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  1. I love this scent! When I put it on it almost smells too sweet for me but after it dries down the sweetish smell of vanille and leather remains, very nice. Gaia likes this a LOT on me so that's a big plus as well. She got me the sample to begin with but there's a full size one on it's way .
  2. I've got this scent in an oil base. I'd love to write a review but *boohoo* I've got this cold that rendered my ability to smell to about 20%.... Hopefully I'll be able to smell again properly so I can test and wear this. From the smelling when I first got it I liked the muskiness of it so I think I really like it.
  3. Yup..thanks Thanks for the information, it's very helpful. The scent turned out to be an oil but luckily Gaia made a spray out of it for me *yay*. The scent comes out a bit more bright with the spray, which I actually like. I've tested the phero part again at work and got some great results out of it. I was in this meeting where I needed to review my work with co-workers. They are usually quite difficult and narrow minded and not willing to look at things from a different point of view. This time however, they were!! We had this constructive review session and I even got my design choices to stick. Excellent stuff
  4. G-Man

    Hello everybody!

    Yeah, it's really awesome. Luckily there's another package on it's way
  5. *Yay* Awesome pictures! Is the new men's release around the same time...?
  6. G-Man

    Velvet Moss

    *yay* for enabling indeed, lol. I think I had the little spray lying around in my draw for quite a while before I tested it.. First I only sniffed the container and that wasn't really appealing to me. After I sprayed some on though: Whole different story. The mossy damp smell of it at first really reminds me of the damp forest were I went rock climbing years ago, I really like that. After it dries down it's this soft scent. I didn't really "get" the violet though, which is good for me since I'm not really into the violet.. It's definately one of my favorites.
  7. I've got this as a tester but haven't tried the scent yet though... I'll post a review when I have tried it.
  8. G-Man

    Hello everybody!

    It's....It's.....Glorious! I got my wax melts and shark whisperer without pheros (got the pheros separate). A whole spray bottle of Velvet Moss and cool sniffies to test. We'll try a wax melt tonight, looking forward to it.
  9. G-Man

    Hello everybody!

    I know that money can't buy happiness but this comes pretty close, LOL. My new smellies have arrived! Haven't even opened the box, still looking at it... can hardly contain myself...Will dive into it now...If I'm not back within a day, alert the authorities... I was looking for a place to vent off my happiness so I figured that might as well be in my welcome post.
  10. Ok, don't exactly know how it's offered but it'll be fine either way. I'll ask Gaia if she wants to make me a spray out of it if it arrives as an oil. Can't wait for it to get here, there's a present for her in there as well.. Did I just say that out loud...? Lol. She knows it already so it's not as much of a secret anymore .
  11. @Katz: Thanks, that explains a lot. Since I liked the scent and the phero's sooo much I ordered it in regular size. I ordered the scent without the phero's cause I probably want to wear it without the phero's as well. Still had to make a decision about the phero's, what to do what to do.....Luckely I was in this buying "mode" so I bought the phero's as a spray as well. Gaia advised me to buy the spray as well for the phero's, much easier that way. Come to think of it...If you order a non phero scent, does that mean it'll be a spray, or will it be an oil? I couldn't recall having an option when I clicked it...
  12. G-Man

    Hello everybody!

    Thanks! And welcome to you too.
  13. G-Man

    Hello everybody!

    Hi! Thanks a lot. Balloons and all . Still, it does! feel like a party with all the yummy scents here, and the forum of course! Yay!
  14. I had this one with my trial collection and tried it last weekend. I'm not very familiar with the smell of all the ingredients apart, but I'll give it a try... At first I could smell the lavender pretty good, in combination with the pipe tabacco. The lavender went away quickly and I was left with the pipe tabacco and sweets?. I found out that I'm not a big fan of pipe tabacco though....lol. After a couple of hours the tabacco fades away and leaves a soft amber-ish scent. I actually like that but the whole process to it....not so much..
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