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Private Editions for OCTOBER 2017

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Witty Kitty's ZING!

Witty Kitty came up with a lovely combo, a really nice take on the popular ginger/citrus pairing, with soft candied ginger and equal amounts of lime and orange (Sicilian mandarin and neroli) essential oils. We added white sugar, sweet sandalwood and a touch of vanilla to the base to make it smooth and soft, but still with that little ginger Zing! (Get the label? :lol: )

1 bottle available



Tyvey's Saturday in Hermosa

A lovely combination of intense aromas...Bulgarian rose otto, essence of cacao, cardamom and sea salt. The result is a beautiful sandy rose scent, with a hint of darkest cocoa on the bottom, and that slightly boozy quality that accompanies an extract of that kind. Rose lovers, take note!

9 bottles available



Nicole's Victoriosa

Nicole's confident and womanly success blend is built around orange blossoms and fresh cut roses, with hints of honeysuckle and hyacinth blossoms, supported by soft white amber and sweet sandalwood in the base. Nicole's intent with Victoriosa is along the lines of JLisa's much loved Madame President, and while entirely different ingredients, those who enjoyed that one may take interest in this one as well. There's a lovely freshness to this!

3 bottles available



I think we have enough to make around 10 Itty sets this month, so please post here to let me know if you would like one. $4 per set, add-on item. Thanks, Peeps. Excellent work, PE Designers! :D

(GATart, Tyvey, Luna, WildVixen, Bella

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