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  1. OK...Mara has posted the thread....just waiting for it to be unlocked
  2. There is a topic there now which reads SALE!!!!! .....under this topic there will appear a new topic which reads SALE and this is the actual sale..just go to the main page...click on specials for forum members and then stay on that page and keep refreshing every few minutes...
  3. yes, lol...go over to Specials for Forum Members
  4. It will be under Specials for Forum Members...usually right under the SALE RULES that is posted now..
  5. It will be tonight....Mara keeps her word, unless it is something out of her hands...keep posted...you have waited this long..;)
  6. not up yet....keep refreshing and it will appear when Mara posts the thread...?
  7. Just trying to pass the time until I get my shipping notice..lol

  8. I got my first order today!! Yay!! :)

    1. TheBirkeys


      Lots of little goodies and things to try! Can't wait to see how everything smells! Reviews coming...:)

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