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Candy Cane Cookies


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Ummm...I love the label? I have a thing for squirrels.


Other than that, this one didn't agree with me at all. :( It smelled very harsh to my nose and I couldn't even handle wearing it for very long before I had to switch to something else. It actually made me feel kind of nauseous. Full disclosure: I have been queasy for the past couple of days, but I wasn't today except for when I had this on.


Nope, not for me. Oh well. Onward and upward! :D

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This one is so simple, but so good. It is only vanilla, chocolate, peppermint, and amber, but it smells much more complex and really does smell like cookies. How can only 4 ingredients smell like chocolate peppermint cookies??? Especially without butter and cream. I got a FB in the sale after purchasing a sampler looking for the sugar cookie scent my daughter wanted. Now it’s mine!

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