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The Tao of Torre


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This one has a crystalline type of purity that is popular in modern Asian fragrances - a light and fresh collection of essential oils and sheer accents. Blossoms of orange, lemon, white lily and freesia, drops of apricot, nutmeg, bamboo and green tea, with a dusting of sandalwood in the base.

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Just tried my sample of this today and omg it's smells so good!


I literally cannot stop sniffing my hand because it smells so darn good!


Smells very refreshing imo


I find the lemon really stands out on me which is great as I love the smell of lemon ( and taste too, yum!)

I think this would be perfect for when you want to go for a tangy and refreshing type of scent.


Omg I'm still sniffing my hand as I type this lol.

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This one is very light and sheer, the sort of thing to wear in warmer weather. Unfortunately it comes off as a bit too sharp and perfume-y on me - it's probably the lily, which I usually don't do very well with.

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This is very fresh and lovely. I am picking up something very floral, but it's not overwhelming at all. I think it has to be the freesia and orange blossoms. I am thinking of adding this to my shampoo or shower gel because I bet this would smell amazing in my hair. lol.

I feel like I want to clean something with this. OMG the Kitchen! I am going to try and make a homemade cleaning spray and drop this baby in there.

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I freaking LOVE LOVE this PE and is always the case with things that I love, I try them  or find them once they are gone....


This is so fresh, uplifting and just such a sheer veil of utter delight on me.  I love all of the notes Mara used to blend this and it's truly so unique. I would say its a summer fragrance but here it is fall in MI and I'm wearing it. It's such a nice floral, those folks that can not do floral's can do this blend...

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