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  1. Pony

    Cauldron Cake

    This dries out to a smooth buttery spice, warm and inviting. I find it cozy.
  2. Well this is the scent that prompted me to place an order. The desert is my home, and my haunt, and I had to see what a perfume interpretation of that might be. When I saw the label I thought someone had been creeping up in my hood: And after living with it for a day, I have to say it's a pretty good interpretation of the aromatics of warm saltcedar and sagebrush, with a little sweet cactus fruit to keep it from being too basey. It's perfumey, and warm, never loud, but has lasted all through the day. It reminds me of last weekend as I passed by a teensy cholla poking out from under a bo
  3. So Saturday was date night, and I pulled out Ye Olde Mara's Rocket Fuel (with SS4W). Went for a late-night foo-foo pizza at a microbrew pub, and the waiter was struck dumb by the MRF. My every selection of beer was PERFECT! I ordered his PERSONAL FAVORITE pizza. He must have checked in with me 15 times...and ignored DH. WHo was not offended, since he thought I did smell rather scrumptious. The man beside me turned away from his wife and their other companions and basically stared at my shoulder for about an hour...occasionally I'd glance over and he'd quickly look away.... Ah, the stil
  4. Oh I can only imagine... I still adore this, as having burned thru 1/2 of my bottle attests (I try to rotate thru mine fairly equally - ah, who am I kidding!).
  5. This was way similar to Sexology for me...heavy on the civit and brown sugar. Grapefruit also added a little bit of rotten citrus in the background. Hmm...not a keeper for me. I loves my Sexology, especially now that the coworker who ALWAYS asked if a cat had pissed in my office has moved on.
  6. I get lots of fruity jam and a little cop. I like it. Lasted all day long too - I am a jelly donut!
  7. DH wore this new version yesterday...I still get all snuggly with it, and the soothing warm male scent of the perfume is always a winner for me. Addressing B/B - I have a bottle of the original that I used to wear fairly often - it sets a nice casual, friendly and relaxed tone. Used to wear it on Fridays a lot...hmmm...may have to dig out my bottle and wear it this week. I haven't tried B2 at all, I don't think.
  8. Liz, to me it all blended wonderfully. Was a rich sweet milky yummeh-ness. And sometimes milky ain't my thing, but it worked here. Disclaimer: I am not usually offended by cops...other pheros yes, but lady-juice evidently doesn't bother me! ETA: Oh, I just looked up Sexpionage...pfft...that's my secret home blend - a-nol, enone and cops...that I keep for...um...gymnastic pursuits. So I'd have to say I would probably crawl all over Compromising Positions no matter what it smelled like. Apt name...
  9. One of the first ones I tried...hehehe the name got me. Yummeh! I have several eggnog scents and usually they go sour milkmaid on me after a bit. But I think the pheros actually blend so well in this that it never goes skank. Stays sweet and milky with a slight phero edge to it (which I always think of as metallic).
  10. I'm afraid this one isn't for me. Not a fan of tea, and not a fan of citrus, and together they aren't any better for me. Kind of smells like a shower gel to me...
  11. OMG DH & I do that to each other all the time: And that spells moon! I think I might sneak in a couple bottles of past favorites but the monthly sampler calls to me...I gotta be careful tho b/c my vacay is suckin up the cash.
  12. You can change the hemisphere, but you cain't change the UN!
  13. Hysterical - I see a consistent theme here... MEN - This is sticky sweet crap. I smell like a maple syrup truck overturned in a tobacco field. WOMEN - **drools uncontrollably and touches self** I stand by my earlier assessment of UN.
  14. Pony

    Soie et Fourrure

    Soie et Fourrure A thoroughly rich blend of florals, spices, woods and resins, with a touch of mink musk and notes of silk and linen to feel as comfortable and decadent as the most beloved of garments caressing your skin. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: This is a very smoothly blended oriental with a rich, silky feel. It's likely that none of the notes will jump out at you, but they're all in there! Magickal Meanings of Ingredients: ROSE ~ Self confidence, strong aphrodisiac properties, attracts affection & love, fertility, divination/clairvoyance. JASMI
  15. Pony


    This was a huge hit with both myself and DH. Not a big booming floral, but a diaphanous veil of a scent. The traditional florals are just slightly tempered with the base sandalwood (not usually a favorite of mine but it behaves itself here) and a tiny touch of musk. Just a gorgeous dreamy summer floral. Two thumbs up.
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