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  1. Same. I've been getting the nudge to check in since sunday, I see why!! Let me set a budget. *excited*
  2. Hi, hi! It's been a minute. OMG, I'm soo excited! I had a feeling I needed to check in. 💗
  3. itty set please. And also I'd like to reserve a bottle of Nicole's Victoriosa, too. Ty!
  4. OMG! I have a bunch of unscented wax laying around. These simmer oils are perfect. May I reserve these: Itty set for this months PEs (if available) simmer oils MOCCACHINO LP Original Sugared Resins Spa Mint Happy Hippie
  5. Thanks, Stacy. I've been burning more incense and less wax melts lately. I forgot all about the wax melts! I'll keep that one in mind.
  6. I know i'm late. LOL I've never been pregnant but my dad wasn't asshole mean but he wasn't the nicest when my mom was pregnant. Also, pregnant people irritate my sister. My mom and my other sister are very caring with pregnant ladies now that i think about it. ETA: I stick to TH or SWS for family functions now.
  7. Anyone notice women having bad responses to EST? Every time I wear an est blend my sister and dad get really agitated. But whenever I wear SWS or Dom(with Cops) its totally opposite -- i'm guessing its the they are helpful, nice, etc.. I just wanted to get repeated instances for both of them before I reported here. I usually wear LFM, but I end up wearing SWS or dom noire if I know I'll be around them.
  8. Buut what if you wanna anyways?! JK, I know what you mean, if your meeting this person for the first time it probaly isn't the best one (H&S) to start with. In my case, I have someone that I've gotten to know I don't have H&S, but I do have treasured hearts. But I don't see a Pheroma for H&S?
  9. I love the smell of this in the bottle. Sadly, this morphs oddly on me.
  10. Blanche, The exact same for me. I've used DHEAS before at 50 mcg per spray at x2 sprays solo and used open windows with no issues, but there's something about the combo in Levitation that gives me a headache and/or makes me tired then crash this happens at one or two sprays for me (flying potion trial bottle).
  11. Can I reserve a lina's buttered caramel and itty set?
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