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  1. This is fast becoming my favorite LPMP scent. I agree with Celrynnya it's a very grown up perfume. It's hard to describe but while initially I could smell the honey,followed a hint of the cocoa, but then, again agreeing with C, a spiciness not able to be placed. It seemed as if it "mind melded" with my skin to become and do everything I would love in a perfume. I've worn it at work and it has been having a positive effect on my patients/staff. With the males in my life...well oh mamma mia....I'm going after this in the large size.
  2. LP Red should come with a warning label. It's warm sexy and even when you think it's gone several hours later...not so. I've gotten so many comments on this in 3 days it's almost unbelievable. It's as if it melds with your skin and becomes your own personal scent. One guy friend told me it doesn't smell like perfume, it smells like you. Best compliment I've had in a long time.
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