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  1. There is a 5th option too... I deal with this from my Sweetheart from time to time. He has a job that goes through production cycles, and sometimes when his job is exceptionally stressfull all he wants to do is tune out the rest of the world. Just like your BF, he seems to "escape" by playing video games. It took me a while to figure it out, and it included lots of conversations and a couple of arguments. I know he loves me and he isn't losing interest in me... He's just severely overwhelmed at work and distracting himself with his "hobby". I try to balance things out when he's stressed an
  2. Thank you, Snowflake! I'll order the spray. Hair will be nomingly delicious! I hope my sample lasts until my next order. O_o
  3. I tried this out yesterday morning... And wore it all weekend! Love the sweetness of this scent. It seemed to die down around the 2 hour mark, so I found myself reapplying frequently. I deliberately got some on my sleeves to see if it was my skin absorbing... And it was. My shirt still smelled strong when al m everything but a mild sweetness had disappeared on my skin. I will definitely be ordering this, but I don't know if it will have a longer "life" as an oil or in spray form. Not too concerned about throw - this is a delicious smell all for me... Any suggestions for which has a
  4. teacozy


    Decided to try this one today and absolutely love it. Applied, it smelled very strongly of caramalized sugar... Almost cotton candy, but not quite. It was very sweet, and strong enough that I had to roll the windows down driving in to work. At around the 1 hour mark, it started to turn into an almost plastic fake-strawberry smell... Like the Strawberry Shortcake dolls in the '80's. I was super nervous that it would smell like that for the rest of the day, but then at around the 3 hour mark all plastic and caramel had disappeared until there was nothing but strawberry. And when I say s
  5. And.... Post office is sitting on my package. Last time they left it in my mailbox. This time I have to go to the office to pick it up, autograph, etc. It almost feels like Christmas Eve when you know you have a package full of goodies waiting for you in the morning!
  6. Goodness! Thanks everyone for the advice... I was going to look thru the new user section for the info, but there it all is! And thanks, Calii? I am so clumsy - that sounds like a perfect way to make the process more spill proof and generally safer. <3
  7. I distinctly remember... about age 13? flouncing down the stairs in a black mini skirt that was probably about 6 inches long and more than slightly transparent... And a low cleavaged pink belly buster top too. Found them in a bag of clothes one of my mom's friends gave us when she was going through her closet. My Dad took one look at me, pointed back up the stairs and stated very firmly: "That's too provocative. You're not leaving the house." Fact: I never wore anything like that out of the house again... Fact: I don't think I ever have since (not counting that one time during my u
  8. Pouncing Potion is my favorite LP scent to date! This one is just delicious! On first application there is definitely a layer of chocolate goodness, but that quickly faded away to a more honey-and-apricot heaviness. I don’t get peaches… I smell honeyed apricots. And something else that’s almost powdery smelling, or sortof like Royal Jelly? … Probably took about… 20-30 minutes for most of the chocolate to disappear, then it was just self-devouringly tasty smelling. This scent kept coming out and surprising me, too. It seemed very heat sensitive… The warmer I got, the warmer the smell of
  9. Thank you, Mara! I wish I weren't so sensitive to copulins (tho I'm sure my Sweetie doesn't mind). It would be great to have two versions of this scent, pheroed and not. I'll make a note of it in my LPMP 'Spreadsheet of Deliciousness' and will make sure to order a non-phero bottle when you rebrew.
  10. Just remember that I work in a mostly all male office.... And I am not in a senior position at this company. Of the 20 or so folks on my particular team, there is only one other girl... And she is a temp. I thought this would be a good workplace phero to start with over Swimming with Sharks because it can help tone down some of the sheer maleness around my project, while also making the guys not feel threatened, and feel a little more accommodating. Since I am a 'minority' in this particular field, it seemed like a good reminder to drive in the fact that they need women to help round out
  11. La Femme Mystere The second LPMP product that I've tested was La Femme Mystère - UNscented Pheromone Blend for Women in the roll-on. Let me sum this one up in two words: Love it! First off, this is another copulin free formula, which I really appreciate. It appears to be high in estratetraenol and I can definitely see the effects of the DHEAS. I wore this over Blue Sugar at work on Wednesday and Thursday this week (we had alot of meetings), and again on Friday over The Perfumed Whisker. Wed-Thurs Effects on other people... My boss, whom I shall forevermore refer to as Hard
  12. I think the astringent aftertaste might have been because some might have gotten on the sleeve of my sweater. That might explain why it also smelled strongly in open spaces... The heated scent was able to spread further away, while the bit on my sleeve stayed closer. When I got home and changed into pajamas, the strong aftertaste was gone. Could have been the food, or might have been cops on the sleeves? Another reason I decided to purchase new scents and phero's is because work has become a bit... stressful lately. I've had a couple of phone interviews at other companies, but I realized I
  13. My first order from LPMP arrived today - hurray! I picked it up during my lunch break, quickly unpacked and sorted the goodies (including the extra treats - thank you!) and grabbed the sample of Cuddle Bunny 2009 to try out this evening. Both my sweetheart and I were scheduled to get home later than usual - me with work and him with errands. I waited until most of my co-workers were gone, then snuck off to the restroom and applied a smidgen (literally 1-2 smudges) of scent on my wrists and back of my neck. I wanted to make sure it didn't smell horrid before heading home, and I figured I c
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