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  1. I ordered samples of Trianon-esque and Naked Twilight. And one full bottle of Ail's Voluptuous Vanilla. I'm budgeting for next month's order.
  2. I just ordered the October 2010 sample set for women. I'm looking forward to Kiss Of Magic and Love Blossom, especially.
  3. I actually haven't ordered in couple of months. However, I had to order some really great sounding samples. Remind Me Again, Ail's Voluptous Vanilla, Carolyn's Man Nip, Mara's Rocket Fuel, and Happy Ending. It seems to me, that this month's new releases are going to be in short supply quite soon.
  4. I ordered samples for the time being. I can't wait to try Ishtar's Star.
  5. Is anyone else getting full size bottles on the sample page of the new releases instead of the sample sizes? This might be my browser, but I thought I'd might ask about it.
  6. Is this another cousin of the beautiful spring like bethrothal potion?
  7. Since the bottle I ordered is on it way; I couldn't wait to share my impressions of this great scent from the sample I got in the last order I received. The rose attar is the top note and dominates completely in a sensual full bodied way. The sandalwood is in quiet harmony and compliments the rose well. As for the amber, I wish I could've detected it more, so I hope as the scent matures the amber will become more noticeable with time. I really love this and I am glad bought the full size bottle. I think it would be great to have a fragrance featuring rose and amber alone together.
  8. In addition to a bottle of Kim's Resinous Rose, I bought one sample each of Ravished, Dangerous Games, Love Potion Silver, Dream Lover, and That Kind Of Girl. Who needs Valentine's Day chocolates, when we have Love Potion perfumes? Happy early Valentine's Day.
  9. I just ordered samples of Cougar, (I wonder how it will compare to the previous version) and Blood on Snow. And a bottle of Kimberly's Sandalotus.
  10. I haven't decided my next order, but I really like LP : Passion and Desire. I am also thinking of some of the clearance scents. I am just waiting for the new releases first.
  11. I just ordered one sample each of LP Passion and Desire, (could be a full bottle later), Nekomusume and one bottle of Kimberly's Dirty, sweet, and Figgy. Looking forward to all of it.
  12. I've been wearing this to work for the last two days. I felt happier and had a floating on air type of feeling. And people I encountered seemed to be more friendly and some were even affectionate. A few strangers tried to hug me, that was quite unexpected. The scent itself is beautiful and sophistificated. I got a bit of a cocoa or chocolate smell from it, even though it doesn't have that in there. It could've been the pumpkin that caused that.
  13. Thank you for posting this. Will the rebrew of LP Pink be the same as the previous 2009 rebrew?
  14. Today, I bought one sample each of Kapet, Hecate's Night Potion, and Sugared Lilies. And also one sample each of, 7 minutes to Midnight, Mercury Retronaught, Nox, and autumn Eqiunox 2009. Can't wait to try them all.
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