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Copulin Tutorial video


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Thanks, I know exciting it is to play around with them when you first discover them! Lol, & most normal men are just so so darn nice when they get hit with them. It's those oddballs you have to watch out for, but that's the case with people in general, I think. I could post a suggestion thread for YT vids, if you guys want. I'm usually fairly busy, but not dating or having to deal with a SO does allot me some time to do these now :)

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Guest cutie.pie

I have just watched it. I have OCCO Ambrosia and some trials w/cops but was scared to used them cause I didn't know how much to wear. Now I see I was wearing a very small amount ;) I love Celebutante too.


Your little boy is adorable!


Thank you for this video! :nice04271:

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I just realized I've been using SOOO little this whole time ? i've been using the pointy tip of the wand for like a second on my stomach to my belly button. I was paranoid that I would be using way too much and go invisible to everybody. Thank you for making this video! Very helpful!

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