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  1. I don't know about cats, but the llama that lives across the road from me doesn't like Open Windows at all. He's very friendly without pheros, Open Windows makes him lay back his ears and threaten to spit. One of my producer's dogs really seems to like Open Windows. But he might just be a sweetheart.
  2. There is a 5th option too... I deal with this from my Sweetheart from time to time. He has a job that goes through production cycles, and sometimes when his job is exceptionally stressfull all he wants to do is tune out the rest of the world. Just like your BF, he seems to "escape" by playing video games. It took me a while to figure it out, and it included lots of conversations and a couple of arguments. I know he loves me and he isn't losing interest in me... He's just severely overwhelmed at work and distracting himself with his "hobby". I try to balance things out when he's stressed and do a little extra to make sure he has his excape time, while also letting him know if I need a bit of attention. I wouldn't have been able to address the problem, learn how to cope with, and find a good balance between what we both want if I hadn't talked to him about it. Solving the problem also got rid of a ton of my insecurities and fears. It takes guts to open a discussion about interpersonal stuff like that, and it's even harder when you're dealing with an introvert, but addressing the problem is the only way to put those insecurities to rest. <3
  3. Thank you, Snowflake! I'll order the spray. Hair will be nomingly delicious! I hope my sample lasts until my next order. O_o
  4. I tried this out yesterday morning... And wore it all weekend! Love the sweetness of this scent. It seemed to die down around the 2 hour mark, so I found myself reapplying frequently. I deliberately got some on my sleeves to see if it was my skin absorbing... And it was. My shirt still smelled strong when al m everything but a mild sweetness had disappeared on my skin. I will definitely be ordering this, but I don't know if it will have a longer "life" as an oil or in spray form. Not too concerned about throw - this is a delicious smell all for me... Any suggestions for which has a longer scent life - oil or spray form?
  5. Welcome! I got several samples for one of my friends at work - he and his girlfriend have really enjoyed Dad. Apparently, my friend was feeling a little down the other day and decided to try his sample of Thunder (with the Open Windows phero blend). Here's how he summed that experience up: "Zomg the Thunder picked up my spirit." Please make sure to post reviews of both your scents and your phero blends! Need reviews!!!
  6. Okay. No laughing please. Almost didn't post this 'cause it's a bit embarrassing... I've been using the unscented La Femme Mystere off and on for the past month, and I was super excited to try that phero as part of a "scent with intent". Earlier this week, I came home from work, had a good scrub in the shower, and decided to test this one out at home. Goddess of the Blue Moon smelled lovely in the bottle! I thought I went a little easy on application, tho I did put a bit more in my elbow (which seems to be a much better "hot spot" on me than my throat or wrists). I absolutely adored this scent as soon as I put it on. I think it's the lotus. I don't think I've ever worn anything with lotus in it before. Lotus is officially a mysteriously delicious flower. So I asked my Sweetie what he thought, and he also gave it his "smell good" seal of approval. I floated around the house for about 20-30 minutes while this literally filled the house with the scent, and suddenly, I kindof freaked out and had to wash it off. Seriously! You know the effects that La Femme Mystere is supposed to have on other people? Here's the description for those of you who may have a memory like mine: a "deeply feminine and voluptuously seductive air that would inspire positive feelings, deep emotions, meaningful connections, and leave a lasting, memorable, enchanting impression" That all sounds lovely, doesn't it? Oh yes! I definitely got those impressions... Except I was overwhelmed with how sophisticated and glamorous the scent was, and how completely unlike anything I have ever worn it was. And... I didn't want to have a deep, lasting and meaningful connection with myself - because this scent isn't like anything I've ever worn before. I was actually intimidated by Goddess of the Blue Moon. It is lovely, don't get me wrong... But the best words that I can think of to describe it with is super sophisticated. Like... This is a scent that really important grown ups wear. And oh my goodness, I just found out I'm not a grown up! Like I said... I chickened out. I ran back to the shower and scrubbed it all off. My Sweetheart laughed at me. I guess you all can too. I've hidden my sample on the top shelf of my perfumes cabinet (almost out of reach), and I'll revisit in in a few weeks (or months.. or years...) after I've grown back some of the courage that I lost when I was wearing it. Seriously... Goddess of the Blue Moon was a lovely complicated floral to me. There was one floral note that was strongest, I assume it was the Lotus, and several other notes that I didn't recognize that seemed to float in and out. Occasionally one note would rear it's lovely dragon-like head and grab my attention, then would slink back into the bushes and let the lotus take center stage again. I really loved this scent. I just don't know if I'm in a place where I deserve to wear something this sophisticated and "grown up".
  7. teacozy


    Decided to try this one today and absolutely love it. Applied, it smelled very strongly of caramalized sugar... Almost cotton candy, but not quite. It was very sweet, and strong enough that I had to roll the windows down driving in to work. At around the 1 hour mark, it started to turn into an almost plastic fake-strawberry smell... Like the Strawberry Shortcake dolls in the '80's. I was super nervous that it would smell like that for the rest of the day, but then at around the 3 hour mark all plastic and caramel had disappeared until there was nothing but strawberry. And when I say strawberry, I mean STRAWBERRY!!! Seriously. My arms, neck, even my sweater smelled like strawberries. The girl that sits next to me in my new cube was out today, but I was a little worried that it might smell strongly enough that the folks down the hall might get up and track me down to eat me. I finally had to IM my Sweetie to let him know that this one was a keeper. I think I summed it up like so: Me: So I love the scent I tried today. Him: hm? Me: It smelled like cotton candy, and then it turned into strawberries, and now I smell like strawberries, and I need to buy some strawberries on the way home, and I can't chew on my own arm but I got some on my sleeve which also smells like strawberries so I could probably chew on that instead and omg I smell like strawberries! Him: You're a hoot. When I got home I asked my Sweetie if I still smelled like strawberries and he said no... But then he chased me around the house telling me that I smelled good, and he kept dipping into the part of my neck that I had applied some (usually don't apply to my neck because of the shirts that I wear). Definitely a winner for both me and my Sweetie. So yeah... That's about how I would sum this up with my skin: Caramalized Sugar meets Strawberry Awesomeness. I imagine that the hour or so that it smelled like plastic instead of caramalized sugar or strawberries was just a weird crossover between the two. I'll keep trying it and see if there's a way that I can delay or hide the transition (maybe incremental applications?).
  8. teacozy

    Honey Ho

    Ran to the post office to pick up my package today... Used some Honey Ho to start my next round of sample testing... First 20 mins or so it smelled sweet and almost floral, with a teensy hint of the same honey in Pouncing Potion. After I got to work, it turned into super strong soap/baby powder. It smelled so strong to me that I asked the lady in the next cube over if it was too strong. She said it was nice and clean, and smelled like baby powder. I don't see any obvious similarities with Cuddle Bunny, but this soap-like smell was almost as strong as the linen clean soap like smell that Cuddle Bunny turns into on me. Tho with Cuddle Bunny all it takes is a hint on my skin to last all day, this one seemed to require more to stick around, but it wasn't honey... It smelled like super strong soap w/ an undertone of baby powder all day to me. I just got home about 12 hours after application and it is only during the past hour or two that the soap/powder scent has died down enough to smell a teensy bit of honey. Burt's Bees products stay wonderfully honey on my skin. Honey Ho, alas, does not.
  9. And.... Post office is sitting on my package. Last time they left it in my mailbox. This time I have to go to the office to pick it up, autograph, etc. It almost feels like Christmas Eve when you know you have a package full of goodies waiting for you in the morning!
  10. Hello Carmen. Welcome! Do us a favor and don't edit down your reviews... Sharing the itty bitty details is fabulous!
  11. I gave a sample bottle of this to one of my good friends a few days ago, and he asked me for feedback when we went out to lunch today. A great way to describe this friend is as my Partner in Crime, and since I think I might be on my way to getting him hooked on LPMP scents as well, I'll call him that from this point on. My Partner in Crime says he applied one spray (to the chest?) this morning and was overwhelmed by the smell. He doesn't wear colognes or scents at all, and he said he was afraid it was too strong. After the dry down, he says he really enjoyed the occasional whiff of smell goodness that he was getting from himself, but he was a little self conscious that it might smell too strong to others. I think he also had a little trepidation about using pheros around people at work, and he may have been even more self conscious looking for other people's reaction because he was wearing a scent and a phero. I think the word he might have used was: subterfuge? When we met in my cube to head out to lunch, I noticed something smelled nice, but didn't put 2 and 2 together and assume he was wearing a scent. When we stepped outside (it was super sunny and warm) I realized I was still smelling the "nice" and realized he was probably wearing one of the samples I gave him (he also got a sniffle of Attacked in the Stacks, I didn't know which scent one he was wearing yet). As soon as we got in my car and closed the door, he turned to me and asked rather excitedly: "How do I smell?!" He smelled good! It was very subtle, definitely clean, but also very spicey on him, with a tiny hint of musk. I wasn't sniffing all over him (we're friends, but not that kind of friends), but spicey is the best way that I can think of to describe how Dad smelled on him. He definitely seemed a little self conscious about it, but I must admit that I was super curious to see how far the throw was. We went to lunch with another friend (male) whom we used to work with. My Partner in Crime sat across from me during the meal and I couldn't smell the Dad at all... We were probably about 4-5 feet apart? I smelled it strongest when we were walking together in the hall and on the stairs outside in the sin (2-3 feet apart), and on the occasional pleasant breeze with spice on it in the car... I really couldn't smell it at all outside of conversational distance. And again, it was a little spicey, but really blended well with whatever his natural odor is. I think he definitely went a little light on the application, but overall, I think this is definitely a winner for him. He's in an interesting situation on his project where he's one of the guys on a team that has way more women (mostly managers) on it than any other project in our building. Almost the opposite of what my current work situation is. I'm usually the only woman on my teams, and have to deal with a bunch of dominant guys. My Partner in Crime is on a team with 4 or more women, and I get the impression he's having trouble being treated as a respected contributing member of the team. I have a bunch of other scents coming for him, including the two scented Open Windows blends (and the Unscented Open Windows phero) and the Lap of Luxury (w/ Swimming with Sharks) that should be good for him in that environment... That said, working on a team with so many female managers might make Dad for Men another interesting phero for him to use at work. As I assured him, it smelled really pleasant and wasn't remotely offensive. I don't know what kind of positive or negative effect this could have on his male co-workers (most of them seem to be typical Seattle area types... Nerdy, emo-ish guys. Not masculine at all), but the amount he seemed comfortable applying was very subtle, pleasant and seemed perfectly acceptable for a work environment. I don't have to sit next to him all day, though. Don't know if it might become distracting for all the ladies near him... Second hand experience, but I think Dad for Men is a winner for my Partner in Crime.
  12. Goodness! Thanks everyone for the advice... I was going to look thru the new user section for the info, but there it all is! And thanks, Calii? I am so clumsy - that sounds like a perfect way to make the process more spill proof and generally safer. <3
  13. I distinctly remember... about age 13? flouncing down the stairs in a black mini skirt that was probably about 6 inches long and more than slightly transparent... And a low cleavaged pink belly buster top too. Found them in a bag of clothes one of my mom's friends gave us when she was going through her closet. My Dad took one look at me, pointed back up the stairs and stated very firmly: "That's too provocative. You're not leaving the house." Fact: I never wore anything like that out of the house again... Fact: I don't think I ever have since (not counting that one time during my undergrad where I let my then boy-toy cut me out of a full body fishnet stocking... aaahhhh college!) I just placed my July order and it was full of goodies for both myself and one of my best friends. Off the top of my head the order contained: For me: Open Windows (oil - bottle) Pouncing Potion (oil - bottle) Goddess of the Blue Moon (trial) Heart's Ease (trial) Goddess Potion (trial) Blood on Snow (trial) Honey Ho (trial) Spinerette (trial - Katz and Invidiana's suggestion, thanks gals!) A Touch of Cerise (trial) Velvet Kisses (trial) Grow a Pear (trial) For my friend (who is a guy! trying to get him to register here so he can share share his experiences) Irresistable (trial) Pinnacle (trial) Thunder (trial) Top Dog (trial) Lap of Luxury (trial) TMI (trial) Might have been one or two others I can't remember... And darn! I just remembered I wanted a tester of Teddy Man 2, and somehow it didn't make it on my list. Sad panda. I also bought empty vials and pipettes.. I'm going to try to split some of the unscented Open Windows with him... If anyone has any suggestions for how to open the tops of those oil roller bottles without spilling product, please let me know!
  14. Tell me about it! My garden is producing so much food I've had to start hauling in bags to work to share with my coworkers. Sun, glorious sun! Finally, an excuse to wear sunglasses!
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