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  1. When I asked my Mom what, "sexy" meant, she said, "it means attractive to men in a not-very-nice way."
  2. O DOES small like skank! I have pretty much gone off BPAL. But, not O.
  3. That's why you are the Resin Ho! ;-) And, I'm RIGHT there with you!
  4. YOUR fault, you gorgeous, but evil enabler! It's NOT my lack of willpower that induced me to order a bottle! Do we need a 12-Step Program? (crickets). ;-)
  5. LOVE the scent! But I amp patchouli SO much that I get complaints from orbiting astronauts. :-(((((( (sad. cry)
  6. Steampunk: Industrial cum Nouveau Victorian. Think: Jules Verne. Steampunk flick: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  7. Just spray your pretty self with pretty sorceress potion, STRUT, on stage (lead with the pelvis) and smile at the audience while thinking, "You lucky fools!" I was a bellydancer for over 20 years. It works! Then, I got off stage, took off the beads, and turned back into a bookworm, and part time slut.
  8. This is true! You will NEVER live down that acronym! It will follow you around for the rest of your life! You might as well, just acknowledge and celebrate your tartness. Hey! That could be a royal title! Your Tartness!
  9. You know, folks, we should be reviewing these on makeupalley.com. Of course, we would have to post as if we were NOT total tarts!
  10. I am just back (forever) from a long absence (2008). The selection is SO plentiful and dazzling that it makes me dizzy. What millows out a nasty, jealous, resentful woman.
  11. Yep! On me it's still going strong after 24 hours. Two drops last me shower to shower. Which is good for both going to bed and waking up! ;-)
  12. You KNOW it's good, when you get ravished on a day when you look like Lady MacBeth after a bad night!
  13. Mara, I'm begging you! Make up another batch in that cauldron. PLEEEEEEEEEZ. Or steer me and my man to a 12-step program for SLF!
  14. That's why I ordered another within DAYS of receiving my FIRST bottle. If I could spare a $300 bucks this month, I'd buy ALL of the remaining bottles. I think this is the Holy Grail!
  15. I've hardly received my FIRST bottle, and I've just bought a SECOND. Oh, pleez, oh, pleez, oh,pleez make it permanent!
  16. But, the NOTES, ladies? What does it smell like? Can't wear patchouli or too green :-(
  17. Phero Girl was my "go to" until Occo SLF. I've had hits on it in no make-up and sweaty scrubs! ' One can understand why the priestesses of Aphrodite were called, "Melissae" (honey bees).
  18. Speaking of "dirty sex"... a couple whom I know recently vacationed in Hawaii, bought a pair of matching "dirt shirts." They didn't know that you are supposed to wash the things before wearing. Decided to "play in the dirt." Woke with selves and bed linens covered with red Hawaiian soil. lol!
  19. Sexiest scent EVER! Womanly sexy rabbits in heat with just the tiniest hint of skank! If I could afford a liter of this, I'd buy it! Can't-stop-huffing, young guys opening doors, sex-crazed hubby! WISH I could field-test at work. I'm in a medical job where one REALLY can't wear perfume.
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