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Need some advice, please

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I'll be going to meet my grown-up son this weekend. I see him very seldom because he is staying far away from my place due to his studies. Well, I need to give him some advice regarding his further studies and some financial matters. He is that kind of person who never listens to others and makes things more difficult than they should be. :angry: That's why I want to talk to him and I'd be glad if he would listen to me.

I'm thinking about wearing MLH, which I have but never tried so far. But may be MLH is not so suitable for 'adult kids'?

Another choice would be Treasured Hearts. This seems to be good for family reunion. But will it be a support when giving advice?

SWS? ....may be not.

How about Open Windows?


Does anybody have an idea for this situation? I'd very much appreciate suggestions from other forum members.

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I have MLH and my eldest is 17. It seems to have a calming effect on her and and "in charge" effect on me. I would vote for that. Also, I've found that asking open questions gets that ball rolling (and I have to refrain from commenting, which for me is next to impossible) They know everything anyway right? :-)


But when I approach my kid and her finances, job, grades, etc that way, it gets her talking first. And then I usually ask, "so what are you going to do?" ( a great Love and Logic technique) That way I am not the fixer. If I can manage to slide in a couple phrases of advice/opinion in, then I consider it a successful conversation. They listen to us more than we think, but it's usually on a more unconscious level. Good luck. And enjoy your visit with your son!

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Mother's Little Helper or Swimming with Sharks are my top two choices for this situation, and maybe even Teddy BB.


Treasured Hearts works great on female relatives, Teddy BB worked best on my Dad...calmed him and got him listening to me and treating me like an equal.

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Ladies, thank you so much for your suggestions! I was a bit torn between MLH, TH and OW. I think I'll try my luck with MLH and a suitable scent which makes me feel confident.

Mara, I have tried TH several times with female relatives and it worked great (I've never tried it with males). Well, as I do not have TeddyBB, I'll stick with MLH.

Raq On, I agree with you that our kids often listen to us on an unconcious level so that we are not really aware of it. So, I will not give up hope. Thank you for your good wishes.

I'll report when I come back.

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