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  1. OK...Mara has posted the thread....just waiting for it to be unlocked
  2. There is a topic there now which reads SALE!!!!! .....under this topic there will appear a new topic which reads SALE and this is the actual sale..just go to the main page...click on specials for forum members and then stay on that page and keep refreshing every few minutes...
  3. yes, lol...go over to Specials for Forum Members
  4. It will be under Specials for Forum Members...usually right under the SALE RULES that is posted now..
  5. It will be tonight....Mara keeps her word, unless it is something out of her hands...keep posted...you have waited this long..;)
  6. not up yet....keep refreshing and it will appear when Mara posts the thread...?
  7. ahh...ok....what I was wanting was a mixture with both beta androstanol and androstenone...if beta androstanol is limited, then maybe Gotcha w/ a little androstenone added...these two pheros really work for me (especially androstenone), hence the obsession with Mega Watt.. would Gotcha w/ androstenone work? I want to feel young and have energy with a feminine vibe ...I do have the androstenone phero molecule from last years pheromas, but I know you said women have to be very careful about too much of it in a phero blend (when you were developing Mega Watt)...I can add some drops to a
  8. heya! Is this a current list? A few have been removed and I see a couple of new molecules I hadn't seen on other lists (beta THDOC and beta androstanol).. I posted this question also under the sale rules...I'm trying to put together my order for the sale and wanted to purchase some Mad Scientist blends..
  9. TheBirkeys

    Egg 2014

    StacyK...I bet that edition is great with a tinge of pink! A little pink makes almost everything great!! I might try my Egg with a dab of Sugared Pink Musk!
  10. TheBirkeys

    Egg 2014

    I have not tried any of the previous versions of Egg to be able to compare, but this version is lovely. It's a very light scent. When it first came out 3 years ago I liked it, but didn't love it. I tried it again more recently and since it has had time to age it has a lot more depth. It's a creamy, white and slightly sweet amber musk. The marshmallow is more apparent which I love. It reminds me a bit of Sugared Egyptian Musk. Makes a great scent for the office...I could smell it hours after applying...Egg 2014 has now become a like/love potion which I reach for frequently!!
  11. Sugared Pink Musk is a delightful, slightly sweet and pink, white musk. For those who are looking for a pink scent which is more demure than, for say, LP Pink-this is perfect!! I love musks and white musk is one of my favorites (Sugared White Musk included!)....this is white musk with a little sweet pink added for depth. It would layer well with Sugared Cherries or Sugared Strawberries...great for the office or even a teenager! A real love!!
  12. Can't believe i haven't reviewed this one yet! It happens to be one of my favorites right now! I am not able to detect the different notes...in fact, I didn't even realize it had tobacco in it! usually I amp tobacco, but not with Kara Kedi. Upon first applying it has a very distinct smell (not bad-just one with which I am not familiar)..can't put my finger on it, but soon after it mellows and I'm left with something beautiful, rich and sexy!This is right up my alley! Very high end! I would say a very little goes a long way. it's a great scent for a day of shopping at the mall or for a night ou
  13. TheBirkeys

    A Wake

    I have to say I was leery of Awake because of the coffee, but I have found that it suits me quite well. The coffee fades to the background after a few minutes and I'm left with a delicious spicy pumpkin!! I really love it!! I'm so glad I didn't write it off without trying it first.I should know from past experiences to always try a potion first and not assume I wouldn't like one based on notes alone. This is a very cozy scent and I love to put it on when the weather suggests staying inside! A winner for me!!
  14. I had very high expectations for Topper..until recently I had only tried it in some of Mara's enhanced potions, such as Summershine. The effects in an enhanced potion are nice so I splurged and bought an unscented bottle (lowest strength)...WOW!! The first time I used it, it gave me a bit of a rush/high! lol Needless to say-I love it!! I don't go out a lot at all, so I mostly use it on days when I'm feeling a bit down. Really helps my mood. One of my favorite phero combos is Mega Watt with a couple spritzes of Topper. So far, Summershine is my favorite potion with Topper. I would definitely r
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