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At-home phero boosting question

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I'm sorry, I have a post-migraine hangover and for some reason, simple math seems to be beyond me. :blink:

If I want to boost a regular sized (10 ml) FB of an LP with an UN phero blend, to the same strength that Mara uses in her "pheromas," how much UN would I need to put in?


SS4W is the PERFECT "dose" for me in Sneaky Clean, but I was thinking with the UN trials this might be my chance to boost an LP I already have with the same "dose," if that makes sense?? I'm just not sure if 3.5 ml is enough. I think it is but I feel like I'm trying to think through oatmeal. (You're welcome for that lovely mental image :P )




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1/3 of a full bottle of UN would be the same dose as a pheromone enhanced scent. The Uns are 3x the strength of those in fragrances. So Sneaky Clean has 1/3 the amount of SS4W as a full bottle of un. The trial sizes are about perfect for that if you did it yourself. just add one trial to a FB scent. You will end up with a little more product because of the additional oil of the sample but it works great.


A full bottle of Un is 10ml so 3.5ml is just right.

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