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Love Potion: Blue


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Oh, LP Blue...how do I love thee, let me count the ways! I was able (and blessed) to score a bottle of this in the recent auction. SQUEE!!! It's my FAVORITE LPMP. Eeeevvveeerrr. The weather here in VA was in the low 50's today and nOT humid (praise God) and the air even smelled a little bit like Fall, which, for me anyway, is SO WELCOME after a hot, humid, sticky, tucky summer. It was the perfect crisp, clear, chilly morning to crack open the seal on "My Precious" LP Blue.


Ahhh.Everytime I smell this, I involuntarily exclaim, "This is ME!!!" It feels like a wearable sassy, fresh, upbeat, sexy, sultry, happy mood to me. I completely get the classic original LP base of vanilla, patchouli, and sweet apricot heightened with yummy leather, sweet pipe tobacco, a waft of something resin-y that is a prominent part of LP Black (another LP that I love, but not as much as Blue), sugary, happy sweetness and "sass"! It literally shoots my mood into the stratosphere and puts a great big smile on my face. It's absolutely positively my "ONE".


It makes me think of the cutest little denim jacket, or a well-worn and well-loved brown bomber or motorcycle jacket with a crisp white feminine shirt underneath with just enough lace. The perfect snug-fitting favorite blue jeans, some cute mid-heeled boots, a happy-go-lucky attitude, some Victoria's Secret model-like long, shiny, luxurious hair to flip in the chilly autumn breeze, a bright blue sunny sky, a glass of the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon in-hand at a gorgeous little winery, my boyfriend's arm wrapped around me lovingly and protectively, and the perfect smile.  :)


PERFECT.  LOVE. HOW did I live without this, and when this ever-so-cherished brand-new bottle of BLISS is gone, I will mourn as if I have lost a dear, dear friend. This will be rationed and planned and used with the utmost thought and joy. 


THANK YOU MARA, for parting with this precious little lovely! It's made my whole season! :)



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Augh I really thought I had time to "get it later". Goes to show that waiting is wasting 😭


It's definitely "blue", it smells fresh, hint of leathery goodness with sweet musky wood. Everything is blended beautifully and my sample aged gracefully as well! So sad this has been discontinued. Hopfully it'll come back as a limited release!

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