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  1. Same. I've been getting the nudge to check in since sunday, I see why!! Let me set a budget. *excited*
  2. Hi, hi! It's been a minute. OMG, I'm soo excited! I had a feeling I needed to check in. 💗
  3. itty set please. And also I'd like to reserve a bottle of Nicole's Victoriosa, too. Ty!
  4. OMG! I have a bunch of unscented wax laying around. These simmer oils are perfect. May I reserve these: Itty set for this months PEs (if available) simmer oils MOCCACHINO LP Original Sugared Resins Spa Mint Happy Hippie
  5. Blanche, The exact same for me. I've used DHEAS before at 50 mcg per spray at x2 sprays solo and used open windows with no issues, but there's something about the combo in Levitation that gives me a headache and/or makes me tired then crash this happens at one or two sprays for me (flying potion trial bottle).
  6. Starting my morning, I recently switched from FocusPotion/Megawatt to MLH to get studying done. I used MLH (un) (small U shape above cleav) + one dot of Money Multi/w SWS, went to the grocery store and had people go out of their way to acknowledge me and ask me questions/advice. The bit of SWS seemed to amp the MLH and respect from guys in particular.
  7. Great! Thanks for reminding me when I eat certain foods like garlic, ginger and neem extract all bugs stay clear. I've been slacking lately.
  8. Has anyone had issues with attracting bees/wasps with Aja? I usually forgo really sweets scents this time of year (wasps like sweet smelling things in the fall), because I seem to be a magnet for insects with stingers and I hate to give more of a reason for me being chased around like I'm food.
  9. i had the same thing happen to me sunday morning, i tried out a sample vial i got and people were giving compliments and being really nice. I was wondering if it was the LFM, it was my first try. I like it alot.
  10. I got this as a sample and have been wearing it for the past few days, It smells amazing on me, i keep on sniffing it throughout the day...for me on the drydown it smells resin-y but also retains a light top fragrance (ozone/rain maybe?)
  11. WildVixen

    Totem: Tiger

    I've been eyeing this one, it sounds similar to spicebomb -- which I love and wear and it doesn't smell dude-ish on me. Anyone have experience with sniffing both?
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