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    On me I get the impression of an old fashioned strawberry milkshake. There's no cold vibe to it, just rich, creamy vanilla and fresh strawberries. Yum! So glad I went full bottle
  2. FBs of The Salty Mermaid, Rubylicious, Katje, and JuJu and trials of Keyani and Maeve
  3. Yay! I have a feeling I'm going to love The Salty Mermaid even before we have the notes
  4. Yay! Summer scents! I know I'm in the minority around here, but the summer scents are my faves
  5. Waiting on this too. The summer scents are my fave
  6. FBs Odalisque Virgin and LP: Gold Trials: Kahve, Beach Baby, and Idyllwild
  7. Kansas is also where the 2 main characters on Supernatural are from
  8. I see Thor in there and, I think, Superman (Smallville?) Is Tsai a reference to Francis Tsai?
  9. Yes please! to Mistress Mine, especially if there's a virgin option this time
  10. Another round of the Chocolate, Red Wine, and Coffee scrub please?!!!!! Nevermind, I found it
  11. FB Odalesque, trials of Platelet Punch, Rum Woody, Conjurer, & The Stag
  12. LFN has cops and androstenone Here are the review threads for both La Femme Mystere La Femme Noire
  13. I get mostly the peach, honey, and amber from this with clover and aloe lending a green aspect that keeps it from going too sweet for my taste. Loving this with the new Gotcha and thinking I might need a backup bottle
  14. I’ve only worn it once, but the reactions were very similar to the old version. Selfies were a little different for me. Still got a relaxed, “roll with it”, but more upbeat than before, like there’s a bit more DHEAS in it
  15. Nope, but I called my local post office and he’s contacting the driver to see if he remembers where he delivered it. 🤞
  16. Mine says it was delivered, but wasn’t in my mailbox 🙁 Hoping it shows up today
  17. Really hope I get the same vibe from this you do. Bought a FB for just that kind of thing
  18. FBs of Manda Panda, Tortuga, Mahaelani, Hush, Northern Comfort, Bella Pesca, and Girl Nip TVs of Fleur de Nuit, Bonbon Booty, and Savage Beast
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