we're never quite happy with what we've got are we.. hehe
  5. Thinking of adding some depth and bonding to the sexy playfulness of SS4W.... Has anyone tried the combos of SS4W + Gotcha, by any chance? or also considering SS4W + Perfect Match? Then again, if those are too complex of mixtures, maybe just adding BAM! with the bnol could do the trick, I'm trying to balance the sexiness with a desire for emotional/deeper closeness as well..
  6. So I have a similar "happy potion" self effect from wearing Lace, and love the carefree vibe it creates around me, but I'd like to see if I could mix that happy sexy vibe with a deeper intimate connection vibe.... anyone tried/think it would work to combine Lace + BAM? just to add some bnol... or Lace + Treasured Hearts + cops?
  7. Queen of swords - Do you mean you like to bear LFM + Treasured hearts, or la femme noire + treasured hearts? I've been considering testing out LFM + TH, not sure though if "admiration and awe" clashed too much with the TH intent of reducing intimidation..
  8. Has anyone tried to layer/combine LFM with Cuddle Bunny? I'm thinking admired and respected + adored, possibly similar to the LFM/Gotcha combo. Or is this too much of a clash between glamorous vs. adorable? Also, LFM + BAM anyone?
  9. tx! But specifically do you know about the comparison between 60/40 alcohol/oil and 100% silicone roll-on?
  10. So currently it is still cool where I live in the south, but within a month it will get hot again and stay like that for a long time. I'm trying to think ahead when ordering my social pheros, and am wondering about: Silicone roll-on vs 60/40 alcohol/oil spray Which has longer staying power? Faster and wider area of diffusion? I know both are touted as "best of both worlds" compromises between alcohol and oil application, but how do they compare to each other?
  11. How many sprays do you use? And how often do you reapply with the 100% alcohols? I'll try again over the next week and make sure to really shake the bottle...will report back!
  12. Okay, so...I bought a full bottle of this without even sampling it from all the glowing reviews and experiences in this and other threads, and i've been testing out different #spray amounts over the past few days. Nada :/ I got 100% alcohol, and i should mention this is my first time to use a full-bottle spray vs the trial size sprays - I know that the full bottle releases more product. First day I did 3 sprays, and there were no resounding positive or negative OD reactions that i could tell.. Then I later added 2 more sprays to a total of 5, and TG seemed distant/clammed up.... OD. The next day around friends, I started with 1 spray, no reaction. Later added another to make it a 2-spray dosage...still nothing. So i feel like I've tested all the way from 1-5 sprays, with none of the reactions that any of you guys talk about to gage a proper dosage...I've been around a good amount of different friends, so it can't be that everyone around me is averse to EST? I'm thinking of trying 3-4 sprays again, but really don't want another clam-up episode with TG... Has anyone just had no luck with this? Could it be that it's the unscented version?
  13. You ladies are too wise....I got over trying to swim against the tide with this one and am at peace with the situation
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