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Celrynnya's Bonnieshanks (September 2023)

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Celrynnya's Bonnieshanks

Name by Celrynnya, Label Image by AI

Sexy and sassy honey mead and benzoin melded with vanilla bean and warm woods.


I hope it's OK that I'm starting this topic, I didn't see this one listed here yet. It is absolutely divine. Put it on this morning and I can't stop huffing myself! That is a very sexy honey scent going on, and the benzoin is pretty forward, too. As it dries down, the other scents start to make themselves known. The vanilla is warm and inviting, and I don't know how Mara manages to capture that scent of the woods so perfectly but it feels like a walk through a deep, dark forest fresh from rain, with a hint of something autumnal in the background.


Really lovely, so glad I picked this one up!

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I like it. To me it’s similar to Noco Gold but warmer and smuttier. Definitely sexy. I’dd wear it for a date with my current bf but not to work 

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5 hours ago, Artemis said:

@greenappletart I'm curious what you think of this? I just ordered a bottle and I'm super excited. This is the one PE I regretted not getting and I couldn't stop thinking about it. 



I've only given it one short test. I didn't get to see how it morphs over a full day. I'll try to wear it again soon for a real review, but I'll tell you what my notes say so far.


The honey is the heart of this fragrance. It's a somewhat powdery honey, but not too powdery. Warm. It transports me to a slightly dusty, sun warmed room. A quiet nook where you can take a book and read in peace while basking in the heat of an unseasonably warm day, like a cat in a sunbeam. 

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I do love this, but my skin is problematic.  It starts out as a sweet, non-musky honey with a lovely back of benzoin followed by a suble vanilla.  I think the vanilla is the issue for me, because after an hour or so it turns ashy on my skin.  Several hours after that, though, it blooms as the loveliest benzoin note you ever did sniff.  The benzoin is the real heart of this scent.  I almost went with amber, and I'm so glad that I didn't.  I would absolutely love for a sugared benzoin to be released, because Mara's is one of the best I've smelled.  If you want a warm vanilliac resin that isn't in any way astringent or dark and heavy, this is a lovely option.  I amp resins AF and I am always cautious of them (sugared amber is lovely, but I can only tolerate a dab), but this is just the right amount of grounded but sweet without being over the top.


I'll be hanging out for the next possible LE event to request a sugared benzoin, if nothing else.

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