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  1. I, too, noticed that LP Red with the IS/A addition is lighter and less full-bodied than the original. It also seems to have a slightly unpleasant smell during the wet stage, but I assume that is because of the IS/A.
  2. Recently while wearing LP Red, a woman told me that i smelled "like a baby". I thought that was quite a strange reaction to this particular scent.
  3. Where are the sample vials of the unscented pheros sold? I do not see them on the sample vial page.
  4. How many sprays of LP Est do you typically use per application and/or what is the recommended "dosage"? (sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong thread)
  5. That happens to me too! I get bright red "burns" which take 40-50 minutes to go away if I apply a droplet of EOW with the dropper and then the droplet runs down my skin...but if I rub it in or apply it by hand, the burns do not occur....weird.
  6. A question for EOW users: How many drops do you, personally, apply per typical application?
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