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  1. I ordered samples of Trianon-esque and Naked Twilight. And one full bottle of Ail's Voluptuous Vanilla. I'm budgeting for next month's order.
  2. The Empress semmed to be calling my name. I miight get a sample pack though.
  3. I wore this to the grocery store this morning and a couple of men stopped to silently look at me and move on. It has to be the phero, because generally I don't notice men just stopping to look at me. The scent itself reminds me of delicious coffee creamer and whipped cream in a mug of coffee, even though there's no coffee in it.
  4. The cranberry note really popped on me. This definitely is a fall-winter type of scent with it's crisp fruit notes. I am going to try this a few more times to get a better sense of how my chemistry will like it. As always, Heart and Soul is a great phero.
  5. I just ordered the October 2010 sample set for women. I'm looking forward to Kiss Of Magic and Love Blossom, especially.
  6. My guess is a blend of light musks and floral with a green note hinted at. just a thought.
  7. I couldn't find A Kiss Of magic. Has anyone looked for the description and found it?
  8. I love the label for A Kiss Of Magic. I wonder if it is in line with 7 Minutes to Midnight and Happy Endings. It's like a series of fairy tales, and I'm loving it. I found out recently, that I have an inner princess that has been begging to come out. Until then, I ignored her with a passion. She is craving Kiss Of Magic already.
  9. He's hot. I've been saving up for this moment. Would anyone like to descibe their Private Editions while we wait? I can't wait for all the lovely desciptions of the scented pheros either. As always, this is fun to see the new releases.
  10. Thank you, I am sure that I'll enjoy this month's releases.
  11. I wonder if Vampire Cabernet could be like Blood Martini. I really loved 7 minutes to midnight (it has pumpkin in it) are any of the pumpkin scents going to have a similar quality?
  12. All of these scents sound really sexy. I'll wait til the rest is up to order.
  13. I Love sensual scents on men. Notes I like are amber,musks, resins, and sometimes a touch of floral or vanilla.
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