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  1. Pink smells very synthetic to me. It may be a batch difference.
  2. Hm. =/ I could swear this is Pink Sugar fragrance oil.
  3. LOL. I wouldn't want to be around you wearing that when I'm hungry! And I'm so super happy. My Love Potion Black came yesterday! Ok, first I was really heartbroken because when I applied LP:B, I got that initial hit of delicious vanilla and patchouli I remembered--which was then completely replaced by maple syrup. That sticky maple scent aura. I HATE that. I was super sad. But TODAY, I remembered that I'm a secret evil genius because I'd requested the original Love Potion sample (which was also weirdly disappointing--smelled like bubblegum--not what I remember this smelling like!)
  4. Eggers, I bet that might be the patchouli you're smelling that smells like celery. Fresh patchouli smells a bit green and growing to me, a little sharp--but it completely changes as it ages and gets really deep and mellow.
  5. I just ordered a bottle! I've been craving the dark vanilla loveliness for a while (plus patchouli) so I just went for it. My sample vial ran out ages ago so I think it's time.... The description of rich vanilla pushed me over the edge. Will update with a review once I receive the bottle! =) I love the earthy edge to the sweet. Am hoping it's not maple syrup or brown sugar, though!
  6. Absolutely in love with this. I posted back in 2009 that this was turning into molasses and cinammon spice on me--I wonder if that was a sample or the bottle I got? I was mega ultra stressed out then which might have contributed! I got a more fruity LP: Red, which I absolutely ADORE. The bright notes of fruit is so beautiful against the cinnamon, and I just feel transported. Sweet, spicy, rich with understated vanilla and a kick of patchouli--yet fresh from the fruit. Mhmm. It's an airier fragrance and the scent blooms, rising just above my body heat. I adore it. I've been slathering mysel
  7. I'm hoping for the original blend at some point... That was amazing.
  8. My skin chemistry SUCKS. This is so, so, SO pretty and yet my skin is turning it into all molasses and spicy cinammon fumes in a matter of minutes. Unhappiness.
  9. Sadly, I can't wear this. It has the same pink sugar note from Amber Enchantment and smells even more like Pink Sugar in general that I immediately get a memory association reaction. Nothing bad, but my body knows it's smelled it too much before. =/ Surprisingly, though, not as rich and musky/vanilla-heavy as I usually expect from LP. *g*
  10. I wrote about this in the Wildflower thread, but the popularity potion let me down during my emergency. *g* AKA friend who doesn't know how to shut up about herself.
  11. sultry brunette, that happened to me, too, with Fairest. I could even smell it directly in the oil; but I think aging has taken care of that. Why not keep it around a couple weeks at least? And thanks for that clarification, luna65. I really, really, really fell in love with the original so I'll be bracing myself for the arrival of the new version now. =) (I loved those flowers and fruit combination, specifically.)
  12. I loved the sweet delicate floral aspect of the original; how is it here? Just sent off for a sample and hoarding my remaining original LP Pink vial. =)
  13. I got a bottle of Super Sexy in the mail today and tried it on to see what it smells like. I have to say--I realized that this was the first time in my life that I smelled so DIRTY, lol. I don't really sweat, and when I do, it usually doesn't have that "sweat" smell. I have low body odor in general, so smelling my skin in such a new way was kind of a revelation because I was thinking: synthetic animal/human based pheremones, wow, so foreign. Anyway, it was interesting to smell and not strong at all--I leaned in to sniff--and only a slight chemical smell remained after drydown, which was e
  14. LOL, I KNEW this was one of the blends no one was reviewing so they could keep it to themselves.
  15. LOL. What did you husband have to say for all this?
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