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  1. Nope not for me. Smells like an old cat lady's house on me. Nope!
  2. This is hauntings mixed with pashazhade!! Both scents I make the BF wear. This is really good! Soft, powdery, but with the same spice profile as pashazhade. I will have to consider getting more of this. At least a second sample. I think I'd go crazy for this with perfect match!
  3. On the BF, this is straight up soap. Nice, green soap, but still soap. Smells good, but not a must-have.
  4. I don't know what "cherry divinity" is... will have to google, but this is DEFINITELY cupcake-ey. I LOVE it. The cherry is very very subtle, I think I was scared that it would be very strong-- kinda like spring's lusty cherry, which was too strong for me. I will need a FB of this for sure. It had great throw and lasted pretty long!
  5. Also, my goodness, what a touching story. I totally know how you feel. Hope this perfume brings you a little comfort.
  6. I am SO behind on trying the valentine's NRs... but now that I am, I'm in TROUBLE! These are amazing!! Silken glow is SO good. It kind of reminds me of royal violets eau de toilette that cuban parents douse their babies in. But this is softer, more complex. Definitely uber feminine and soft. Not a TON of throw, but just a gentle cloud around you. I will update with staying power. Edit: I don't care about the staying power, (which is going strong after about 3 hours) this is amazing and I can't stop huffing myself. I want to reapply. I want to smell like this forever. Definitely... DEFINITELY getting a bottle.
  7. I love wearing this scent. Soft rose and powdery, silky musks. Not too strong or overpowering but it has good stay. I'm glad I scored a bottle on the trade forum.
  8. TY Bella! I'll request an invoice since I'm going to order a few FBs soon. These ivory cats are FRICKIN AMAZING. Feel better Mara!
  9. I'd be so grateful if someone could tell me how to get my bottle of lv's slp... How can I request an invoice?
  10. Oh man, I have been so busy lately and while I've been peeking at the NR PE section every few days, I didn't check this thread. So sorry to be so flaky! I'm going to post in the nr thread to make sure I can get my bottle. Sorry girls!!
  11. This is the first of the February sampler I have tried, and the one I was most excited about. It is everything I wanted Honeyed LP to be! (It was tooooooo smutty on me.) Delicately honey-like, with the delicious LP base to back it up. Its not as light as LP White, ceremony or flutterby on me, because its slightly honey-like. Also it has lasted pretty well from 10AM application to still faintly detectable now at 7p. So delicious! I'm going to need a FB for SURE!
  12. I'm totally in for the order party! Also yay PEs are open now!!
  13. *Looks over at the lady v sweet pussy thread*
  14. Hum... Spinerett LP silver Ladybird Patience potion Molly's blue magnolia? Pink musk? Sea lily? Dom potion? Pcmp? SO hard to choose
  15. I had to order a sampler and a pack of the cards can't wait to get mine!
  16. Yes yes!! Make this permanent!! I wore this to meet with a realtor and it smells soooo good! Juicy pear with a hint of banana!! Yuuuum! No stabby grapefruit or anything. Just yummy sweet tutti frutti!!
  17. I'm so glad this is permanent. Just waiting for my bottle of pink musk to dwindle a bit further before I get a fb of this.
  18. I just reviewed LP ceremony, lumina, pashazade, teddy man 2, LP pink, sneaky clean, PM, H&S, balm bomb and LP homme, my name shows up as M. Ruiz!
  19. So I wore this yesterday after properly shaking The scent was definitely improved. All the notes were softer, the rose was less incense-y. I like it better. I'm still feeling the dominance phero for getting-stuff-done. I have a pheromas trial of leather and I'd it doesn't work quite as well I'll move along to dom.
  20. Put this on the bf before he went to work yesterday. Only got to smell it briefly before he left but it was super light, fresh, soapy and lemony. Very nice!!
  21. This is SOOOO nice!! Trying it out today since I know some of the more alpha female blends help people get $#*T gone!! I forgot to shake it up... Whomp whomp. But it still smells so good! Milk chocolate and rose, evenly blended for me, and slightly incense-y. The rose is similar to the sweet Lorien b PE. Will edit to review how it wears. Eventually on my, the chocolate wore off and I was left with a musty rose... Not totally my style but we'll see what happens when I shake it up properly. Also. The dominance phero worked pretty well
  22. Haha hearts I think we've all thought about it already too!
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