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  1. Hey now, some of us still wear our LP Winter 2008...
  2. Pony

    Pumpkin Souffle

    I'm all pouty because this one was my big "oh pumpkin!" but the butter or possibly meringue went rancid on me. I have the urge to check my pits...sumpin aint right...
  3. Pony

    Cauldron Cake

    This dries out to a smooth buttery spice, warm and inviting. I find it cozy.
  4. Pony

    Tombstone Tart

    Ooooh cherries and fruity but somehow cleanly autumny. I liked this so much I wore it two whole days even when I was testing out the monthly sampler...I likes.
  5. Cryin out loud - I read "Tombstone Fart" which made me snort coffee on my keyboard...
  6. My first impression is soapy and a little green. But then it settles down to a sort of light soapy powder. I can't say that this is really my style but it might be nice if you wanted something just after a shower on a really hot day.
  7. Let me look thru DH's collection. There are a couple in there that he wears when he wants to feel confident (not screaming Alpha type mixes - more 'rone than 'none). One that invariably gets me to ask "Oh, what are you wearing?" is Teddy Man. I feel very attentive, but not clingy (um...that would be SuperMan...like a freakin puppy clingy).
  8. Pony

    Sugared Orchids

    Huh? I would never associate pearls with orchid... And yes, I know I missed out on sooo many. But then the many I have rec'd a lot of love while I was off the LPMP-reservation.
  9. Pony

    Wonderful Things

    I think I'll have to try this one. I use henna and cassia on my hair and I love the smell of it (just did it two days ago and it still smells like the henna/cassia combo. Cardamom is a fave of mine also.
  10. Pony

    Sugared Orchids

    So 5 years ago last month, I got my first bottle of Sugared Orchids. And after an initial rotten first impression, it has been a go-to scent for me. I burned through one bottle and nearly the second. Long neglected in my darkened vault, I brought her out the other day - not much left in that bottle now. Through some convoluted logic I had been "saving" it by not wearing it. So - conservative slathering, but then it's fairly assertive so I don't need much. Oh my - this is still a feminine, glorious, smiling ME scent. I've tried other orchids, but something about this simple fragrance sets i
  11. Pony

    Snow Musk

    I pulled this little guy out this weekend. I love frank-n-myrrh, and was just a little cautious of the tea and peppermint since those 2 things can singe my nose a bit. This was a light, soft, well-blended scent though. Nothing stood out, not even the peppermint. The bright wintry coolness quickly settled into a soft musk bolstered with a faintly whispered myrrh. While not a Pony scent per say, I like it and will probably use up my sample when I am loitering about the house and want something subtle (hey, once in a while I like subtle!) to waft about me.
  12. Well this is the scent that prompted me to place an order. The desert is my home, and my haunt, and I had to see what a perfume interpretation of that might be. When I saw the label I thought someone had been creeping up in my hood: And after living with it for a day, I have to say it's a pretty good interpretation of the aromatics of warm saltcedar and sagebrush, with a little sweet cactus fruit to keep it from being too basey. It's perfumey, and warm, never loud, but has lasted all through the day. It reminds me of last weekend as I passed by a teensy cholla poking out from under a bo
  13. Pony

    Ruby Red

    First application I get fruity, which quickly fades to warm resins. Come to think of it, it is a rouge-tinted scent. Now I adore frank-n-myrrh, but those are overshadowed by the patchouli...or should I say PATCHOULI. Wonder why it amped on me - I don't recall it being that assertive in other perfumes. Under the sreaming patch patch though is still a teeth-clenching berry-sweetness struggling to break free. DH (of course) likes it and the bossman also commented that I smelled good. DH likes resins and bossman is a sucker for anything fruity...maybe it's just my twisted nose that focuse
  14. I had this on the other day - Came home and DH says "Wow you smell nice.." Oh, thanks hon. A little bit later, he walks up behind me and nuzzles my neck "Which one is that? I really like that." So I decided to look up the notes... Cops...gets him every time.
  15. Pony


    A pleasant, soft scent. Little bit of fruit. Wouldn't say the eggnog is a very strong element for me. No note stood out on it's own - well balanced on my skin. Not a lot of sillage though.
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