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"Mone suggestions for fave fragrances

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LP Red with...anything ;)

LP Original with Open WIndows

Fairest with Heart & Soul

Areon Sky with B2

LP SE 2011 with cops...

LP Silver with Treasured Hearts

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Occo Pink beta spray lightly under LP Pink, Flowerbomb or Pink Sugar topped with the phero blend of my choice.


For nighttime LP original beta spray (which is gorgeous!) over pheroblend of choice and Occo White oil mixed with LP original Oil on pulse points, this always gets me many hits (both men and women). LP original and Red give me strong phero type reactions, though Red is a little too strong on my skin.


Good topic kittenkat.

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I love both these scents....I'd do Leather with Scarlet Leaf. Daring, confident and sexy just like the scent! Blood on the Snow is a bit of a tricky one; at least for me it's a rather calming scent so I'd do B2 or Tranquility Potion.

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I tend to just boost rather than mix-and-match, so this is what I've done (from tyvey's "Your Genius Boostings")

Adrienne's Tangy Ylang w/Stone Cougar

Voodoo Valentine w/Focus Potion

Shelly B's Naughty Sweet & Dirty w/Sexology

Sugared Honeycomb w/P-com Cuddle Bunny

Delicious Wood w/Teddy BB

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LP Red & Cougar & Cops,of course LP Red & OCCO Red,like Beccah said LP Red & anything :) Tyvey's Coffee Cake & Open Windows,made for each other... I truly enjoy the already pheroed scents that Mara is so brilliant at creating :D

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