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Love Potion: Pumpkin w/Aja


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I read the description again in the store listing, and even though the description on the forum does not mention patchouli, it says its there on the product page.


Aha! I had posted a while back that when I tried this I could have sworn there was patch, but the description in this thread seemed to prove me wrong. Now I know my nose wasn't playing tricks on me ;)

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Either I'm a victim of the Mandela Effect or it wasn't in the notes listing when I copy/pasted to put up the review thread? :lol:

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This lasts a looong time on me! It morphs into a smoky scent tho. I don't know if it is the patch (that we all know is in it now haha), the amber, or what, but it loses most of the pumpkin, and is still a little bit sweet - maybe the honey? maybe the Aja? It gets "darker," and easily lasts 12 and more hours on my pulse points.

I've had little luck with honey scents, and no prior experience with Aja, so I can't identify notes any better than to describe it as a smoky caramel that stays rich for quite a while.


It is totally an autumn scent once it goes past the first couple of hours, and has prompted me to take a sample of Aja for a test drive next :)

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On 6/1/2019 at 1:30 PM, Eastwood22 said:

Bumping this thread.... @Chaos Angel

Thank you! 


I love this one! 5 stars! I need to put it on again to review it properly. I will do that soon.


I feel like this one is at the same amazing gathering as Moondust Cocoa. 

At first I get an amazing Pumpkin with Caramelized Brown Sugar, then my skin eats a lot of the pumpkin, and I’m left with a wonderful blend. I believe the marshmallow comes through more once the Pumpkin has softened.

Id love to wear it during fall/winter. 

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