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  1. This smells DIVINE!! I ordered this in a trial vial at least 1 year ago. I just tried it today. I am truly enjoying wearing this. I do like Lace anyway. I feel pretty upbeat wearing this. I will see how it feels as the day progresses, but as a scent, this is a winner!
  2. Ok. I figured something out from reading this forum as well as Pherotruth. My boyfriend is a positive responder to A1. That molecule is in LFM, LFN and PM. He has responded consistently well to all three. I think it makes him feel at peace. The PM seems to have an imprinting effect on him too. The only other blend that has had this effects on targets has been Gotcha (although Gotcha doesn't have A1 in it).
  3. Thank you. Yes. I remember wearing Leather with DHEAS before and that was a winner. On another note. I wore Perfect Match with my guy tonight and the results were OUTSTANDING. So much love and warm sentiments and caring between one another. It has made me believe in love again. I can’t remember a time recently when my boyfriend was this soft and loving. 💕💕
  4. I would LOVE advice on wearing this with my boyfriend. I wore it around him for the first time this past Sat as I wanted us to remember our romantic connection and he seemed sweet towards me, but not necessarily romantic. HOWEVER, he seemed more romantic towards me and thoughtful THE NEXT TIME he saw me. AS FOR THE EFFECT ON ME, we had just gone through something emotionally taxing and I was SUPER WEEPY AND TOUCHY FEELY, SUPER CUDLY, which is not like me LOL...I kept touching him and stroking him. It made me TOO EMOTIONAL. I like the closeness, but I don't want to be a crying mess LOL. I wore it in a scented blend. Please helllllpppp!!
  5. So I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and a half and I cannot get a consistent read on what he responds best to...HELLLLP! A little about him: He loves helping the less fortunate, but is a little lazy. He's very competitive, but will take a short-cut to "win" or to get to a goal. He is very ambitious and also very clingy. He won't admit it, but likes to feel a little pampered. My results; Cuddle Bunny - Chivalrous at first, then a little bit aggressive if worn too long Cuddle Bunny w/ Leather - Makes him chivalrous but attracted to me (Good self-effects); he will cater to me Leather - Makes him attracted to me but a little edgy from time to time (Good self-effects) LFM - Makes him compliant, gives me what I want, but neither of us feel the joy LFM w/DHEAs - Makes him gift me things at the same time we are happy (but it's not my favorite combo to wear as I can lean into feeling depressed or bitchy) Cuddle Bunny w/Open Windows - Brings him joy and I like this combo but he is more apt to try to get away with things LOL (brings out his mischievous side) Gotcha - Most times it annoys him unless I'm sad/going through a challenge, then he's very sentimental Cougar - We both have fun with this one, but he seems very possessive and cognizant of others noticing me. He doesn't cater to me with this one; brings out his jealous side Red Lace - Caters to me at first, but if worn around him too long he becomes a little overbearing Dominance - He's obedient LOL My conclusions: If too much EST is worn around him for an extended period, it ramps up his testosterone and bossiness. However, I like wearing EST, and I also like wearing things that make me feel bubbly. My favorite things to wear solo (Cuddle Bunny, Red Lace, Leather with DHEAs, Leather solo, Cougar) I want to wear something around him that will 1) keep him in line (not getting too cheeky) 2) that I feel good in 3) will make him always cater to me/give me things lol What would you recommend?
  6. My love-hate relationship with LFM. I wore the UN LFM today and it made me fell withdrawn and a little depressed. As the day is going along its wearing off and i'm starting to feel back to myself. I have felt this way before with LFM and don't know why. I find that I have to add DHEAs in order to feel my usual happy bubbly self. As for effects on others, store clerks and customer service people have been cooperative.
  7. So I have been experimenting with this mix off and on for the past couple of months. Enough time for testing and to share data informed results. A little background. I was looking for a blend that would give me that confidence/ bubbly cheerleader/queen bee kind of vibe. A feeling of looking cute, feeling cute with a little sass thrown in and enough confidence that would give you an extra wiggle in your walk. I wanted those in my phero-cloud to respond in kind. Results: feelings of inner confidence and assurance, feeling very upbeat with an undercurrent of sass, very playful flirtatious vibe. Gives you confidence while speaking at work. Also gives you a sense of not having to rush anywhere or for anybody. Effects on others: Alpha BF seemed deferential, a little unsure of himself too. Good for getting sexy time started though. With women, they seem very respectful and almost like YOU ARE the head cheerleader/queen bee but not in a jealous way. I would love for someone else to try it and report back to this thread.
  8. I want to add Red Lace to the list of winners with us. I wore this around him yesterday and he was super accommodating, super sweet, super chivalrous and very thoughtful. Sometimes he can be a little self-involved but this puts a check on that behavior. This and CB. However this blend seemed the more fun of the two. The CB seems the more sensual of the two. I used to think that LFM was the best to seek compliance from him but EST is better. It’s almost as if I can say anything while wearing EST and he’s going to think I’m innocent/think the best of me. I noticed that this was more pronounced with the Red Lace.
  9. Yes! I feel like this would be perfect for me because I love both pheros and I love anything with a pinky smell. Can't wait to try it.
  10. I have. I have a full bottle of Leather but it doesn't give me the same confident feeling. It's nice but not the same.
  11. Ok. Thank you! 😁 I just placed an order and ask for a trial vial. If they don't have it, I will surely follow up with you .
  12. Is this still available at least as a trial? I would like to try it as I LOVE pinky scents and like the phero blend.
  13. So I still loooove this but I have to be careful because this can really turn on my BITCH SWITCH LOL... I feel totally confident! Like I can take on anything but I notice that I am not as loving and emphatetic as I am used to being. I have to really temper when I will wear this. 🤣
  14. So ladies, I have since tried Gotcha again because it has worked so well on men in the past. On my BF it works I would say 75% of the time. Great for deepening our bond. Recently I've been either wearning no pheros (which actually works great. He loves me!) or CB. I figured that I needed to tone down the sometimes competitiveness between us and ramp up the sweetness and empathy. CB has been THE BEST at making him see things my way if I'm vulnerable with me. He treats me so tender and does not want to hurt my feelings. I think this EST is really making him get in touch with his sweet/caring side when he is with me.
  15. Hi friends! I am Wondering which pheromone you used to take your relationship to the next level, specifically from a committed relationship to engaged or engaged to being married? After wearing LFM/LFN, and Cougar for the majority of our relationship and a little Cuddle Bunny with OW in the beginning, I’m finding that Gotcha is really sealing our bond. It’s making things so sweet with us. I tried Gotcha early on and my guy had a bad reaction to it but now it’s perfect. I want to know what’s next to really take us further, like getting engaged?
  16. I have been around her many times. Trying to establish a bond outside her dad. Now I don’t have Heart to Heart/Empathy potion but it sounds great!!
  17. I do have Treasured Hearts. I have most of the Pheromone blends. Would you recommend this over Open Windows?
  18. Hi friends! I am wondering what to wear to lunch with my boyfriend’s daughter who is very possessive of him and has since been trying to drive a wedge between he and I. I want us to be friends but I also want her to respect me. She seems to be very bratty and she’s an adult. Im thinking either LFM w/DHEAS or Open Windows (but still want the respect factor there). Will Leather w/ DHEAS be too aggressive?
  19. This blend is just THE BEST!! For reactions and selfies. Is this still available? I don’t see it for sale on the website.
  20. Did you all notice how I reported the LFM/DHEAS combo results above? No one was surprised??? Feedback? Is this normal? Another question. Do you notice that your blends with pheros work less when you’re on your period?
  21. Thank you ladies I’m going to have to add this to my arsenal. UPDATE: the LFM and DHEAS worked wonderfully well. We had a great day of bonding and my dear boyfriend bought me a beautiful $700 bracelet “just because”. It’s gorgeous and I feel great!!
  22. SWS and Open Windows for sure!! I’m in a profession where people have to trust to give me their large sums of money. If I’m going for an in person appointment, I NEVER am without OPEN WINDOWS. All hail to the Queen of making others feel good! Now in retail settings Cuddle Bunny makes people want to give me stuff without even opening my mouth as long as I smile and look sweet. LFM hasn’t shown me anything special either way.
  23. Ladies, I’ve never tried BAM. Can you remind me what’s in it? I haven’t tried the Dom on him yet. Yesterday I wore it to work and had PERFECT results. So many people moving out of my way, showing respect, giving me space. I always have a good result with DOM. I changed to the new Cougar scent later for an outing with my friends which was a SUPER WINNER. I don’t want to try Dom on him during the holiday weekend as we have a couple of parties to go to and I don’t want him to have a negative reaction and ruin things. Im going with LFM today, topped with DHEAS for a little lightness for us both. He usually behaves with LFM around. I would rather wear Cougar as we’re going to parties today, but I need to get him back in line 😂. Ironically he was a little teddy bear on the phone last night but back to gruff again this am. He may miss me too. Oh StacyK he is the boss in real life. He owns his own business and is always bossing his employees around. Sometimes with humor but he definitely has the last word. Last thing, he is very generous with me in terms of spending money on our dates. I’ve only paid for 1 date in 6 months and we see each other 2-3 times per week. It would be an affront to his manliness to have it any other way LOL 😝. I just want him to be inspired to buy me gifts etc. which he’s not good at thinking about EXCEPT when I wear CB. He’s been saying that he’s going to get me this necklace from Jared. Who knows if it’s coming 🤷🏽‍♀️. He also is supposed to be taking me overseas for my birthday but I kept having to remind him about the down payment for the trip to reserve our spot (he wanted me to shout it from the mountain tops when he finally made the payment 😂- we were both excited), all the while he just spent thousands on office equipment.
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