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  1. I was so excited about this & truly curious based on all the different reviews. I was wary on how it would go on me, I generally have good luck with lavender scents & even love the sharper more camphorus strains. Received my latest yesterday & went straight for Tickle Tickle immediate love, very strong clear, loud lavender on first application & in about ten minutes it went to a sharp berry. On my skin it was a amping a lot like Dangerous Games in regards to the berry component, that calmed down for me in about twenty minutes, berry was all I could smell, then it turned to the
  2. I loved this, gave myself two sprays & went about my business felt super happy & wicked energetic. Also I felt very pretty, which for me is saying something especially considering my hair was still un straightened (lazy!) & my bangs were freshly cut like a Lego mini fig. Was cheery & humming, to beat the band so to speak despite a terrible mood, this helped steer me around. Was met with Sweetie shopping & nice small talk out & about. Quite excited to give it ago out proper for an evening.
  3. TMI is gorgeous, it wears so close to the skin upon dry down. Lamenting how quickly I'm tearing through my bottle. Reminds me a lot of synchronicity. Very rich and warm smelling without being cloying, definitely a scent you want to cozy up to. I wore this on a couple different occasions and heard some funny stories. Also last week a long stream from one sister about the other with a "I don't know why I just said all that!"
  4. This after dry down smells to me a lot like and this is odd, but Fruit Loops cereal but with frosting. I really enjoy it though and have gone through half the bottle already, a smokey Fruit Loop though, that is what my skin chemistry is doing to it.
  5. Oh my! Cherry, amber and musk with honey...good lord that sounds divine. As to ordering, what did I just cave and order oh yes another bottle of Happy Ending and a bottle of Kimberly's Ginger Green Tea for my sister another tame order XD
  6. I love the smell of this, upon first application I know I want to pick up another bottle, trying it out on a gent will be a true test but really know I love the scent. It is really sweet and sort of powdery, a slight honeyed rose with a cake batter appeal. Am in love with myself, smelling this!
  7. hmmm just made an order and it was tiny am lamenting reinging it in already lol, ordered bottles of Happy Ending and Lost Highway and samples of Mellonia's Secret and Sinister Pink and two more for forum samples, I can't believe the restraint!
  8. I'd say yes pls to this as well, I went through bottles of that in record time XD
  9. I like how immeadiately green this one is on, and I can't help but think this one is going to be perfect to age, I hate to wait on this one, but really think the vanillas are just going to deepen into something even more so, if I can wait. But I love the strong green muskiness, so might just have to use up this bottle for now and one for aging's sake! (any excuse to place another order I swear today... honestly)
  10. just made a big old order, of The Captivation Equation, Fade to Black, Mara's Domino and Bayou Musk. No restraint ftw! >.<
  11. on a heather kick an love what I have left...Bonnie! Would adore that.
  12. Let me see what did I get, I know I'm wishing that I had purchased some Beth's Blushing Milkmade in retrospect...ah yes, I purchased... PE wise : Rosebud's Pumpalicious and White Licorice, new releases bottles of Garland and Lace V2 and Dangerous Games, samples of Buns of Cinn and Heart of Fire and a bottle of Carolyn's Amber,Vanilla and Fig for my sister. Gahh, hmm still thinking I need some LP Silver, Leather on it's own and that BBM >.< oh money fairy wherefore art thou?
  13. lol ty, I <3 Servo, so when he was all kitted out with lippies on on and that come hither pose I had to capture it for posterity. edited for hot spelling ation
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