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  1. I was so excited about this & truly curious based on all the different reviews. I was wary on how it would go on me, I generally have good luck with lavender scents & even love the sharper more camphorus strains. Received my latest yesterday & went straight for Tickle Tickle immediate love, very strong clear, loud lavender on first application & in about ten minutes it went to a sharp berry. On my skin it was a amping a lot like Dangerous Games in regards to the berry component, that calmed down for me in about twenty minutes, berry was all I could smell, then it turned to the creamiest, buttery cloud of light lavender enveloping me. So soft, everything just melded. I put this on last night, & can still smell it sweetly on my wrists, just want to huff them. Definitely would love to stow a bottle or two away while the opportunity is still here, because, Gotcha! Is grand as well.
  2. Teh Gosling, /dreamy eyes. Well having read all this, am sold need to get myself a little of this. Sounds divine, plus I want the bottle to woo me, till I can nab that Unicorn.
  3. I loved this, gave myself two sprays & went about my business felt super happy & wicked energetic. Also I felt very pretty, which for me is saying something especially considering my hair was still un straightened (lazy!) & my bangs were freshly cut like a Lego mini fig. Was cheery & humming, to beat the band so to speak despite a terrible mood, this helped steer me around. Was met with Sweetie shopping & nice small talk out & about. Quite excited to give it ago out proper for an evening.
  4. Also in agreement with Sparkle Fuchsia, it really helps perk me up and make me feel happy and kind of armored against anything. Also very sparkly as it suggests. Cougar in Sparkle Fuchsia is absolute perfection. Lace is great stuff as well! Sorry to hear it can be so overwhelming at work!
  5. Hello! Welcome, very nice to see more men joining into the discussion!
  6. This smells like my grandmum's iced citrus poundcake it is amazing. I want to huff myself & take a bite. Has a bit of a soft cola bite coming through as well. Can see going through this lightning fast.
  7. I got my shipping notice today as well, so wicked psyched. Now am also thinking about fancy shoes & not about how much I just plunked down @ Sephora aka the mothership!
  8. Really excited to get my mitts on this, sounds so lovely! Looking forward to it.
  9. I am too excited looking at this, I don't need a winter coat, or food, pffft.
  10. Oh dang, that would be quite a site lol!!! Looking in again upon waking up, wahey!
  11. Want...info..might keep me from tearing into that bag (oh ho ho me..bags) of candy before Monday rolls around. Err, rather, just something about popping a head in.
  12. I swear those dolls/ cartoons molded me as well as my sisters in our formative years with the love of makeup & my teenage transgressions into hair color purposely nodded to Jem characters lol. You are spot on about Pizzaz lol! Now that was one hoss customer, but still wicked. Jem, have to love all that pink! Am going to rustle out my bottle of pink when I get the chance & take a peek.
  13. That is awesome, love everything about that statement. Was a Misfits girl myself, though. I still aspire to rock a hair flower with such aplomb.
  14. Hot damn, I want to stick around for hot stalking action!
  15. piratical dahlia


    Hi! Welcome, LP Red is a favorite of mine too, so gorgeous
  16. I am really enjoying these, have just tried my Garland & Lace & Spa Mint tart thus far and am thrilled at not only the throw but the multiple use I have gotten. I use them in an electric tart burner in a open plan room with a vaulted ceiling to the upstairs & it still fills the house! that is amazing, never had that depth of scent, can not wait to try more.
  17. This is for the original Dream Lover, I'd been saving it and it was one of the first things I'd ordered but with the intent I'd get up the nerve to smell it then be coy and put it away. Well, not coy anymore, been wearing it nightly before bed and it is so soothing, the chocolate is so rich against the neroli, smells almost rosy at times and buttery smooth. I really get the vanilla coming through at the dry down. The first couple of times I wore this I had the most amazing dreams too. Hope they start again or I am more aware of my dreams.
  18. That's awesome, I can't get enough of it, would love a room spray of it as well. Ooh or a tart. So glad someone else is rocking the Trix off the bat.
  19. Oddly enough for the first ten minutes upon spritzing it on it reminds me of Trix cereal, very fruity and sugary before it calms down on my skin and the spices start coming to the fore. The apricot is quite loud on me, but it is so well tempered with the brûlée (ooh autocorrect) and spices. Kind of a simmering scent, like a cider. Would love to get a boosted bottle as well. I wrote scent twice, had to come back in and fix, should have had some coffee first!
  20. TMI is gorgeous, it wears so close to the skin upon dry down. Lamenting how quickly I'm tearing through my bottle. Reminds me a lot of synchronicity. Very rich and warm smelling without being cloying, definitely a scent you want to cozy up to. I wore this on a couple different occasions and heard some funny stories. Also last week a long stream from one sister about the other with a "I don't know why I just said all that!"
  21. I absolutely love this, it is so spicy. Also getting that fall in a bottle straight off, the spices are amazing. Been huffing myself all day. Have worn it non stop since getting my package Saturday. Get whiffs of pine and cinnamon with smokiness with sweetness upon dry down. A spicy treasure. Lumina, I quite like, can't put my finger on it, but have been happy and overly open, friendly and chatty.
  22. This is my new favourite night time scent, I love nearly anything with heather in it and it certainly comes through and beautifully at that with a lovely citrus tang with the green herbal quality, such a perfect summer fragrance. It smells humid and outdoorsy without any heaviness to it.
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