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Making Friends and Influencing People

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For those who don't know me, I'm happily married for - now - over a decade and still loving/liking him/being married :D

I stumbled upon LP looking for new ways to keep things interesting on the home front using pheromones and in the process have found that and SO much more!

You know those books and TV infomercials on how to make friends and influence people? WELL. Forget about 'em!

Ok, there are still some valuable lessons in self improvement, no doubt, so don't forget everything :lol: But I have found phero use to be fun AND favorable in more than just my home environment. I think that's why it's become such a fun hobby for me. And hobby it is. I'm "invested" now (that's how I choose to look at it at least, lol) I've invested time, $$$, study, testing and documentation....this is officially a hobby!

And a lucrative hobby it has become. Although not necessarily monetary.

I have become more self aware and more aware of my surroundings. I have put more effort into being a catalyst in my daily routines rather than being merely reactionary.

In the process, I have been making friends and influencing people on a level that has benefitted me, personally, quite tremendously.

Ok. I'm normally a roll-with-it personality. I'm obnoxiously (to some) positive and I never have a bad day - there may be bad moments, but all in all, my days are good ones, even if they can be exhausting :D I love people and I love my life and I try to be grateful for every moment. I have found that many people seem to be drawn to that alone.

Before Pheromones I was reactionary. Meaning I just went about my business, doing what I could, where I could, to the best of my abilities and not really giving much thought to how my behavior effected others. In a way, phero use has helped me to grow as a person, (which may well have happened anyway - I should hope LOL!) since it has made me more aware of myself, my surroundings and how everything interacts together. I'm sure I'm not the only one to have this epiphany...I've read it in plenty of other posts :)

So now I have a blend for any need - or whim...social, familial, work, play, seduction....and often, just for some naughty FUN. The addition of LP's amazing fragrances that, truly, run the gamut have deepened my own personal enjoyment of pheromones & also gave me an appreciation of the pheromone type of power that fragrance can have all on its own!

So spill it...how are you finding things these days now that pheromones &/or LP have become part of your adventure? :D

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I'm at the beginning of my adventure so I have homework,lots of homework,to do before I can contribute to this thread but my aim is to have a few concoctions for what you suggested, social, work, seduction.. I stocked up on a variety of lp samples to hone in on my favorite scent combos but I will test out many cops and pheros at their most basic blend separately to see which work where and with whom. Then I will test out layering.

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NuTrix, I can totally relate to your post. Even though I came to LPMP strictly for the perfumes, I seem to have amassed quite the phero arsenal. I actually have more pheros and phero blends than regular perfumes now. I have something for every situation too, and it's so cool...

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That's awesome Cherise! And I look forward to watching your fascination bloom here!


OHMYGOSH Molls! I'm the other way around, lol, I DID come here looking for pheros but NOW I have more perfumes :lol: I wore perfume sparingly before and when I found out I could wear LP without headaches it was like finding nirvana! Now I'm looking at my stash in the a.m.'s, getting ready for work or play, and thinking, "Hmmm, which scent suits which phero and purpose today???" :D New adventure everyday!

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Great post Nutrix!


Like Cherise, I'm at the start of my LP/pheromone adventures, and yet I can already see how these little bottles of liquid magic are such a powerful tool for helping me to become more like the version of myself I most desire to be.


I got out of a relatively short but very abusive relationship with a sadistic man a few years ago. It was my first and only relationship. Since then I have spent most of my time, energy and effort undermining myself- trying to become invisible, hating myself, not doing the things I'm good at or deserve, etc.


Recently I've been trying to change things- to move towards a better version of myself. Until now I was pretty much only imagining myself changing, and escaping into my own mental world. Then I discovered LP. Like many others before me, I immediately developed an obsessive love affair with everything that's offered here. But curiously, before I had even received my first order, I suddenly developed this strong motivation to start thinking, feeling and behaving differently towards myself. I am now more actively moving myself towards a future version of my self and life that will match up with what I deserve to be/do/have.


I've been through therapy with half a dozen different people, and tried many times before on my own to get the momentum to change for the better. Now for the first time, with the help of LP's bottled brilliance, I'm actually doing it. And it feels so natural and easy.


So while I've not yet had much experience with the wonderful creations here, I can't even begin to describe how much it already means to me to have found them, and how grateful I am that they're being made. Thank you LP!

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Vladmyra, what a great post!


We're always becoming - it's just becoming what? Moving forward or moving back or even becoming stagnant. It's exciting to see YOU are going to become something great! Look forward to seeing you bloom :)

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Great thread, NuTrix,

Yes, finding phero blends has added a lot of fun and nice surprises to my life. I love picking out a scent every day, with a phero or without, it's another lovely thing to do in the morning, along with choosing lingerie, clothes and shoes. It's one more thing to put on to master everything life throws at you. With a phero that fits my mood, I feel like I go out into the world just more ready to take it on.

I am a very friendly, approachable person and people have always come up to me out of the blue, men have always liked to flirt with me. But this summer I have been blown away by some of the reactions, I have practically been showered with compliments, and even people who have a hard time opening up have been playful and more forthcoming. I've had hugs out of the blue, and there were men at parties who could not bring themselves to leave my side. And, like you, NuTrix, I have been with the love of my life forever and am generally a happy person.

Maybe the fact that the pheros make you more confident plays into their success. This thought: even if I'm not at my best today, I got this secret weapon, I guess that helps, too. But they do make you shine a little brighter. Can't say it any other way: this summer I was on fire.

Now let's tackle the fall!

So, thank you Mara, for making my life more beautiful!

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