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  1. I'm all for stalking . Hoping for some Hallow scents .
  2. seamonkey

    Autumn Lust

    I've been with my hubby for 25yrs and you're right on....and LP has helped kick it into overdrive hehehe :banana063: .
  3. You're welcome...I was very happy with both of the scents. Hope everyone that purchased any one of the Private Editions enjoys them . Oh now I know what Ivory Pixie's Midnight Garden reminds me of. I just pulled out my Jo Malone Tuberose and there it is.
  4. Glad you're enjoying the Cocoa Fae. I laughed when I read you're post as most of the time when I receive my monthly sampler I wait about an hr then do almost exactly as you do. I can put up to 4 scents on each arm. I have to admit though I only line up the scents while I'm trying them on. After an hr or so goes by sometimes I forget which scent is which .
  5. Mara/Danna.... Just received my custom order Musk in the Dust(Pixie) & Cocoa Fae. I absolutely love both of them. Both of the scents are better than I imagined :angelstar-kaos058: . Also thanks for the Ivory Pixie's Midnight Garden. If you like florals you will love this one. It reminds me of a scent I use to wear and loved many many years ago but I can't think of the name. From the bottom of my heart lots of XOXO you gals are truly the best . J
  6. Dammm Hot Diggety what a day you had!!! I'm going to have to start experimenting with the Pheros I have :dancingfruits0nm: .
  7. I was wondering the same thing about the releases for August but somehow knowing what they are makes it a bit easier to wait or not .
  8. This review is for the pheromone enhanced LP: Red w/IS First of all LP: Red is one of my favorite LPMP scents. Well it started off this morning right after I applied my LP: Red w/IS. As I was preparing my morning shake my hubby slides right next to me and he states... Hubby:"ooh,you smell good...whatever your're wearing is turning me on". Me: "it's just my LP Red" Hubby:"there must be something in that stuff you wear" Me: "oh moveover I have to finish getting ready for work"*sly grin on face* Well @ work I have a daily morning meeting with my co-managers. I was the first one in the room. As the first co-manager enter the room he stated "mmm,something smells like Chocolate". The second co-manager stated "whatever it is your're wearing really smells good". I just smiled and said it's LP Red and continued on with the agenda hehe. I must say I have never ever had this type of response with any other perfume line. I'm a firm believer that pheros do work . Mara/Danna, thank you so much for all the hard work you do each and every day in offering your customers top notch products that not only makes me smell great but that have meaning and a purpose .
  9. I wore my Everything Nice with add-in Blatant Invitation to work today and what a day I had. I normally just apply the LP scent of choice and sometimes I'll add a little unscented SS4W or Blatant Invitation and usually just forget I have the pheros on. Well today for some reason people did not want to leave my office. I have my own office but have co-workers(male/female) coming in and out throughout the day. On several occasions today I would help them out with whatever was needed and they would just hang out. I was like.... "can I help you with anything else" and they would look lost in space. It finally hit me mid-day that I was actually wearing my souped up Everything Nice and I just laughed .
  10. Sent you an add-to earlier today. Just want to make sure you got it:-) thanks,J
  11. I loved this scent so much that I had to order it with the add in "Blatant Invitation". I can't wait to get it. The mixing possiblities with other LP scents are endless with this one. Boy do I have plans with this baby
  12. Just placed my order. Please combine this with the new releases that I order. Thanks, J
  13. Awesome artwork as usually can't wait for descriptions .
  14. I'm so ready...I have scents from the June release that I would like to order but I was sorta waiting on the July release so I could add a sampler pk.
  15. Oh yeah!!! I have both of these...I'll have to try this combo with my hubby
  16. Since I'm really not into spicy scents I didn't think this one would work for me boy was I wrong. This is one of my favorite scents of the June releases. The Brown Sugar rounds off the spicy notes very nicely resulting in a smooth not too spicy or overly sweet sexy scent. I've worn this scent all weekend and just can't get enough. I'm ordering a full bottle of this scent with my next order. Mara/Danna what a fabulous combination of ingredients .
  17. Thanks for your response...the part about you accidently wetting your pants had me sorry . I do love LPMP pheros and for the most part I wear it and forget it. So the rest of the day I usually just smell the cover up scent of my choice.
  18. Now I'm really curious about something. It's just my hubby and I @ home so he will never tell me I smell unpleasant to him nor will my co-workers or at least they haven't up until now. Do you think those that do have scent sensitivities can maybe smell the pheros and smell it unpleasant but just not say anything ?
  19. 4 inches yikesss.....I would die if I had to cut 4 inches off my hair. When I use EST I usually spray it on my hair but have never noticed that the scent lingered in my hair but maybe that's because I do use a clarifying shampoo about once or twice a week. Never knew the clarifying shampoo would get rid of the phero scent,good to know :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:
  20. I just love EST and I don't find it offensive at all. When I do wear it I usually spray my hair twice(one on each side). My hubby has never mentioned anything of a weird smell nor any of my co-workers. I always wear an additional scent of my choice. Actually the pheros that I do have(all from LPMP)I don't find offensive in the least. Although I have not tried EOW nor do I think I'm brave enough just yet based on the comments from others on the scent
  21. So what did your concoction consist of besides the True Confessions and what a true confession day you had
  22. Oh I hope my order gets here on Monday. I ordered a bottle of this and I can't wait to try it.
  23. I'm being good and only purchased Blatant Invitation and the Monthly sampler. The damage for me will come once I receive my monthly sampler and see how many of the scents mesh with my chemistry.
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