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  1. J.... you look like a friend of mine on skype... hmmm interesting~~ welcome!! how are you getting on with your LPs?? Do you find they help with interacting with people, clients, business negotiation stuff??
  2. fishpie


    anyone has any recommendation for any similar smells to this ? since its no longer available anywhere I looked... Thanxxx!
  3. nice one! I am thinking abt fb of blackstone and levitation as well! share reviews when u try them on!!
  4. I know, I wish I were in the US~~ I am in the U.K..... sooo far far away from magic LPs.... thats why everytime I order, I try to get a BIG one... save time and money )
  5. fishpie


    I am wearing this one right now~~ sooo feminine and gives me a warm feeling~~ definitely a FB when I get my cheque!!!
  6. I think I run out of this ... I am now using empathy & harmony whenever I want to feel calm and peaceful...
  7. same here, I try to order on artfire and the postal fee comes to a $46 ... it seems charge per bottle even I want to buy the one says 'free-shipping' ... strange..
  8. fishpie

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    TMI Goddess of the Blue Moon Perfect Match Return to me Dark Seduction III
  9. fishpie

    Leprechaun Luck

    hmmm, I am tempted by all these great reviews.... plus I will wear it for intent... so maybe a FB worth....
  10. if I ordered from artfire over $25, can I still get 2 trial samples from here, or not?? Thanxx!
  11. i like and agree all the messages communicated by these wise ladies... this guy sounds selfish... I am sorry but you need to move on in your own path without any expectation of him being there for you emotionally.You feel there is something special between you and him, but you will feel the same with another guy given time. You are in denial stage where you hold on to his words and over analyze everything he says. Some times people say things to smooth the tension and they may mean well and they do mean it at that moment, but you have to judge how sincere he is by his ACTIONS but WORDS. The
  12. I got a sample of this one too, so how was the effect on yourself and others close to you?? Pls share with us your story!!
  13. haha, you remember!! I have had some good experience using LP with my ex-target, he is now in the history since I have moved on... I am dating but no serious BF yet~~ still hone my skill in understanding and decoding men... it takes a while but I am patient! still young and pretty, also with the extra help from LP
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