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  1. I ordered samples of Trianon-esque and Naked Twilight. And one full bottle of Ail's Voluptuous Vanilla. I'm budgeting for next month's order.
  2. The Empress semmed to be calling my name. I miight get a sample pack though.
  3. I wore this to the grocery store this morning and a couple of men stopped to silently look at me and move on. It has to be the phero, because generally I don't notice men just stopping to look at me. The scent itself reminds me of delicious coffee creamer and whipped cream in a mug of coffee, even though there's no coffee in it.
  4. The cranberry note really popped on me. This definitely is a fall-winter type of scent with it's crisp fruit notes. I am going to try this a few more times to get a better sense of how my chemistry will like it. As always, Heart and Soul is a great phero.
  5. I just ordered the October 2010 sample set for women. I'm looking forward to Kiss Of Magic and Love Blossom, especially.
  6. My guess is a blend of light musks and floral with a green note hinted at. just a thought.
  7. I couldn't find A Kiss Of magic. Has anyone looked for the description and found it?
  8. I love the label for A Kiss Of Magic. I wonder if it is in line with 7 Minutes to Midnight and Happy Endings. It's like a series of fairy tales, and I'm loving it. I found out recently, that I have an inner princess that has been begging to come out. Until then, I ignored her with a passion. She is craving Kiss Of Magic already.
  9. He's hot. I've been saving up for this moment. Would anyone like to descibe their Private Editions while we wait? I can't wait for all the lovely desciptions of the scented pheros either. As always, this is fun to see the new releases.
  10. Thank you, I am sure that I'll enjoy this month's releases.
  11. I wonder if Vampire Cabernet could be like Blood Martini. I really loved 7 minutes to midnight (it has pumpkin in it) are any of the pumpkin scents going to have a similar quality?
  12. All of these scents sound really sexy. I'll wait til the rest is up to order.
  13. I Love sensual scents on men. Notes I like are amber,musks, resins, and sometimes a touch of floral or vanilla.
  14. Wow, this is cool. I never would have imagined campfire tales and spooky summer nights.
  15. This is sexy. Incense like and accented with floral undertones. I plan on buying a full bottle. It is not too feminine nor too masculine, just the right balance between the two. I think that both men and women could wear this.
  16. I love Vampire Bait and the shea formula seems like something I could use too.
  17. I actually haven't ordered in couple of months. However, I had to order some really great sounding samples. Remind Me Again, Ail's Voluptous Vanilla, Carolyn's Man Nip, Mara's Rocket Fuel, and Happy Ending. It seems to me, that this month's new releases are going to be in short supply quite soon.
  18. I especially love the art work for Remind Me Again and Caroline's Man Nip. I tried a search online to see if I could buy her prints, but came up with art galleries in Texas instead. Are her prints being sold online anywhere?
  19. Are there going to be samples of these PE's for the month, or just the regular new releases going to have samples?
  20. I love the beautiful art work. It's really good to see some favorites here again.
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