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  1. So, I’ve had this for a few months but only tested it out once. I wore it twice this weekend and I’m sold on this phero blend! I wore this to get out of a crap mood and it worked really well! Everyone around me was in a good mood too! I went out with my mom for lunch and we had a really great time, no irritability from either party just kindness all around. I really love open windows now! As for the scent, it’s very light and clean but sometimes it can turn sharp on my skin, so I layered it with pure sugar and that seemed to help it blend a little better with my chemistry.
  2. This is a true jasmine note! This is very light and airy but womanly because of the Jasmine. This would also be another good date night scent
  3. Vika


    When I first smelled this it was definitely reminiscent of whisker wishes but it’s such a yummy fresh peachy scent. I combined it with Aja yesterday and it became a little denser not as light. I’ll try it on its own again because it smells good that way too! I would also try this with Noco white under it for that vanilla peach combo like peaches and cream!
  4. Vika


    Coming back to say that now that this has had a few days to settle, it’s perfect! It just smells like cake with a hint of floral and it’s super light not heady at all! Beautiful!
  5. Vika


    I tried this one on today as well and at first, it's very florally and then as time goes on it starts to meld with the cake notes to become a creamy tropical floral cake. This would be a good date night scent.
  6. I only smelled this is in the bottle but this is soft, smooth and sexy. It smells wonderful. If you're not into green scents, this is a good one to look into because it's on the cleaner side IMO.
  7. Vika


    I just got my box today but it smells like smoky s'mores in the bottle. On my wrist it smells like chocolate sugary smoke it smells awesome. The dry down is more vanilla/marshmallow with a hint of smoke. Anyone who loves s'mores and bonfires, get this! I can see this transitioning into fall and winter too!
  8. This is very addictive!!! It makes you want to cuddle up and nuzzle the neck of whomever is wearing this. It's a great fall scent.
  9. @androstenol Nice to meet you too! I like mixing Aja too with the other honey scents. It's perfect for adding a little something extra. 😉
  10. Every. Guy. Needs this in their Arsenal!!!! As a woman, I'm here to tell you that this works a little too well! This scent on my bf is intoxicating and there's a definite confidence boost with him from wearing it. You will not regret buying this.
  11. I tested this out again tonight and it smelled silky in a lindt commercial way but sexier when the ylang ylang came out and the dry down was incredible. The reaction was wonderful too. This stuff is perfect for summer sexiness.
  12. This smells amazing! It's so light you can't smell any cops at all. I layer this with any musk scents and it smells great!
  13. True! I was thinking vanilla, Amber and honey! Lol It has that specific LP signature scent to it though was what I meant. It's just creamy and delicious.
  14. Vika

    Soul Cakes

    I still have yet to try that one and I read the great reviews on it! I'll check it out! Thank you!
  15. I had this on layered with LP Pink yesterday and someone by my desk took a deep inhale. Lol I love this stuff which makes it hard to refrain from slathering but I only use a tiny bit and it's still effective.
  16. Vika

    Soul Cakes

    This is a very comforting scent. I'm going for everything that smells similar to Mother Goddess because of the comfort factor. I wore this to bed last night and passed out. The only problem and it's a me problem is that sometimes oat notes can turn on my skin like with FC Oatmeal for example, it smelled like pee on me. However, that didn't happen with this one luckily.
  17. I really like this one but I'm scared to wear it to work because it's gotten very strong reactions in the past especially when combined with Gotcha. Lol It's very chocolatey and sensual. I love Aja in general and wear that to work sometimes but this is a whole nother level of sexy.
  18. I just got this today and I do not regret it at all. I knew I would love the notes altogether because it's basically the love potion base with pumpkin and allspice. Wet it's honey and slightly soapy in the beginning and it has that freshly carved pumpkin note. It's not the least bit spicy, just smooth creamy pumpkin that's light enough to wear year round.
  19. This one is definitely fruity but the dry down smells kind of dirty on me? Like mango vagine mixed with chocolate? I'll give it some more time to settle.
  20. I finally had the chance to try this out and it smells amazing!!! Holy crap! I love it. And I would definitely layer this with sugared lemons or jasmines warm and cozy!!! Any thing baked good style!
  21. Vika


    I did today and honestly it goes perfect together but I got worried someone mentioned smelling cigarette smoke earlier today and I thought it was the Aja.😬 And I felt extra excited later and realized the Aja had kicked in. 😂
  22. I love this one! I ordered it solely based on the reviews for myself. I get a DIHL vibe from it. It's so comforting, I would definitely wear this to bed. It smells very clean and the Vetiver note starts out sharp but it melds to a very soft sweet skin scent.
  23. Vika


    I found a sample of this and put some on my wrist and I was floored so I ordered a full bottle. This is very sexy. I can't wait to wear this more often. Right now it smells like floral cake. I find I'm becoming obsessed with buttery notes.
  24. I used this last night with FC lavender over top of it and it was so comforting. I slept pretty well. It does smell similar to Balm Bomb at the start with the strong lavender note but the dry down is a vanilla musk.
  25. I've only used this a couple of times but it smells incredible. LPO is such a comforting scent in general for me but in a cream it smells even better. You only need a little bit to take care of dry skin but this is very luxurious feeling in the jar and on my skin. As for the effect it's been subtle but honestly, that's okay I like it better that way. It makes me feel sexy because I'm doing something good for myself and if that alone affects others too then so be it.
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