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  1. Mara, thanks so much and so happy to hear that you are going to have a sale this year....
  2. Citrine, I have been so busy since I got promoted that I never came back to say thanks for the congrats on my promotion.
  3. I would love something with Lace, Mega Watt, Stone Cougar, and Classy Dame
  4. Hi @Potion Master! Can you please tell me how many forum credits I have? Thanks ever so much...
  5. Orchid is my all time favorite note, I think I own most of Mara's blends with this note...I stocked up when I saw that this one was low in stock and thankfully I still have about 4 bottles left. I love Sugared Orchid on me as it's so sophisticated and refined on me. I'm not a huge floral lover but I just adore how this blend has such staying power on me. I love the simplicity of the sugared line, but this amazing Sugared Orchid is so complex on me and whenever I wear it I always get compliments on how beautiful I smell... I truly love this one so much and I hope to see more blends in the future with orchid in it...
  6. I've loved SS4W and its been my best and most frequently worn phero over the years...To those of you that have tried this, do you get selfies wearing it? I'm thinking I need to get a spray bottle of this since I'm down to half a spray bottle of my SS4W
  7. Luna, it's weird how one chemistry changes over time... I remember someone telling me and it might have even been you (just turned 60 and I swear I'm not as good at remembering stuff as I used to be) years ago that said to try something again after a bit of time has passed. Megawatt did not work for me years ago but I tried it again and now its been a winner for me... SS4W had always been my go to for everthing...LOL I just did a huge presentation and roll out aat work about 6 months ago and used this even though it was all done via zoom. The President jut promoted me to Director since I did such a good job last week and I feel Megawatt gave me the confidence to get it done (maybe it dialed in my ability to focus more intently as you mentioned).
  8. dolphindolls2


    This blend is beautiful to sleep in, you drift off and feel so great and sweet smelling, I really love all of the notes in this blend.
  9. Ok, I just have to rave about this one today, I love it so much I bought a 2nd bottle and this one has aged so nicely...its truly just summer in a bottle love it
  10. I use Mega Watt when I want more confidence, I use this with Black Panther when I want to interview for a new job...This has been a winner for me for over 8+ years...love this combo
  11. dolphindolls2


    I'm a huge fan of magnolia and gardenia. I really love this blend, it's like a bit of the tropics in a bottle...After about an hour the milk/cream notes come front and center and the cake accord blasts me...I'm not a big cake accord fan so I was really hoping this would not react this way with my skin chemistry... ugh, I hate that my skin amps the milk and cream notes... I really love this blend and I'm not going to let my wonky skin chemistry ruin this for me...Today-I used sugared magnolia + added this beautiful blend and that seemed to help balance out the cake accord for me....
  12. Just got my sample of this one and I let it sit for a few days and tried it on this am, prior to my shower and the LILAC in this blend is not liking me... It comes on hard and strong and I was really hoping that some of the other notes would soften it up... I'm hoping if I try it again in a few days it will calm down a bit on my skin... I do have to say that my skin chemistry does not seem to like Lilac in any form, but I was so hoping that the other notes would drown it out and clam it down on my skin. I'm a huge fan of Classy Dame and I think that if you love Lilac and your skin loves this note, this is a fabulous blend for you....
  13. So I just placed an order for Pink Pearl, I needed to give myself a little treat....
  14. Treasured Hearts is my go to. I use it for business meetings and it helps to open up communications and it's just an all around good one to have in your arsenal.
  15. As most folks know I'm a Orchid hoe and I grab everything Mara does in Orchid because this is my all time favorite note. I was very nervous about the Peach in this blend as Peach and my skin hate each other. Now that this blend has aged, I feel that it's a much better blend on me as the peach is just a slight note on my skin vs screaming loud and crazy on my skin when I first got it. I think because my skin amps Peach, the watermelon in this blend is very light and aquatic and I feel this also diminishes the pink notes that watermelon tends to give off. I love sweet scents and this does not disappoint, however I feel the musk tones it down and it help to tamper that feeling of having too much sweetness in this blend. The orchid in this blend is truly the shining star and it really makes this blend so exquisite and magical. To me the orchid is like the note that brings all of the other notes together and just makes it a fabulous summer sweet pink scent to wear on a carefree day of fun and sun.
  16. This review is long overdue. I have trouble sleeping and as I'm getting older I seem to have more problems....LOL I really love this blend and if you need help sleeping at night it is truly the blend to have in your collection. It is a bit herbally but it a calming way. For me and my skin, this blend version has been the least herbal on me and I really love how the lavender just blooms on my skin after about 15 minutes. To me the oakmoss really grounds this blend so that as you sleep you get that peaceful vibe. I also have purchased every version of Pillow Stuffing as Luna noted above and I really love this version the best. Eucalyptus tends to amp on my skin and in this version it's not as intense and the blend just seems to be less herbally and more soft and peaceful on me. I want to encourage everyone to also use this a day scent, for those days that are stressful, this blend will help to ease you out of that stress and put you in a place of calm and serenity. This is really a must have scent to have in your collection because it's truly a staple item that you will reach for time and time again.
  17. Kayla, thanks so much for the help.... Luna, so happy to hear its summery, off to purchase a full bottle
  18. For those of you that I have tried this scent, would you say that it's tropical and or a summer scent? I'm looking to replace some summer scents that I have now used up.
  19. I want to add that I would love to see Warm and Cozy come back... I'm now addicted to this one
  20. I know it's hard to do a rebrew since many of the ingredients that go into these are long gone, but if items that smell close to these ever come back, I would love and incarnation of any of these... Pizzazz Allumette Absinthe of Malice Black Panther Pallas with Lumina
  21. dolphindolls2


    Mara, you just sold me on this blend, and thanks so much Luna for letting me know that the floral aspect is the more obvious part of the blend. Magnolia and Gardenia are two of my favorites that Mara makes, so this will be a full bottle
  22. I love GARDENIA and I'm almost out of Mermaids of Atlantis, so this will be a full bottle on pay day...
  23. dolphindolls2


    I never do well with Cake accords, is this front and center on this blend?
  24. I love this scent so much and my company just gave the go ahead for me to travel domestically again and I flew to my plant in GA and as I was clean my desk drawers out, I found my bottle of Sugared Pink Musk that I left down here a few years back and this has aged really well and so happy I found it because I brought it back home to MI with me
  25. I'm hoping some tropical / summer scents drop... I so want to smell like summer all the time...
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