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  1. I am not really into forest scents, but had to get the one Sugared that has my face on it. It is nice and very unsurprisingly woodsy, with huge throw. Also smells clean and quite sharp. I'd actually love to smell it on a guy, but for me it is too masculine. Even tried to soften it with Sugared white musk, that is extremely pretty and fem, but even then i need to go very light on Woods to keep the combo from turning masculine. I don't know if it's the wood notes or the sugar that feels sharp. Well, if I won't figure how to make it work for me, I'll probably just gift it to my boyfriend.
  2. At first I thought that this is not my type of scent, as it is very berry-forward on me when wet. Lots of juicy berries and honey, with huge throw too. But it gets completely different after drydown. Berries are barely there and that resinous musky scent is absolutely perfect. Honey is powdery and light in this, and only adds a bit of warmth and sweetness. And I absolutely love amber notes Mara used. This is definitely dark and exotic, as the description says, and also for me it smells expensive and luxurious. Like I need to wear an evening dress and jewelry with huge diamonds with it. Also Horny does not have that SLF-type slutty vibe (that I'd absolutely love too btw), as the notes might suggest, more of a sophisticated and soft sexy aura.
  3. Mara, is it okay if I wait a week or two before ordering this bottle of Sleep Tight Might I reserved? I'm waiting for my last order to arrive, so that I'll get to try October NR's and figure which ones I want full bottles of before placing another order.
  4. I think I am getting more amber now than when I got my bottle last year. It does make a nice combo with the grapefruit though. And at the later drydown stages it becomes such a lovely 'sugared SLF' (honey-amber-musk) scent. I believe that sugars in this one make the SLF-part much softer, and even with the civet note being there, the scent does not come off as 'dirty' in the littlest bit.
  5. Oh, more banana sounds great! Can't wait for my sampler pack to arrive! Original Warm&Toasty smells absolutely mouthwateringly delicious. I always have to remind myself that I'm not supposed to eat that buttery goodness I'm smelling. Not getting much of the banana from it though...
  6. Woah!! So many gorgeous labels were added since I last checked this thread! Who's on Black Pepper label? Love it!
  7. Any ETA for international orders? I placed mine August 9th Can't wait to try sugareds...
  8. Oh, I'd love some Sugared Tarragon! I will add it to my next order! Also what does the Sugared Black Tea smell like? Is it close to that lovely strong bitter black tea note that you used in my Inna's Gadda Da Vita PE or is it softer like for example in 221b? Asking because I'm just curious, as I am pretty sure I will hoard it either way.
  9. I am not sure if I've become scent blind to AJA lately, it barely smells like anything to me. There is something very light honey-like that I can detect, but it's nowhere close to what it smelled like before. And apparently that's only me, since others LOVE it. Guys I hang out with are not any good at describing scents, but they've said that this smells sweet and very pretty. One man from work told me that it's the best thing he's ever smelled on me (and he generally likes perfumes I'm wearing and has many times told me I smelled nice). When I wear AJA solo I usually apply 4-5 drops on my torso. I asked two friends of mine if that's too much, since I can't rely on my own sense of smell with this one, just to make sure. They said it's perfect. And kept coming close and sniffing me for another couple hours And even when I add 1-2 drops of AJA to complement other scents, I get much more attention and compliments compared to when I wear those same scents without AJA. Very similar effect to what I've noticed wearing cops.
  10. Blackcat! I'm so glad to see you too And whoa that's a beatiful review! I love the picture of fairy tale princess doing her morning toilette with birds and butterflies around! If you remember my thread with pe ideas for every season, this scent is loosely based on what I had in mind for summer. And Mara really is a genius! It is amazing, how well she captured this soft summery vibe I tried to describe. Thank you Saffron! I'm glad you like it! I am wearing Soft&Summery today and totally enjoying this beautiful drydown. I love how pretty and feminine this scent makes me feel..
  11. I just noticed that the option of getting Voracious virgin oil is now gone. Is there any chance it's coming back? This is one of my favorite LPs, and I'd be happy to buy a backup bottle with no men's pheromones in it.
  12. Soft&Summery is exactly the perfect soft summery scent I imagined. I couldn't be more excited when I read Mara's description of this one! She used every single note I mentioned I liked (I only asked her to pick something she thought would work for this type of scent). And added even more! As a result, this is quite a complex scent. It does start kinda loud on application, with very pointy floral and citrus notes, and I guess that's the reason Mara wrote to wait 5 minutes to let it blend with the skin. For me it is more like 10-15 minutes, but after that Soft&Summery becomes very much what the name suggests, soft and creamy floral with a touch of sun in it. Floral notes are very light and pretty, and with citrus accord this scent makes me think of sitting in a beautiful flower garden with sun shining bright. Florals and citruses are also very well blended, I can't pick up any individual notes other than lily. Or it's just the fact that my nose isn't the best out there Coconut cream, vanilla buttercream and musk notes blend into warm and clean skin scent that acts as a base in this one. Not laundry type clean, more like a baby smell type. And it stays close to skin what makes this whole scent appear very natural, like it's a part of me. Not sure I'll be wearing this often during colder months, but right now I'm truly enjoying this beautiful summery scent. And I'm sorry it took me so long to review this! I've been traveling a lot this summer and did not have my laptop with me
  13. Oh I love all the labels. You ladies are gorgeous! I'm woods
  14. Please reserve for me one Lady Victoria's Midnight Snack
  15. I'd love one Tyvey's Pleasure Island if it's avalable. And I'm dying to know what's in Lina's Fluffy Bunny and Megan's Quixotic Xocolatl!
  16. That's interesting! I never got any violets out of this but I can see how this specific tea note can be perceived somewhat flowery. In other tea-based LP's I've smelled tea note was more "herbal" or even medicinal (this is not a bad thing, I just don't know how to describe it better). The one Mara used in this PE has very pure and well rounded feel, even though it is dark and even slightly bitter.
  17. Can I please reserve one bottle of Jennifer's Siamese Cloud?
  18. I'd like to reserve a bottle of Warm & Toasty, if there's any left
  19. This one is so very pretty, probably my favorite of the month. The green aspect of it goes a little sharp on me upon application, but it settles very quickly to that magical fairy-like scent that is very true to it's name. I see this as more pink than green, but it does indeed smell fresh and uplifting at the same time. And I love how pretty and girly those fruit sugars come off on me.
  20. Sadly I could not wear this as patch still smells like a dumpster to me, especially when worn on my skin. That's too bad as I absolutely love everything else I smell in this one
  21. I want them all! And love the label of Papal Purle!
  22. Getting a FB of this one was a no-brainer for me after I read the description. And it most definitely did not disappoint. Pure AJA was always very soft and pretty on me, but Poudre de Bourdons is also brighter and has nice uplifting feel. Like honeyed sunshine in a bottle. I guess it's the lemon and ginger combo doing this, but those notes are very well blended and I don't really detect them on their own.
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