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  1. hi, I have also submitted 5 reviews a while ago, I wonder if they have been seen and I will also get credits?
  2. Hi Mara I did 5 reviews just now : cuddle bunny : popular potion : Balm bomb :treasured heart : true confessions user name : fishpie
  3. nice one! I am thinking abt fb of blackstone and levitation as well! share reviews when u try them on!!
  4. I think I run out of this ... I am now using empathy & harmony whenever I want to feel calm and peaceful...
  5. fishpie

    Leprechaun Luck

    hmmm, I am tempted by all these great reviews.... plus I will wear it for intent... so maybe a FB worth....
  6. I got a sample of this one too, so how was the effect on yourself and others close to you?? Pls share with us your story!!
  7. I got mine yesterday, oredered on the 16th of Sep, so its like 3 weeks~~ I got to change my daily smell now, soo good! Darling catalina is my fav at the moment, also cannot wait to try passion pink! ! Thanxxx Mara and John!~~
  8. Its quite late here in the UK, and I am working tomorrow so its going to be a very quick review of the Heart's Ease with Balm Bomb. I have been wearing it since Friday, its oil version. So I applied it to the back of my neck, my face and my hair. I love the smell, its very soft and relaxing smell. I am not sure whether these amounts were enough to affect others around me... I wore it to a bar to meet my flatmate and another friend, these girls saw me and they were like ' oh, you look so good, and you dress so well, and your hair look good this way.' Note, one of these two girls i
  9. I GOT MY PARCEL today, so it took 20 days, I ordered end of June. I am soo happy now, Mara and John are very generous with samples, its good now I have more to play with and experiment mixing different mones together to strengthen the effect!! Thanxxxx soo much !! I will soon be sharing my field research notes with people.
  10. same here, I have seen similar message from my USPS tracking, it was accepted on the 11th July and nothing happened after that date. I was worried that my parcel was just going to stay in there... Its been 7 days and I am hoping the parcel will be delivered this week... its not easy to get my hands on some these magic perfumes...
  11. yeehhh, be patient, I ordered 10 days and the parcel just got posted, so I guess I will have to wait end of next week to get it delivered to me...
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