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Hi! Want to experiment with pheros during divorce mediation


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Hey Beccah - you know, it's just amazing how often in-laws try to muscle in there and take children away from their only sane parent. Sorry you had to go through that but it looks like that's the last time you'll have to deal with that. Committing welfare fraud kind of doesn't look good on the old custody application, you know? And last time I checked - grandparents don't have visitation rights so good luck to her ever being able to come by and see him again now that she's burned that bridge :001_302: .


And yeah, the Monty Python fish slapping dance was kind of what I have in mind. You know, how abusive people just take delight in gleefully slapping other people with their crap and thinking they can get away with it until - pow! Karma slaps 'em back.

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Woo hoo! Got my shipment yesterday!


So much fun. I think my nose went into shock smelling everything. I totally fell in love with two of the samples I got - Bonnie and Gilded. I couldn't stop sniffing them. So even though they were all undoubtedly still travel shocked I tried Bonnie out with some SWS yesterday. I'm going to try them again when they've settled for a few days and then write a review (my first thoughts are that SWS is amazing for getting stuff done). Going to work again today and enjoyed the effects of SWS yesterday so I decided to try Shut Up and Get a Job (BTW, I love the write up for that one). Because I'm on a contract and I really need a permanent job, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to send the intent out there into the universe while I work hard at the office - and also, I've got a job application out there right now that I'm waiting to hear back from.


I'm going to post all the rest in the reviews section.

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