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Lina's Marzipan Cake


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I am so happy I splurged and got a bottle of this! I love almond, and just knew I would love this, but I didn't know that hubby would also love it! He is wild about it! As soon as it arrived I had to try it out, and as soon as he got home from work he was like "OMG, what smells so delicious?" I said it must be me LOL. He was all over me!

Thank you Lina for making this PE, I definitely owe you ;).

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Yay! Glad you love it! And your man too ;)

I got mine boosted with Heart and Soul. Mara did an awesome job as usual. It's very cakey and I'm loving the almond note. I'm not the best at describing scents... But this is decadent, rich and yummy!

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